Letter to Editor: Unanswered questions over Katherines warehouses

Politics / Sun 28th Nov 2021 at 08:47am


THE discovery that the warehouses that have devastated the lives of Bynghams residents were allowed to be moved closer to homes by the former Labour Councillor Phil Waite,behind closed doors, without the consent of the planning committee is frankly disgraceful.

The fact he signed it off behind closed doors begs so many questions as to why he did not take it back to the planning committee?

Why did he do this himself?

Even more bizarre, was the response from the Labour Leader Chris Vince. He clearly didn’t understand the fact that this change was not voted on by the committee, but that Phil Waite signed it off under a delegated power. He also called for an investigation as to what happened. There has already been an investigation which is why we know that Phil Waite signed this off under delegated powers – that’s what happened Councillor Vince!

So I do have a number of questions for the Labour Leader Chris Vince and ex Councillor Phil Waite:

  1. Will Phil Waite disclose publicly why he decided not to bring the decision back to the Committee?
  2. Will Phil Waite explain why he agreed to move the warehouses closer to homes?
  3. Will Phil Waite unreservedly apologise for his unilateral decision slashing the value of these homes?
  4. Will Chris Vince apologise unreservedly for the unimaginable stress that the previous Labour administration have caused these residents?

The Conservatives are reviewing the whole planning system to ensure that never again can something like this be allowed to happen. Why did Labour never do that review? If they did Phil Waite would never have been allowed to make this change.

Kind regards,

Cllr Nick Churchill

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8 Comments for Letter to Editor: Unanswered questions over Katherines warehouses:

Bynghams supporter
2021-11-28 08:57:59

Well said Nick. I guess there will be no response from Chris Vince or Phil Waite. Getting to the immediate point, who is going to rectify this situation for the Bynghams residents? And how?

2021-11-28 10:07:21

Forget the political wrangling, you damage both tories and labour and waste energy fighting. That does nothing to solve the problem. Get on with reversing the planning decision and doing right by the residents. Whatever party had the majority on the Committee or whoever made the final decision doesn't do anything for the residents, anyone one the planning committee from either party could have raised an objection but that's irrelevant as far as the residents are concerned. The developers are equally culpable at least morally. The Council and developers should bear the cost of taking down the structure, it's the only solution.

Bruce downey
2021-11-28 10:22:57

Mister know-it-all 🙄

David Forman
2021-11-29 11:08:56

From this article it appears that Cllr Chris Vince does not do detail, which was always my opinion of him and of a substantial number of other councillors of both political persuasions. The one councillor I can personally guarantee is an exception is Cllr Simon Carter.

Chris Vince
2021-12-01 08:43:32

Bit harsh David! I have replied to this letter and others in another article.

David Forman
2021-12-01 13:38:27

Dear Cllr Chris Vince, it is nice to hear that you listen to and act upon constructive criticism.

2021-12-02 09:05:01

As novoman says: cut the political and personal in fighting the Council let these residents down and needs to put it right. The Council is a public body and corporately responsible. The mud slinging simply demeans the body and the standing of politicians and does nothing for the residents. Pay for a Judicial Review or work with developers to deconstruct and relocate the warehouse.

Steve Dean
2022-04-18 11:40:03

The comments made above deserve a response HERE. I request that Chris Vince gives a considered response as to how the warehouse in question can be deconstructed and relocated in order to resolve the situation the Bynghams residents find themselves in.

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