Passmores Head Vic Goddard questions Harlow MP Robert Halfon’s stance on masks in schools

Education: Secondary / Tue 4th Jan 2022 at 07:45pm

THE CHIEF executive of Passmores Academy has questioned Harlow MP Robert Halfon’s stance on schools re-opening.

Vic Goddard was speaking to BBC Look East after they had spent the day at the Tracyes Road school as it prepares for the pupils to return for the new term.


Pupils and staff have been undergoing Covid tests before returning to school after the Christmas holidays.

At Passmores Academy more than 800 staff and pupils signed up for lateral flow tests as the new term began.

Two cases of the virus were detected within the first hour of on-site testing, co-principal Vic Goddard said.

He said the new rules were “another layer of protection for people”.

“It’s all about decreasing the probability of us catching it and passing it on,” he said.

“We’ve already had a couple of positives this morning in the first hour; that means those young people aren’t mixing with others so other people stay safer.”

Last year the school had the lowest attendance rate Mr Goddard had seen in his 21-year career.

There was a point when one in three pupils had the virus.

“It’s a big responsibility,” Mr Goddard said.

In his live interview with BBC Look East, Mr Goddard added: “I thought it was interesting hearing Robert Halfon not being certain about masks but wanting a “triple lock” to ensure the schools stay open.

“I think there needs to be some sort of explanation for one thing to help another thing to happen.”

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2 Comments for Passmores Head Vic Goddard questions Harlow MP Robert Halfon’s stance on masks in schools:

2022-01-06 07:34:33

Can someone explain what the "chief executive" of an academy is or does? In the old days you had a head teacher of a school.

Vic Goddard
2022-01-06 20:51:45

The good news Jerry is that I remain the headteacher of Passmores - a job I share as I’m answerable to the board of trustees of an educational charity for Passmores and 3 other schools as well. The chief executive titles comes with that part of the role.and one that I rarely ever use as I think it is confusing and sounds far too self important! Hope that helps

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