BBC ask Harlow residents for their opinion on Boris Johnson controversy

Politics / Sat 15th Jan 2022 at 01:58pm

BORIS Johnson is facing calls to resign after admitting attending a drinks party at Downing Street during lockdown. What do people think in Harlow, – the county seen by many as a political barometer?

BBC Look East went down to the Broad Walk to speak to a number of residents.

All the responses can be seen if you click the link.


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8 Comments for BBC ask Harlow residents for their opinion on Boris Johnson controversy:

Danny Long
2022-01-15 14:10:51

I an not happy about Boris Johnson's actions and behaviour but there is one thing for definite. I will never vote Labour. They are all two faced lying hypocrites.

Pauline S
2022-01-15 16:09:10

From the start I considered Boris not to be suited as a PM and now this has proved to be correct. The faster he leaves that job the better for Conservatives and the general public. [ NOTE (for Danny Long): Politicians in most parties have their "two faced lying hypocrites".]

2022-01-15 17:30:03

Johnson was never suited for the PM job. He was sacked from two previous jobs for lying and he has carried on doing the same. Dawn Butler called him a liar and she had to leave the house while the liar remained. Johnson is a disgusting low-life who says what he likes to suit him at the moment. He is underhand, dishonest and incompetent. Tory MPs not speaking out against him should be utterly ashamed of themselves.

A Kurton
2022-01-16 09:47:27

For me, I have always been unimpressed by Boris’s lack of integrity, and his communication style is regularly deceptive. He seems to think he can talk his way out of anything, that we don’t see the truth. This is a bad quality in a leader. He has also surrounded himself with colleagues who equally lack integrity. We are crying out for integrity.

Jawad Sharief
2022-01-16 11:14:25

The way things are going politicians are never going to have integrity because to get elected they need to be liked but the politicians would rather be liked than respected and to be a top performer the MP needs to be respected an impossible situation because all the MPs protect eachother thinking they can get away with anything

2022-01-16 16:12:29

It seems to me Danny that what Boris Johnson did is the very definition of hypocrisy.

2022-01-25 12:51:43

Since Boris Johnson was Mayor of London, home secretary and by his track record and his articles in the press, everyone has clearly known about his strengths and weaknesses, yet the Conservatives voted him leader and the country voted in a General Election to give him an 80 seat majority. So why are MPs and the public shocked? The key questions are, why did the tory party and the electorate vote for him knowing his track record and how can we trust the judgement of the whole party, their MPs, their voters who elected the guy? Whilst the UK is obsessed with party gate, which is not nice, it is a distraction that should have been dealt with by the police at number 10 promptly with instant fixed penalty fines, we are being blindsided. Russia is about to invade the Ukraine, Afghanistan is festering a dreadful humanitarian crisis and there's a fuel crisis, these issues should be at the top of the agenda perhaps a national unity government needs to be formed to tackle these far more urgent and potentially catastrophic issues.

David Forman
2022-01-27 22:08:04

Novoman has it sussed, except for Ukraine. I believe Putin is testing the reaction of the EU and USA. In return the EU and USA are using Ukraine as a distraction from their domestic troubles that include Covid, just as partygate is a distraction. The USA need a new cause after their humiliating exit from Afghanistan.

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