Harlow Council’s budget: Council Tax cut and hundreds of millions to regenerate Harlow

Harlow Council / Wed 19th Jan 2022 pm31 04:35pm

HARLOW Council’s budget proposals for 2022 unveiled today (19 January 2022) have been hailed by the council’s leader, Councillor Russell Perrin, as a significant moment in Harlow’s history with the delivery of a £55 council tax reduction from Harlow Council and major investments to improve the lives of local families.

The budget proposals include:

A £55 reduction on Council Tax bills from Harlow Council*

Planned Council Tax freezes until 2025 – taken with the reduction this year residents will pay £67 less to Harlow Council than was previously planned equating to a £2.1 million tax cut in total rather than a £600,000 tax increase

£26 million towards building new council homes for Harlow families
£122 million 5-year programme to improve existing council houses and flats
£63 million 5-year programme to improve council-owned facilities across the town
£6.4 million to enhance the town’s landscaping and environment

No cuts to services, but more investment to improve council services for residents

More funding for popular community services including Harlow Playhouse, Pets’ Corner and Harlow Museum

New Estate Renewal Fund to restore pride in our estates and neighbourhoods

A new combined planning and regeneration department to provide focus on delivering town centre and wider regeneration

Car parking charges frozen in all Council-owned car parks

The proposals will be discussed by Cabinet on 27 January 2022 and debated at the Full Council meeting on 3 February 2022.

The Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Russell Perrin, has said that when the council agrees these budget plans it will be making history:

“This is a significant moment in Harlow’s history. This budget will deliver money off Harlow Council’s share of the Council Tax bill – a reduction of £55 for those who pay Council Tax. Never has Harlow Council taken money off a Council Tax bill in this way. We are giving something back to the residents we serve, as well as investing in their priorities.

A council tax reduction from Harlow Council

“This is a time of great economic uncertainty for local families and I know that there are enormous pressures on everyday household finances. There is one cost we can help control and that is what residents pay us in Council Tax. The Council Tax bills that residents receive will include a reduction from Harlow Council.

“On top of this we are also set to freeze our part of the Council Tax bill until 2025, so we can help keep household costs down now and in future years. The planned freeze until 2025 combined with the proposed actions being taken this year mean Harlow residents will pay £67 less to Harlow Council than was previously planned.”

No cuts to services

“I want to make it clear that our proposed Council Tax reduction does not mean cuts to council services. Not one single Harlow Council service will be cut as a result. In fact, residents will receive more from Harlow Council for less and they will receive better services and see investments that will regenerate our town.

Your money, your priorities

“The money the council has is not our money, it is our residents’ money. This budget invests your money into your priorities.

“There will be more money for building council homes, over £120 million to improving existing council houses and flats. More money to improve council facilities including the much-loved Harlow Playhouse. More money to restore pride in our town with landscaping improvements and the much-needed renewal of our estates and neighbourhoods and dedicated focus on the regeneration of the town and Harlow Town Centre.

“This budget is all part of us getting on with the job of making Harlow the best town in Britain to raise your family, to live and to be.”

A copy of the budget reports can be found on the Cabinet agenda for 27 January 2022 – https://moderngov.harlow.gov.uk/mgA.aspx?M=1372&LLL=0

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11 Comments for Harlow Council’s budget: Council Tax cut and hundreds of millions to regenerate Harlow:

2022-01-19 16:43:35

The biggest question though is how much extra are we going to have to pay overall as I am sure that ECC won't be cutting their share of the tax, and this is by far the larger proportion. Nor will the PCC, I think a maximum raise has already been decided upon although I don't remember how much this equates to.

2022-01-19 16:47:03

@Heather it is not going to be a cut over all

Connie Sosa
2022-01-19 17:01:18

Harlow Council, under any Party can only control the District element of Council Tax. Under Labour, your local tax would have increased between 2022-2025 by around £ 600,000; under this Conservative Administration, they are giving Harlow residents benefits of around £ 2.4 million over the same period. That is quite a difference. I would not be surprised if they are the only council in the country doing this. The attitude of treating taxpayer money seriously should be commended. It is in stark contrast to the 10 years of Labour when taxes increased every year, such that Harlow has the highest local tax in the region. Also, it is great to see that they are investing in new house building after Labour's abject failure to build a single new house in 10 years! As for regeneration of the Town Centre, that cannot come soon enough.

2022-01-20 09:30:07

I beleive the labour council had a similar x amount for improvements to existing council homes and flats a few years ago , that went belly up will the tories actually deliver

Michael Neale
2022-01-20 12:24:31

For what Essex county council delivers we should get a much bigger reduction

Jo S
2022-01-20 13:23:11

Essex County Council has far too many highly paid staff above that of our (disappointing) PM's basic salary! Several noticable poor services - Pothole problems for decades, street lighting left faulty week after week and damaged signs for months - perhaps top the list. The situation is comparable to the BBC who also have too many overpaid employees for what they produce. We certainly need County Councillors who act like Nadine Dores and don't work for both HDC and ECC.

2022-01-20 15:16:52

Dare I hope that some of this Council Budget includes the ADAPTATIONS OF HOMES to help those that are in great need to carry on living independently in their own homes be it children, adults o the elderly or disabled..instead of being either put into care homes & not cared for when it's NOT needed to just yet!! trapped behind front doors or just put on the chunk heap & forgotten. I don't think this world has any compassion towards the Frail & elderly anymore...yet we put as much into it as others do today. No one has time for anyone in this world it's all about themselves...very selfish world & we the living have made it like it.. it's a very BIG cruel cruel place to be when there is not much help out there for each individual persons needs... no one wants to help the children the sick the elderly or the disabled or so it seems...lots of Council Budget money is spent on so many rediculous things as well as crap.

David Forman
2022-01-20 19:00:10

At last, a political party understanding the financial hardship of the working class and cutting council tax to help. It should be the Labour Party, but they only know to increase tax bar the odd freeze for political opportunism.

2022-01-20 20:29:00

I think the Conservative Council post qualifies as Fake News by omission of the truth of the bigger Conservative highly damaging picture.

2022-01-20 20:41:32

Knocking the Labour Party or any other party however good or bad they were, is irrelevant. It's what this Council says it will deliver this can be seen from their actions and proposals: to add 132000 extra houses and a total overloaded town, more flooding, more discharging raw sewage, far more congestion, pollution, high density future slum flats in 20 story high rise blocks of flats, a flawed transport traffic system and lots more greenwashing whilst trashing the ecology natural wildlife corridor the River Stort Valley. Their only agenda is to line the pockets of speculative developers, the industry that makes massive donations to the tory party.

2022-01-21 09:15:07

Nostradamus, please provide the source for your claim of 132,000 extra houses! Sounds something of a fantasy, given Harlow has a population of 87,000. I think you should check your numbers.

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