When Harlow was 70: Making History: Our tribute to those we interviewed who passed on

General / Fri 25th Mar 2022 at 04:43pm

FIVE years ago, we interviewed seventy people, asking them the question: “Why did you come to Harlow?”

We have plans for a project to mark Harlow’s 75th anniversary (so watch this space).

The vital thing about getting people on record is that, sadly, they won’t aways be there.

So we just wanted to take a moment to pay respects to the people who have passed since 2017.


Donald Legat Anderson: 1918-2020

WE wanted our heritage project, Why They Came Here, to be a proper testimony to those who have come to this town between 1947 and 2017.

Last Sunday, we travelled to the heart of Birmingham to interview former leader of the Harlow Council, Donald Legat Anderson.

Donald was in Harlow from the very start, lived in Chippingfield and was tasked with getting people to come to Harlow.

He later went on to be a councillor and was at the heart of civic life until the early seventies.

We felt that if our project was worth it’s salt then we had to get Donald on film.

Thank you to his son Patrick and Becci Court at Harlow Council for their assistance.


Ron Bill: 1934-2017

WE have already interviewed local historian Ron Bill on his fascinating book called Harlow: A Civic History: 1955-85. But what of Ron’s own personal history?


Bernie Ryan: 1930-2019

BERNIE Ryan has lived in Harlow since 1958. He has been a wonderful citizen and servant to the town. He is one of those residents who is known to a lot of people, whether it was from his days at Cossors; as a member of Holy Cross church or just walking to get his paper in Bush Fair.

So, we sat down with Bernie to ask: Why did you come here and why did you stay?

Roy Henderson

AS part of our series of interviews called Harlow is 70: Why I Came Here, we interviewed Longfield resident, Roy Henderson.

With his proud Yorkshire accent and surrounded by his artwork, we asked Roy to retrace his steps back to 1950’s.

John Deller: 1931-2017

By Trudy Harper

JOHN Deller was born in 1931 in Netteswell. So this is a fascinating story of life before the New Town was here. Infact when John says Netteswell, he means a much bigger area then the rectory, woods and pond.

Thanks you to the Leah Manning Centre for allowing us use of the centre.

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