Review: In Her Shoes at the Harlow Playhouse

Entertainment / Wed 6th Apr 2022 am30 11:49am

HARLOW Playhouse has always been a welcome host of immersive theatre so YH really looked forward to seeing In Her Shoes.

The venue was upstairs in The Harvey Centre.

Once you put your headphones on, the inner voice invited you into the little box, where the story began.

This reviewer happens to think that Immersive Theatre is really hard to do well. It is all or nothing. The producers have to be artists, interiors designers, story tellers, technicians, to name just a few of the roles.

This was an outstanding window in to the lives of a number of women from Essex.

The theatre is decked out like a little shoe shop and there, the stories begin.

Fittingly, the first story is from Joan at Bata in East Tilbury. This was not just a shoe factory but a utopian way of life.

Each story was a little shoebox into their lives. Not just imagined lives but real lives.

The fact that the first box contains a pair of white shoes might well give it away that it concentrates on stereotypes without having to shout out “we are dealing with Essex girl stereotypes”.

They are all fascinating little windows into the women’s lives. Some are from a while back, Kynoch in Corringham and Marconi in Chelmsford. But they are true testimonies of women’s work, women’s lives.

Whilst others are contemporary such as Chloe in Lakeside.

Some like Chloe, take you by surprise. That’s the point. The very point.

This review is deliberately vague on details as we want to encourage people to catch In Her Shoes should it pass your way.

This was a special piece of social history that gave a window into these women’s lives in a special way.

To be honest it was near perfect. Not just in the technical side incorporating lighting, colour, narration and film but in how it made this reviewer think and feel.

This reviewer hopes to see more immersive theatre such as this but the bar has been set very high.

For more about Blown Fuse Theatre, click below.


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