Interview: Deputy Leader of Harlow Conservatives proud of his record in Old Harlow

Elections / Thu 21st Apr 2022 at 01:10pm

THE DEPUTY leader of the Harlow Conservatives is defending the seat of Old Harlow.

Councillor Joel Charles won by a majority of 316 in 2014 and 717 in 2018.

This may be one of those tricky years, where national issues have a larger impact than usual.

We went down to Market Street to discuss issues from the doorsteps to Downing Street.

The full list of candidates are at the bottom of the page.

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3 Comments for Interview: Deputy Leader of Harlow Conservatives proud of his record in Old Harlow:

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-21 13:40:42

99 council houses, up against thousands of unaffordable housing. 5000 family's waiting for homes in Harlow alone. Your party talk of green belt, but you approved the trashing of the river stort, where hundreds of old trees will be ripped from there roots, wildlife destruction habits ruined., building thousands of unaffordable housing on theses beautiful wet lands. You talk of environment, but all your doing is building on every green space available in Harlow, this was not the great sir Frederick Gibberd s dream far from it, he built this town with green spaces in mind. Your swamping our true villages, with no infrastructure in place. The same with the town centre, you should not place people to live in town centre s, again no infrastructure in place. The traffic is awful now round there. We are only hearing now from you, because elections are coming up, My experience so far from conservatives in this town is, that you haven't wanted to hear people voices, the river campaigners have not been listened to, you haven't wanted to meet with us. And when the details of this damage to the river came out in meeting, all you councils followed suit and approved it. Questions not answered. Replies took down. This is not listening to people, after all we pay you to sit there. 6,000 signatures against this monstrosity you will be building over our river, there's good reasons theses lands have not been built on, but you all pushed it under the carpet. And now you want to hear people.

Daniel Long
2022-04-21 15:51:15

Im sticking to.my guns and I'm not voting any of the lying money grabbing parties here in Harlow.

2022-04-21 18:15:28

Don't you dare knock on my door. I've had enough of your lies to last me a life time. That means all of you !!!!!

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