Harlow Town Park celebrates winning Bees Needs award

Communities / Fri 22nd Apr 2022 am30 07:18am

HARLOW’S famous Town Park can add another accolade to its collection with a Bees’ Needs Champions Award from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and Keep Britain Tidy.

The awards recognise and celebrate examples of initiatives undertaken by local authorities, community groups, farmers and businesses to support pollinators.

Volunteers from the Friends of Pets’ Corner and the Town Park who are part of a beekeeping group got together on Tuesday (19 April 2022) to celebrate winning the award.

Harlow Council was selected as one of 21 winners in the Local Communities category of the awards. The judging panel was impressed by the calibre of the applications, but the council’s stood out as being particularly impressive.

The Town Park Volunteers are now in the process of installing a new beehive in the Walled Garden are of the park which, once completed, will provide a new home for bees who will produce local honey. This will be sold in the Pets’ Corner shop.

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5 Comments for Harlow Town Park celebrates winning Bees Needs award:

peter henegan
2022-04-22 07:53:15

Excellent news, well done people

2022-04-22 08:23:59

Well done to all the volunteers. The park looks fantastic, we as a town are so lucky.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-22 08:44:48

It is lovely news that they take such good care of town park. While this council approved the trashing of the river stort, ripping up hundreds of trees , destroying wildlife, habits ruined ect ect. And a 4 lane road going right a cross this beautiful river. Housing estates built on theses wet lands. So yes it's brilliant news that this council care so much for 🐝. Shame they don't about our river, 6,000signatures, against this. But was all ignored.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-22 08:47:05

This council are only telling you the bits they do. And not 5he destructive side.

2022-04-24 05:46:27

Im so pleased the council cares about a little corner of this lovely Town. But such a shame they still use Glyphosate on Flowering Dandelions and other wild flowering plants! Around the town. Each time they do this I generally loose 80 to 99% of my bees and hives. You only need one bee to visit the sprayed flowers and this bee. Meets the Guard bees of the Hive. The Guard bees pass this new contaminant between themselves. Then every foraging bee that they meet and greet gets contaminated. Within 24 hours the whole hive of 80,000 bees DIE. The Queen then starve's to death. All because the Council uses Glyphosate. Its shown by the manufacturers that its the "surfactant " used to enable Glyphosate to stick to leaves of the plants its going to kill, (by absorbing this chemical to the roots hence it kills the unwanted from the root up) also kills BEES. However Bees fly around 2 miles from the hive. So anywhere within the 4mile radius you cant afford to use Glyphosate. But there are other ways. There was Pre-Glyphosate! Congratulations on earning this Award. If you take on volunteers to help. I would like to be considered. Best wishes Steve

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