Sumners candidate welcomes changes to Addison House and Barbara Castle surgeries

Elections / Fri 22nd Apr 2022 at 10:56am

A LABOUR candidate at the forthcoming local elections has welcomed changes to surgeries in Harlow.

Aiden O’Dell has been working hard in the background to ensure residents get proper access to the NHS.

He has done this in his capacity as a patient, resident as well as a candidate for the ward of Sumners and Kingsmoor.

Mr O’Dell said: “I am pleased that Addison House has been able to acknowledge that patients have concerns over the future of Barbara Castle since the merger of the two practices.

“I will continue to work with the management team as of Addison House to improve the accessibility and the services offered to patients. One way of achieving this will be to unite the patient participation groups from both surgeries as they have not been able to meet during the pandemic. This will ensure the surgery has regular feedback. Information on how to participate will be released soon.

“It is important that whilst we continue to work on the accessibility of the surgery through better technology, process improvements and enhanced communication, that Addison House can increase face to face time with Doctors. We are still in a pandemic, so I appreciate the measures Addison House are taking to protect staff and patients. NHS Staff have been incredible over the last couple of years and this includes all those within the Addison House team.

“Barbara Castle Health Centre is in the heart of Sumners and a surgery that I have belonged to since a child. The need to ensure that it keeps running and is accessible to all patients is paramount.

“Lastly, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Dr Ipakchi for the years’ of service in our community and who had even delayed his retirement in order to continue to serve patients during the pandemic. I wish him the best for his well-earned retirement.”

As there is a local election on May 5th, we will be inviting all candidates from the two wards for their views on this matter.

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10 Comments for Sumners candidate welcomes changes to Addison House and Barbara Castle surgeries:

james nicholson
2022-04-22 12:11:53

Having lived in Sumners for 8 years before getting moved I can promise you that area has been abandoned not just by the tories but also Labour, it's just the same lies and BS that they always spew around election time. This is the perfect time for a part of the town lucky to still have it's green belt to go Green in these elections.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-22 13:12:15

James ..... or Harlow Alliance who have been around for 4 years.

gary roberts
2022-04-22 17:00:04

Oh very nice two surgeries for the price of one: congratulations. While on the other side of town Potter Street doesn't have the luxury of one! A bloody disgrace.

2022-04-22 20:58:34

Dr Ipakchi retired best part of a year ago and this is only now being generally announced. Outrageous! The statement that 'there are no changes to the services that patients receive at either practice' is not true. Recently, I went to the pharmacy across the road from Barbara Castle Health Centre (BCHC) and I was told I had a message from the surgery to get a blood test. Consequently, I went into BCHC to arrange this and was told there are insufficient technical staff so I would have to go to Addison House or back to the pharmacy to get this done! In the past I have had blood tests done at BCHC so this is clearly a detrimental change for patients. It is this sort of statement that diminishes my trust in the health centre management. What other detrimental changes are we to suffer? This 'merger' is clearly reducing the quality of service to patients at BCHC (and possibly to those at Addison House?). Also, I understand Dr Ipakchi is still working for the NHS elsewhere in Harlow. I for one want him to return to BCHC so we can once again benefit from his unparalleled excellent manner and care. My guess is there are many BCHC patients who would agree with me!

2022-04-22 23:35:46

I totally agree with Steve's comments as while I was aware that the 2 practices had merged the patients at BCHC have not been officially notified that Dr Ipakchi had retired (I had heard he had left in disgust at how Addison House were handling things) As for Aiden O’Dell, he may have "welcomed changes to surgeries in Harlow" but this statement just shows that he has absolutely no idea how poorly the merger has been handled for BCHC patients! Your article says "Aiden O’Dell has been working hard in the background to ensure residents get proper access to the NHS" - well if that is the case he won't be getting my vote as he has frankly made no difference to the situation with BCHC unable to see a medic since the merger as far as my partner and I are aware My partner has a long term health condition and has not been able to see a Doctor (or a nurse for that matter) since the merger - the only time my partner has manged to see someone was via the 111 service who agreed that my partner needed to see someone - contradicting the opinion of the receptionists and other staff at Addison House!! It is as if Addison House does not want to see patients face to face and want us to use 111 instead I believe that there is now a Doctor at BCHC but again I am only assuming this after seeing the sign in the reception last week - we, the patients, have been told nothing! I know of 2 instances where patients have been told to go to one surgery only to be told they should have gone to the other surgery which is simply appalling Why is it that Addison House has to deal with all of the telephone calls? The receptionists at BCHC were superb (just like Dr Ipakchi) but now we have to go through the Addison House switchboard who seem to assume that BCHC patients want to go to Addison House but we registered with BCHC as it is easier for us to get to (not every patient can park at the Harvey Centre and is able to walk to Addison House) It doesn't instil confidence in the new admin staff at BCHC when they put up signs saying "Please speak clearly when speaking to receptionist's" as the new team obviously do not know how to correctly use an apostrophe but this is just one reflection of the drop in standards at BCHC since the merger I think we all appreciated "the measures Addison House are taking to protect staff and patients" from Covid, but the issue seems to be that since the merger all of the resources at BCHC have been lost and yes the communication to patients has to improve - but as BCHC patients have been told nothing since the merger this should not be difficult

2022-04-23 07:50:52

Sorry, a correction to my post of yesterday evening. The problem I had was related to a blood pressure test and not a blood test. One would have thought this would require much less technical expertise. I agree with TIP231's comments above.

2022-04-23 07:53:34

Please also look at the Lister House Surgery, phone system not fit for purpose,having to wait in a queue for over an hour is unacceptable, pleading for face to face appointments, everyone there does their best, but it just is not working, as in other practices,lack of staff, too,many patients, we are building Harlow, but not the amenities, infrastructure needs to be in place.

Nick Churchill
2022-04-23 09:53:21

@needschange it is all the surgeries in the town and probably the county. It will only start getting better when the CCG management are replaced by clinicians. Right now we have accountants making decisions in the interest of their spreadsheets. something that has been going on since Blair introduced it in the late 1990's.

David Forman
2022-04-23 15:53:26

Aiden O'Dell has never worked hard for the residents of Sumners and Kingsmoor, hence my repeated complaints every election about him taking Labour voters for granted.

2022-05-03 14:09:46

feel sorry for Barbara Castle patients taken over by Addison house they are a disaster at their own practice.I have been a patient at addison house since i was a small child am now 67 the decline here in the last ten years staggering.They have a high turnover of staff an indicator of poor management, impossible to get an appointment, patients are an inconveniece.

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