Harlow Conservatives launch “Plan for Harlow” election advert

Elections / Sun 24th Apr 2022 at 01:48pm

THE Harlow Conservatives have launched a “blistering” election advert pitching the choice of parties to run Harlow Council.

The advert contrasts the 10 years in which the Harlow Labour party ran Harlow Council and the first year under the Harlow Conservatives.

The Conservatives set out their plan to run Harlow Council, citing lower council tax, restoring pride in the town and major town centre regeneration as key manifesto pledges.

The advert can be seen below.

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28 Comments for Harlow Conservatives launch “Plan for Harlow” election advert:

james nicholson
2022-04-24 13:58:46

The tories and labour are both liars and con artists that simply cannot be trusted. I suggest voting Green to give both parties a kick in the rear they will never forget. Just imagine the looks of panic when they realise their power is dwindling due to people not believing either sides lies. As for the "hundreds of council houses" I don't believe it for a second. Any new developments will be "in partnership with" and the partner will gain hundreds of new routes of income whilst the council may get 30 or 40 to rent out. If you want the same old story vote labour or tory, if for change you are keen vote Green

2022-04-24 14:24:28

The advert comes across well, factual & believable. However the chances of a Tory council after May 5th is slim. Why ? Because the party leader is a liar, totally discredited and his MP’s won’t dismiss him. Harlow will pay a very high price for misguided and self-centred loyalty.

2022-04-24 15:14:42

Harlow Conservative Council is the best hope for Harlow. They are in office for only 11 months and are delivering. A return to Labour incompetence over a decade would be a disaster for the Town. This is about local matters only.

Barry Goldstone
2022-04-24 15:23:36

Labour ran Harlow for 10 years. The result: 1. The worst town centre in the region and no regeneration. 2. No council houses built and instead bought houses on the open market st over 4x the cost to build. 3. £s millions wasted on consultant fees for projects that never happened, e.g. Old Lister House, the monorail, etc 4. Increased Council Tax every year to waste more taxpayer money. In just 11 months the Tories have cut Council tax (the only authority in the UK to do so) Launched the biggest Council House programme in a generation. Started the Regeneration of the Town Centre and estates by establishing a new planning programme under the Masterplan. Let’s make sure they can continue to get on with the job. Harlow cannot afford another inept Labour Council.

2022-04-24 16:27:36

James Nicholson, you have clearly not bothered to read the Council’s 2022/23 Budget with regard to the Council House building programme. Instead of making spurious, unfounded comments, you might enhance your credibility by mastering the facts. It is called doing proper research inside of spouting nonsense. Give it a try.

Dan Swords
2022-04-24 17:49:21

Dear James, As the Cabinet Member who took the New House Building Programme through Cabinet, I can say categorically that all of these homes are council homes. Built and owned by the council, not anyone else.

2022-04-24 18:18:39

That is very slick, and well presented, I have lived here for 22 years now and the town especially the town center has just declined. It is probably to soon to just the Cons on the efforts in the town, the council tax cut was too little, when the council spends millions on nice to haves - which are nice but on one should pay tax to support. e.g carnival, pets corner and the management team at the council is top heavy with far to many people on >50K for a council of the size it is. I am in a quandary I am small businessman, self made of sorts I should be a natural conservative voter, but then nationally you have increased my taxes, and my companies taxes, have green insanity (net zero is bonkers the climate models are as good as the covid models and people in power need to start questioning that scam), and can always find money to do anything except lower taxes. Then there is the crime of lockdown the largest crime a government has commited on the people of the UK since the war - but in that all parties are complicit. I suspect I will make my decision in the booth - I talked to councilor and he was very receptive, as have Dan and Robert been honestly it is a challenge.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-24 18:28:42

Dan swords, I asked you how many council houses are being build, we know of the 99, in fase 1, I asked you how many in fase 2, an fase 3. No replies, so perhaps you can answer here for me, and every one ????? This conservative party talks of preserveing green spaces, but its just talk. When 3 conservative council s, approved the trashing of the stort Valley, by putting a high way to he'll right the way through it, ripping down hundreds of trees, wildlife destruction, habitat s destroyed, ect ect. How can you talk of green spaces. You all so talk , that your following the great sir Frederick Gibberd s plans, this is a lie, sir Frederick built this town with green spaces in mind, he would never of trashed this beautiful river, you will loose a lot of votes over that one. Please answer, how many council in fase 2, an 3. You said your building hundreds and hundreds, how many all together.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-24 18:35:42

There are more than two party's. I'm voting green party. Local people, for local issues. Not national issues. Think about the local community Lack of council houses And the erosion of green spaces. There ideas are focused on the big builds, and destroying our lands for theses big builds. Stop the building on our wet lands, for thousands of unaffordable housing. Conservatives want to destroy and approved the go a head on.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-24 18:49:42

Adam, I understand your position, but the Tories have only been in power for 11 months v 10 years of Labour mismanagement and neglect. Their plan as presented publicly is for a low tax, efficient Council. They need more time, but are clearly moving in the direction you seek.

2022-04-24 18:55:19

@Jamie they are moving in the direction I seek and I did say it was too soon to judge, I am just used to more action and perhaps that is unfair as it is easier in the business word to make things happen. I would like to see more engagement with business - manufacturing, engineering etc Harlow has a great history of this type of activity and we should be shouting from the roof tops about it The other element is every conservative I have engaged with locally has been pretty receptive to discussion (even if I give them a hard time, though I hope I am fair) , I never heard anything from Labour.

Council tax payer
2022-04-24 19:07:16

I have seen no difference under a Tory council, none at all. They also have the County council, and our roads are worse than ever. This election will not be about local issues however, it'll be a judgement of the national leadership and just because of that I expect the Tories will be trounced all round. They have a leader who is a proven liar and law breaker, which could just about be forgiven if it wasn't for his utter incompetence. Ever since he dithered and stalled at the start of the covid pandemic he's been found wanting. He should have stood down long ago but didn't and as a result the Tories will be slaughtered nationally and no amount of fancy adverts will change that.

2022-04-24 20:29:36

Council Tax Payer, if that is the case, then Harlow will suffer terribly with a return of a totally incompetent, high tax, far left Momentum Labour faction. A very sad day for Harlow.

Peter Henegan
2022-04-24 21:31:21

Don't forget the Harlow Alliance Party. Not a candidate in my ward but where they are standing they offer a totally Harlow perspective

council tax payer
2022-04-24 23:01:27

Connie, have your services improved? If so, how? What is any different to when Labour were in control? What has got better? And by exactly how much do you think your council tax has been 'reduced'?

2022-04-25 05:33:24

Council Tax Payer. I do think the environment has improved. Remember, Labour needlessly allowed HTS staff working outside to go on furlough even though they could have worked safely outside cutting grass and hedges, etc. So the Tories inherited a massive backlog of work owing to Labour’s incompetence. This has been addressed and is starting to be noticeably better. As for Council Tax, the HDC element was cut directly by £50 and another £ 5 of planned Labour increase was cancelled. So irrespective of the Essex part under Harlow Labour you would be paying at least £55 more, not to mention the £150 rebate from the Government to all in Band A-D. Whatever, Labour say, under them you would be paying more tax.

2022-04-25 07:45:39

Well, they are good at party planing.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-25 09:58:44

Connie, how can you say environment has improved 🤔. When all conservatives want to do is build all over our lands , with all theses unaffordable housing. Dan swords said he would send the plans, for council houses to me, im still waiting. We know it's 99 in fase 1, we need to know how many in fase 2, an 3, he said his building hundreds and hundreds but quite why he couldn't just say on hear , 5000 waiting for homes. Dan swords?????

2022-04-25 11:26:46

Kim, I am talking about grounds maintenance: grass cutting, tree and hedge pruning, etc. Under Labour, everything was neglected and the new council is tackling the backlog. As for new unaffordable houses, I don’t know which you are referring to. All developments in Harlow at Newhall and Gilden Way were started under Labour. Nothing to do with the new Council. They seem to be selling well so there must be demand.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-25 11:32:53

Kim, the house building boom Cllr Swords refers to is listed on page 88 of the agenda of the last Cabinet meeting. Yes, 99 in the first phase, in the second phase (there is not a third phase) areas are identified and the number of homes is 214, so in total in the next 10 years or so a total of 313. So Cllr Swords can keep saying hundreds of homes, which sounds much more than it is, but in reality this is little if any different to that in Labour's Local Plan of December 2020.I suspect that is why he has not responded to your question, Councillors never do when they are back foot. What will be very interesting is to see if all the homes are built for rent at Council rent levels. As for looking after the housing estates, out for a walk this morning I have never seen the grass so long on some pockets of land,

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-25 13:00:49

Kim and readers, more information on the Tory house building boom. Labours house building programme of December 2020 listed areas and numbers which with Bushey Croft and The Hill totalled 196. The Tory plan is to build 313 of which the Bushey Croft and The Hill homes are included, this over a ten year programme. So a net increase of just 99. An increase is of course to be welcomed but it is hardly a building boom. The Local Plan is supposed to give certainty about where new homes/regeneration will take place, if only because those selling/buying or renting a home need to know what is intended to happen around where they live. What the Tories have done is to rip up this part of the Local Plan, they have taken out some areas, but put others in. Have they told residents about this, the answer is no. Even at Pollard Hatch, the shop keepers and at least one resident who owns their home have not been advised that the area is to be demolished in the next couple of years or so. The Tories are failing to advise let alone consult. So much for their commitment to Consultation, it fell at the first hurdle.

2022-04-25 15:11:18

I'm still waiting for Dan to lay down in front of the bulldozers at Purford Green! Another promise not kept. The prospect of living in the Conservative vision of Harlow as a mini city literally horrifies me. Overloaded, overcrowded, congested and overblown, but meanwhile lining the pockets of the speculative property developers and consultants. The flash advertising needs to be taken to the advertising standards Committee and the budget the Tories are throwing at the election campaign must surely exceed the permitted limits? It's All fur coat...... There's no political party have published detailed action plans to make Harlow Climate Change resilient and make the radical improvements in the local ecology that's urgently needed. YH should not publish electioneering propaganda unless all parties are published together.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-25 15:23:41

Edward, all parties are entitled to publish their programmes in YH. The Conservatives, as usual, have been quickest off the mark. In fact there is an article on “Your Say” inviting Labour to state their plan; to date, nothing. They have no plan. The Tory video is professional and, more importantly, accurate. They are delivering on their pledges. Labour have none. Their infantile rag ‘Harlow Rose’ is completely vacuous on matters of policy. How can you claim the Tories are exceeding election expenditure without any evidence? Such accusations are scandalous and you should submit an apology forthwith. Each party runs its own campaign within the expenditure constraints applicable to all. Where does it ever mention making Harlow a mini-city? You really need to do more factual research before uttering banalities.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-25 23:05:36

One of the problems with the present system Jamie is that whilst there are spending limits, generally only Parties wedded to Westminster have the resources to spend to these limits. Donations to these Parties come from many sources, in the case of the Conservative Party, from house building businesses, in Labour's case the unions. I believe what should happen is that an equal sum of money should be given to all candidates by the Government so there is a level playing field.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-26 06:23:46

Why should the Government, ergo, the taxpayers fund political parties? I do not think that would be popular or right. It would only serve to encourage a whole rafter of loonies and no hopers at the cost of the taxpayer. If people want to set up political parties it is incumbent upon them to attract funding. That reflects in part their appeal. Nigel Farage managed it firstly with UKIP then Brexit Party, so it can be done. Your idea is exactly what taxpayer funds should not be used (abused) for.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-26 13:42:19

Well Jamie, we will have to agree to disagree again. In the scheme of things the money would be small fry but I think would be one way of increasing the number of people who vote. The fact is, the two main Parties are in the pockets of their donors, whether it be Russians, big business or dodgy dealers. Peerages are given out to the faithful, independent local Parties are at a disadvantage and there is simply not a level playing field. The Tories in Harlow must have spent tens of thousands of pounds on their election campaign. What would have helped level things out a bit is if there had been hustings held across the town.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-26 16:22:50

As I said, Nicholas, Nigel Farage came from nowhere to build a political party, so it can be done. I do agree re hustings and saw on a post that this had been suggested to YH as they had organised this for the last GE. Leaders of all the contending parties could present their programmes publicly and then invite a public debate. I don’t know why it was not arranged. I doubt if any of the local party leaders would have objected.

David Forman
2022-04-27 02:40:07

The Labour Party in Harlow do not have any ideas to regenerate the town or even any plan to inspire people to vote for them. Momentum forced out the people who had some ideas and they didn't have the common sense to use their former leader Jon Clempner's plan. Labour are just relying on Partygate to get them across the winning line, which makes them cynical political opportunists. Watch millions of your money wasted again if Labour ever take back control of Harlow Council.

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