Ward by Ward: Bush Fair: Will it be third time lucky for Labour’s Kay?

Elections / Sun 24th Apr 2022 at 02:15pm

NOW this is an interesting ward. Last year, it went Conservative. It saw young Dan Swords take out the leader of Harlow Council, Mark Ingall.

In our opinion that was down to two reasons: One reason was the Boris bounce and the second was the sheer hard work, cllr Swords put in to winning the ward.

Over the years, it has been represented by many different parties. Back in 2002, it had three Lib Dem councillors. It has had Labour councillors who have embedded themselves in the ward such as Ian Beckett, Eugenie Harvey and Mark Ingall. Between 2014 and 2018 it had a hard working UKIP councillor in Dan Long.

Over the last few years, the Conservatives have steadily polled between 300 and 600 votes or between 20 to 30% share of the vote.

In 2021, they polled 48% of the vote (963 votes).

The question is, can they do that again? Will over 900 people in this ward come out again and vote Conservative?

Some would say, that even in a bumper year for the Tories, they still only won by 47.

Can they get their message across that they are just one year into a project that will include a major transformation of the town centre or will people say that Bush Fair residents are having to repair their own potholes.

Maybe some will also refer to Boris Johnson and Partygate.

This would seem like a great opportunity for Labour’s Kay Morrison. Kay only moved to Harlow in 2020 but is a veteran of the Scottish political scene. She was Deputy Lord Provost of Fife and was highly regarded from Cowdenbeath to Cardenden.

We also hear that Ms Morrison could chair a lively meeting. And if you know Fife politics, then you know that is lively!

The Conservative candidate is first-timer Marco Lorenzini. We don’t know anything about Mr Lorenzini but hope to catch up with him before May 5th.

For the first time, there is a Green candidate in Bush Fair and it will be interesting how many people will be attracted to their message. So far they have been breath of fresh air. We look forward to interviewing Jennifer Steadman.

If Labour hold a seat like this then they may feel that it was like a Gain. They may feel it will be part of the big comeback that could see them re-take the council, probably not in 2022 but 2023 or 2024.

YH Prediction: Lab Hold.

Bush Fair 

Marco Lorenzini (Conservative)

Kay Morrison (Labour)

Jennifer Steadman (Green)

William Tennison (Lib Dem)

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17 Comments for Ward by Ward: Bush Fair: Will it be third time lucky for Labour’s Kay?:

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-24 15:10:53

As usual, Labour talk about issues that Harlow Council has no say over. This candidate does not even know what falls under Harlow Council. I just hope that residents of Bush Fair realise and appreciate that have a fantastic councillor in Dan Swords. Let the new Council get on with the job they started just 11 months ago to redress the mess Labour left after a decade of mismanagement and waste.

Sam the Observer
2022-04-24 16:44:09

Let nobody be fooled. Harlow Labour and Kay Morrison are not Social Democrats. They represent the hard left Momentum wing that includes characters such as Jeremy Corbyn (stained with accusations of Anti-Semitism) and that genius, Dianne Abbott. Even though Harlow voted strongly for Brexit, they in Harlow Labour are avid Remainers and did everything to frustrate the democratic verdict. At this time of international peril, they are Anti-NATO, seeking to weaken our defences. Even last year, one of their candidates for Harlow Council, Jake Shepherd, set up a petition to abolish the highly popular Army Cadet Force at Burnt Mill Academy. Fortunately, the public backlash was such they it was withdrawn almost immediately. Harlow Labour is not interested in services for Harlow residents. Last year one of their Councillors criticised the Conservative Council for not providing more homes to Afghan ‘refugees’ ahead of Harlow people on the waiting list. Their drivers are not service to our residents, but rather their sinister and cynical ideological agenda to nullify British values and make people dependent on their perverse far left State. This is a fight not about Boris Johnson, about the soul of our town. These people have proven time and again that they are far removed from the values and priorities of decent Harlow residents. Their record in administration is abysmal. Don’t be fooled.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-24 18:12:55

Jamie, did you know that Dan swords approved the trashing of our beautiful river, all 3 councils did. But they don't walk to talk about it. 6,000 signatures against this 4 lane road going right through our river. He all so said they are building hundreds and hundreds of council houses,,there building 99., 5000 on waiting list in Harlow. There are more than two party's. I for one will be going green party, local people, for local issues.

Dan Swords
2022-04-24 18:21:14

Dear Kim, For clarity, I have nothing to do with the 2020 Local Plan and river crossings. And it is hundreds of Council homes, the 99 is phase 1, there is also a phase 2. I would be pleased to send you the Cabinet report.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-24 18:27:08

Kim O’Connor. You are completely wrong. Cllr Swords does not sit on the Planning Committee. Therefore, he did not vote for anything you claim. You need to do tour homework before making wild accusations. What is true, however, is that Labour Cllr Danvers who voted against on the Committee had previously voted in favour of HGGT and the Stort Crossing no less than 7 times. Had Labour not made it a material consideration I. Their adopted Dec 2020 Plan, it may not have got this far.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-24 19:03:30

One big problem with your argument Jamie is that the Conservatives made no comments to the Planning Inspector looking at the draft Local Plan, not only that but only one Conservative Councillor even bothered to attend the examination that took place in the Council Chamber. The Conservatives even tried to take some credit for getting 6 areas taken out of the plan, when in fact it was down to us, The Harlow Alliance party who presented the case to the inspectors that these sites should not be included. The fact is, the Conservatives have always favoured development to the North of Harlow and so it follows on that new river crossings were going to be on the cards. What struck me most at the Development Control meeting was the fact that the Conservative members gave no explanation for why the development and crossings would be of benefit to residents in Harlow, they simply voted in favour of it. It is a simple fact that very few jobs will be created on the Gilston site, thousands of residents will have to commute to work, at best the river crossings simple moves bottle necks from one place to another, in reality, they solve nothing.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-24 19:20:40

Mr Taylor, the issue of this post is whether the people of Bush Fair wish to be represented by a hard left, Momentum Corbynist Councillor who is clearly unfair (from her interview) as to what HDC is and is not responsible for. She is clearly unsuited for this role.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-24 19:46:02

Mr Taylor, now you want to change the issue. By all means Mr swords you can send me the report, I'll wait to see that. But why you carnt just answer here how many is beyond me. But proff would be nice. Your party Mr swords approved the go a head , for the stort Valley crossing, did you stand up and vote against it then, no... It was labour's plan, but your party approved it. Your party never wanted to speak to frend s of Latton Island from the beginning 6,000 signatures against this monstrosity. That's not listening to people s voices.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-25 09:08:06

Jamie, I was responding to your second post. Kim, I am on your side.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-25 09:17:42

Mr Taylor, you are saying you support a candidate whose mentor, Corbyn thinks NATO is on par with Putin? Heaven spare us! A candidate who clearly does not understand what services Harlow Council is responsible for? You couldn’t make it up.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-25 09:39:24

So sorry Nicholas Taylor, I've got names muddled. Yes I know you are hun. X I'm on your side to.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-25 11:10:52

Apologies Nicholas, my mistake. I thought you were supporting Labour’s Kay Morrison.

2022-04-26 08:13:31

Still waiting for Dan to lay down in front of the bulldozers.... what's important, well can each candidate address the strictly local issues over which the local Cllrs have the powers. The conservatives so far have told us via a massive spend on election propaganda they want to make Harlow a mini city and totally overload the town Not much from Labour Some ideas from the Greens And strong local arguments from the Harlow Alliance party. The only questions the remain are about the intentions and vision of each party: is Harlow an open welcoming inclusive town? Can they : - build the 1000 Council houses.(not flats or tower blocks)? - create a better environment and quality of life here? - stuck to the Gibberd Plan? : - cancel the disastrous transport plans? : - Save Our Stort ? : - start to redevelop PAH now onsite rather than jam tomorrow on an out of town site? : - get drugs out of the town? - provide more youth clubs and school holiday schemes? Restore the standards and affordable features of town life that was here decades ago? Instead they spin, extrapolate false visions to the detriment of us all.

2022-04-26 13:12:36

Can the Editor not make predictions of the result of elections, could be seen as influencing the result. Remember your predictions were all wrong last year.

2022-04-26 14:02:56

David, Let’s hope he is wrong this year as far as Bush Fair is concerned. We have an excellent councillor in Dan Swords. Works really well for the ward and the town. The last thing we need is another Momentum puppet.

Neil Warner-Baker
2022-04-26 16:57:27

I think some of the people on the attack on this thread are a wee bit confused, Dan Swords is not contesting this seat for another 2 years or so. ..As the main article shows, Kay is a considerably experience politician and was previously Deputy Lord Provost in Fife. She has now made Harlow her Home and lives I beleive in the Ward of Bush Fair, she is a refreshing addition to the political scene..

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-27 13:14:59

From what I understand, Kay Morrison is a hard far left Momentum candidate and anti Brexit. She has already been rejected in Netteswell and Mark Hall. I would surprised if the failed Corbyn type politics will resonate with the good people of Bush Fair. The Harlow Council needs more people of the calibre of Dan Swords to deliver on the priorities of residents rather peddling an outdated, redundant ideology in an ever shrinking Momentum echo chamber.

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