Letter to Editor: Why as a former councillor I spoilt my ballot

Elections / Sun 8th May 2022 at 10:31am

DEAR Editor, I stuck to my guns and I spoilt my ballet on Election Day.

The reason for this is because I don’t have any faith or trust in any of the parties who have put candidates up for the council elections today.

The Tories are for ever breaking their promises, like I said in one of my interviews about six years ago.

When it comes to our roads, you get a better service from an ash tray on a motor bike.

I know that is a county council matter but being under Tory control in Harlow, surely Russell Perrin and his team of councillors should be pushing harder with their county council colleagues to get the roads in Harlow up to scratch.

As for Labour, I would never trust them with a postal note never mind any pounds notes!

The Liberal Democrats want to take the UK back into the EU and you are all aware that the majority of Harlow residents overwhelmingly voted to leave the EU back in 2016.

And the Greens well, what can I say: I turn Green listening to them.


Kind regards

Dan Long. UKIP councillor from 2014 to 2018.

Anita Long UKIP candidate 2014-2018

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14 Comments for Letter to Editor: Why as a former councillor I spoilt my ballot:

2022-05-08 10:47:22

Spoiling your ballot 8s as good as not voting. If you don't trust the main parties then vote for the independent parties. That way you take the vote away from those that expect it. It's called protest voting. Spoiling your ballot is both immature and stupid..

2022-05-08 11:22:00

You know you're always welcome to stand again if you disagree with everyone else....?

Klara Bow
2022-05-08 14:18:40

Not voting means you agree with the present administration. It is not a show of disagreement.

Steven Harknett
2022-05-08 16:03:43

So if we follow the logic above does that mean that when MP's abstain that is also a wasted vote and immature? because surely that is the same as spoiling a ballot paper? The result is the same. The action has no effect. What choice does one have when no party reflects my interests? I can choose to vote (least worst) not vote, or turn up and spoil my paper. I think if you put none of the above it might hammer it home to the bloated and complacent politicians that people are tired of what passes for democracy these days. Look at the turn out in Harlow. My area was 27.62% Based on that figure just over a quarter of voters could be bothered to vote and of that number we can posit that the winner got perhaps 35 to 40% share. Hardly a ringing.emdorsement.

Daniel Long
2022-05-08 17:12:47

I didn't not vote, i voted the way I did because I don't trust any of the parties that stood. None of them are here for the number one priority of Harlow and that is the Harlow residents.

Daniel Long
2022-05-08 17:15:15

So i still have the rightbto voice my opinion against the political parties in Harlow.

Daniel Long
2022-05-08 17:18:24

Dan I would of done, if we had a independent party here in Harlow, to vote vote.

Daniel Long
2022-05-08 17:20:35

Well said Steven

Daniel Long
2022-05-08 17:23:15

Klara. I am.not I favour of any of them. I clearly stated tgat I do not have faith or trust in any of them. Read my article properly.

2022-05-09 09:57:14

Really interesting comments but it IS down to the individual why they do or do not vote for I imagine a multitude of reasons all valid and of real meaning to the individuals point if view. I view politics as a competitive circus unfortunately the ringmaster in charge (in theory) is usually mauled by his/her political clowns/lions not to mention the media who just throw out constant misleading information nothing in politics seems straightforward and as for catering for everyone that's just an impossibility. Good that makes as much sense as a political broadcast☺️

Adam Osen
2022-05-09 12:00:36

As a former councillor he should be aware that nobody cares about spoiled ballot papers, even less than they care about non voters. I wondered what made him do such an irrational thing, and then brag about it.

2022-05-09 14:42:45

Just getting it off his chest I suppose🤔

2022-05-09 15:53:50

Personally whether Danny voted or not is nobody's business, this is a democracy well I thought it was. I also spoilt my ballot paper. I voted for none of the above.

Daniel Long
2022-05-09 16:24:37

What has it got to do with you Adam. I clearly stated, i dont any faith or trust in any of these money grabbing, amateur political parties here. Who are not here for the number one priority of Harlow, which is the people of Harlow. So shut up

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