Proposal to change Harlow road name in recognition of President of Ukraine

Harlow Council / Wed 18th May 2022 pm31 04:35pm

A PROPOSAL to change the name of a Harlow road in recognition of the President of Ukraine has been proposed by Harlow Council.

The proposal by Harlow Council leader Russell Perrin is as follows:

Wholeheartedly condemns the illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and supports the Ukrainian people in their fight to maintain democracy and self-determination as a nation.

Expresses support for Harlow residents who are from Ukraine or have close ties with the country

Recognises and commends the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Leadership of his nation whilst defending his country.

And requests that, notwithstanding current Council policy.

The Council seek to rename Allende Avenue a road within Harlow as Zelenskyy Avenue;

Consults with residents on the proposed change of name.

Fifth Avenue was renamed Allende Avenue in the early eighties in recognition of the President of Chile, who dies in the midst of a military coup in 1973.

The matter will be discussed at a Harlow Council meeting on Thursday May 26th.

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53 Comments for Proposal to change Harlow road name in recognition of President of Ukraine:

Dodgy dave
2022-05-18 16:52:52

Bye allende we have someone more relevant now.

John S
2022-05-18 17:03:46

Reactionary move to erase the history of a popular socialist leader by the Tories. What has Zelenskyy achieved that needs to be celebrated in Harlow? Then again, Tories do love a clown...

James Leppard
2022-05-18 17:54:27

I think you will find that Allende (elected in 1970 with 36.2% of the vote, undertook a number of important social reforms which were financed by excessive borrowing. By 1972, inflation has risen to over 140% , real GDP had shrunk in the 2 years by 5.6% p.a. as the deficit soared and foreign reserves were severely depleted. This led to the disappearance of many basic commodities (sugar, rice, flour) and a flourishing black market, not dissimilar to the disastrous economic policies of current Venezuela. Strikes became widespread as hyperinflation kicked in and the country defaulted on its foreign debt cutting it off from credit and world markets. He did nothing to reduce Chile’s over dependence on copper exports and his land seizure programmes led to a disastrous decline in food production at a time when the country no reserves to import foodstuffs. Overall a complete economic disaster. Chile has since become the most stable and advanced country in the region and a member of the OECD. I think Harlow residents will align more closely with President Zelensky’s heroic fight for liberty against a brutal authoritarian invader. A genuinely worthy gesture which should carry popular support.

John S
2022-05-18 18:15:52

And Zelenskyy was elected with 30.2% of the vote, what is your point? Allende won the popular vote and carried out some major and pioneering economic and cultural reforms. He wasn't perfect and many factors (including foreign interference) lead to a decline towards the end of his term. But maybe it is his end that we should remember. Being replaced by Augusto Pinochet in a violent coup backed by the CIA. The deaths of over 3,000 opposition figures and torture of tens of thousands more followed soon after. Funnily enough, Pinochet was a darling of Thatcher's tory party also. You know how to chose them.

Bobby Bobbler
2022-05-18 18:16:32

Waste of Harlow taxpayers money that in reality does nothing practical to help. Are there no other issues in the town that need sorting?!

2022-05-18 18:38:50

Or just stop meddling and leave it as it is.

James Leppard
2022-05-18 18:48:59

As I have pointed out, Allende did not win the popular vote. His policies resulted in economic ruin. Chile is now by far the most advanced country in the region. I have worked and travelled there many times between 1988-2015 and know that Allende’s legacy is highly contentious. Chile has advanced beyond recognition. Much of Santiago resembles the USA/Europe in terms of development. It has a strong Anglophile streak. It has become a stable democracy with alternating left and right of centre governments. I do not question the brutality of Pinochet’s coup, but in 1982, Chile provided valuable intelligence and support to Britain in the liberation of the Falklands from a much more brutal Argentine dictatorship. Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and independence against another brute resonates strongly with the people of this country. This proposal has unquestionable merit.

2022-05-18 19:22:08

Typical bloody Harlow, wasters, must have so much money they don’t know what to do with it. Get a grip we need investment into the heart of the town you know the high not a new name for a ruddy pot holed road.

2022-05-18 19:31:03

I think that is an amazing idea. Harlow and the UK has been so supportive of our friends in Ukriane. Zelenskyy is one of the most inspirational leaders of our time and us Harlowites should be so proud to show our support to Ukraine and recognise an ally and true leader in this way. I 100% support this, and it helps show Harlow as progressive and forward thinking.

2022-05-18 19:52:46

This will have no effect and is just plain virtue signaling which will cost tax payers money. While it is good we have stood with Ukraine, this is pointless. Here is an idea if it is such a good one why does Harlow conservative party agree to underwrite the costs to the council for it or allow people to donate voluntarily, up for it James? Or are you just going to use money people work hard for on something which has no effect. Have you forgotten we are in a cost of living crisis, if we have money to do this we should have cut more then £50 from the council tax bills.

2022-05-18 20:04:43

Why create a contest? There's plenty of scope to name any number of roads eg those identified by numbers!!

2022-05-18 20:36:51

No, Why change it just leave it as it is!!

David Andrew
2022-05-18 20:59:32

I have lived in Harlow for 57 years and only ever refer to or hear of it as Fifth Avenue, never Allende Avenue. It's the same with First Avenue, no-one ever calls it Mandela Avenue. Surely someone's got better things to do with their time and our money?

In disbelief
2022-05-18 21:04:31

Virtual signalling at the cost of Harlow tax payers unless Russell Perrin is offering to pay for it out of his own pocket but I doubt that it's easy to suggest doing pointless things when it's not your own money. I'm sure money could be spent more Wisley on something that would benefit the town instead of virtue signalling. Maybe instead of the council deciding maybe we the people could have a vote on it.

2022-05-18 21:05:38

How about filling some of the bloody road’s before wasting money on renaming them some of the road’s are atrocious……

Benjamin Jeffreys
2022-05-18 21:12:49

Crazy how renaming a road can be a priority for the council. I understand the intentions are good but it's value doesn't justify the effort and time. Is there really nothing else the council could use the staffs time for that's more impactful?

Mr Grumpy
2022-05-18 21:15:26

In this current financial crisis, as noble as the gesture may be, HC should not be wasting taxpayers money. Just goes to show that the Tories are just as bad as all other political parties for spending on non essentials.

David morton
2022-05-18 21:44:52

These idiots really don't know what to waste tax payers money on next.

2022-05-18 22:10:54

Great to see a positive news story in these difficult times. Even after Covid and Brexit, surely we aren't so poor now we can't even afford to change a street name and the road signs! It would be brilliant to have Zelenskyy recognised here.

2022-05-18 22:28:44

Sort the bloody potholes out.

2022-05-18 22:32:46

This is not right, why remove someone's name to replace with another person's name. This is discrimination at the highest level. In the next decade, are we going to remove Zelensky's name and replace it with someone's name? It's pointless, Ukrainians flag is flying high Infront of Harlow council building that should be enough for now.

2022-05-18 22:55:12

I don't know how changing a sign is going to waste tax payers money. A sign doesn't cost much. Besides harlow has renamed a few roads in its time. Most notable are Mandela avenue and kitson way.

2022-05-19 01:36:05

Can we not name one of the many new developments Zelenskyy, would that not be easier?

2022-05-19 05:02:22

Lol at the people here complaining about “tax payers money” and have little to no concerns about the millions of pounds already spent and sent to Ukraine from UK tax payer fund. Not to mention, Harlow cannot stand with itself - I cannot see how it can show solidarity with another separate entity when it’s constantly battling itself.

Leo Cleary
2022-05-19 05:58:25

Stop the confusion and give it one name, stop calling allende avenue and just name it 4th avenue like you already have, why does a road need to have 2 names. And as far as the naming it after the Ukrainian president....total tosh. They won the euro vision song contest on sympathy votes, so let's them have that and stop wasting hard earnt tax payer money on renaming roads when we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Give the money to people that ACTUALLY need it rather than wasting it on pointless acts of solidarity that the Ukrainian president won't even know about anyway.

Dr Ray Aldridge-Morris
2022-05-19 06:15:48

I agree with Nostradamus. Choose an anonymous road. This would go a little way to avoiding some of the bile upon which a minority, frequently shielding their identity, thrive. I am curious as to why changing road names is so expensive and would genuinely welcome someone informed to enlighten me.

2022-05-19 07:46:27

Absolute waste of time and money, why not instead of renaming roads maybe repair the roads.

2022-05-19 08:35:10

Roads are built to move around not to honour people. It doesn’t just involve replacing a sign. Maps and GPS systems have to change, personal and business address have to be updated and compensated, Bus stop signs updated, road signs directing to the new avenue updated. Also people’s knowledge of the road renaming to prevent confusion especially in the event of an emergency, fire, ambulance Police,,doctors etc. Not forgetting the road renaming ceremony and the unveiling of this very expensive unnecessary sign, attended by HC and its freeloaders, just another excuse for a knees up at tax payers expense after signing off all those cheques 🥳

2022-05-19 09:10:26

Comedian Road, what he done to the council or county? 12% inflammation £1.3 billion and his army surrendered What a joke in lalaland?

2022-05-19 09:40:10

As much as you have to praise Zelensky and the Ukrainian army, naming a road after he is just pointless virtue signalling. No one in the town refers to First Avenue as Mandela Avenue. It should never have been named after a waste of space African terrorist and murderer who did nothing for Harlow in his life.

2022-05-19 11:36:45

Sort out the potholes.

Edward Huxtable
2022-05-19 11:37:43

Good idea , name Fifth Avenue after President of Ukraine. That will frightened the life out of Putin, and war will be ended(NOT).😤

2022-05-19 11:41:57

As long as the cabbies know which roads which it's all good👍

2022-05-19 13:28:27

Your Harlow, since when has a suicide been replaced by an assassination, as he actually committed suicide! Get your facts straight!

Tony Durcan
2022-05-19 13:57:35

If we were going to name anything why not the new road running to the M11, that would make more sense. I would prefer planting a tree or extending the wild flower planting to include blue and yellow wild flowers. Sorry but there are more important local matter that includes the cost of living crisis, increase in food bank activity, real future of PAH and getting the local roads and footpaths sorted. I would ask that the town decides not the politicians about any name changes . Please include the civic society.

geoff turner
2022-05-19 15:42:05

i am in full support of ukraine but this is stupid can the council not find a better alternative to wasting money? how about fixing the roads first before we rename them this is so silly it's almost unbelievable

James Leppard
2022-05-19 16:07:48

Cllr Durcan, did the town decide on naming Allende Ave.? I would be interested to know how many residents actually recognise the name and know anything about Allende.

Cheeky Chappy
2022-05-19 18:50:15

When the Stort Crossing is built, we should name it after you James Leppard.. just so we can remember who let Harlow down..

2022-05-19 20:12:21

Call it Margaret Thatcher avenue.. now there was an amazing woman👍

James Leppard
2022-05-19 21:21:08

Cheeky Chappy, you really ought to do a little more research before jumping to judgement. The key document is the Harlow Town Development Plan, adopted by the previous Labour Administration, Dec 2020, endorsing the entire HGGT project and the Stort Crossing, making it a material consideration for planning purposes. It was very easy for two of the three Labour councillors, sitting on the Committee, to indulge and vote against a project they had already voted in support no less than seven times between 2017-2021. Rejecting this would have invariably led to a highly costly Judicial Review, which we would have almost certainly lost. We are not so profligate with Harlow taxpayers’ funds as your grandstanding Labour chums.

Tony Durcan
2022-05-19 22:32:46

James am old but not that old as wasn’t around when this occurred. My suggestion is ask the civic society. Sorry but I still think my alternative suggestion is better. As the profile would be greater regarding the new road and my suggestion about environmental options is green and sustainable. Sadly it won’t be accepted because you believe any idea from Labour is a bad idea. Which is a shame

John Wake
2022-05-20 02:20:24

Conservatives talk of “cancel culture” and “erasing history”, and now some of them want to “disappear” the name of Salvador Allende, as so many thousands of ordinary people in Chile were “disappeared” by the ruthless military dictatorship led by Thatcher’s friend Pinochet. Chile was once known as “the England of South America”, because it had a tradition of democratic elections, unlike neighbouring states that experienced numerous coups. The apologist for the overthrow of democracy in Chiles makes much of the fact that Allende did not receive more than 50% of the vote in the 1970 Presidential election in Chile. However, Allende received more votes than the other two candidates, and he was endorsed by a vote of the Chilean Parliament, the National Congress, in accordance with procedures laid out in the Constitution. What the apologist for the overthrow of democracy in Chile does not reveal is that the Pinochet regime inflicted one of the harshest regimes of neo-liberal economic “shock therapy” ever applied. The monetarist “boys from Chicago” rushed down to Chile to advise on a programme of privatisation and austerity that inflicted massive hardship on the working class of that country. It is a disgrace that a Conservative councillor wishes to dishonour the memory of a democratically-elected President overthrown by a military regime. His proposal calls into question his commitment to the principles of free speech and democracy. It seems to me that he simply wants an excuse to remove the memory of a victim of tyranny. For, as already pointed out, he could have chosen another “numbered” avenue to re-name.

James Leppard
2022-05-20 08:40:13

Tony, thank you. I too remember the Allende years and the coup. I also know Chile pretty well and its evolution. I have never subscribed to the view that any particular party has a monopoly on good ideas. Furthermore, I work on several committees with Labour members where productive working relationships have been formed.

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-20 09:19:06

James Leppard. Firstly yes the plans for the river stort was labour's plan. And labour only stood against it at the last minute. It was still this conservative party that approved it. They could of stopped this in its tracks, with 6,000 signatures which were completely and utterly ignored. We , of frends of Latton Island, tried so hard to save, for our local people and many more who visit. This still is not the end of the matter. Back to topic. I agree with most on here, why change a name, there's more nicer things you could do, plant a tree, to replace the hundreds this council will be ripping from its roots, when they do build 4 lane road right through our beautiful river.

David Davison
2022-05-20 09:58:48

Why waste money changing the name of a road when new ones are being built. Just name a new road Zelensky or junction 7a Zelensky interchange

A414 Sidekick
2022-05-20 17:51:25

I live on Allende and think its an appalling idea to change the name. With many good reasons put forward from the all sides. If we MUST change the road name, Mayal or Camden would be relevant to Harlow, but Allende should be saved for Summer, so we never forget the name of that beautiful little girl who needlessly lost her life in the park, not victorious foreign leaders... 🙄

Bert puttocks
2022-05-20 20:05:58

We should rename the roads after our favourite page 3 girls, lusardi avenue etc ❤️

J Smithson
2022-05-21 07:37:19

I love the attitude of Mr Leppard "I've not doubt that Pinochet's regime was bad but he helped us out" from the "Fred West may have been a serial murderer but he laid a lovely patio" playbook

Shredded Tyres
2022-05-21 09:13:21

Should we not name it Putin avenue then we could blame him for all the holes that are in it.

James Leppard
2022-05-22 12:20:32

J Smithson, I have never condoned the brutality of the Pinochet regime nor that of the even more brutal Argentine Junta. Nevertheless, it is a fact that after almost going to war with Chile over the then disputed Beagle Channel, the Argentine regime made a unprovoked, unlawful invasion of the Falklands in clear breach of the 1850, Arana-Southern Treaty otherwise known as the Convention of Settlement was signed by both Britain and Argentina. Chile provided invaluable intelligence to the British forces and also was ready to allow an escape route for a planned covert SAS mission to destroy the Argentine Super Etentard base in Rio Grande and kill the pilots. Such assistance in times of conflict should be recognised. However, this has nothing to do with the fact the Allende’s economic policies destroyed the Chilean economy and led to hyperinflation. Since 1990, Chile has been a stable democracy and the strongest and most stable economy in region.

Mark Lavender
2022-05-27 15:22:45

Rather than being an iconoclast, if a fresh road or junction comes up for naming, wouldn't that be the solution?

Minh Nguyen
2022-06-01 07:29:46

Why are Harlow council wasting tax payers money on virtual signalling instead of fixing Harlow ? conservatives and labour councils instead of doing their job serving the people of Harlow, we the people have awakened to this global scam and we will not be silenced anymore. why are people blindly voting for idiots who cares nothing about their local community but seem to serve their own interests. I have a leak in my ceiling from a flat above I have notified the council 4 years now and nothing have been done, never behind on my rent, “Harlow first “ should be the policy for Harlow council. stop this stupid idea of honouring untested political psychopaths who have done nothing for Harlow. also how about fixing dangerous footpaths in Harlow they are everywhere

Minh Nguyen
2022-06-01 07:30:26

Why are Harlow council wasting tax payers money instead of fixing Harlow ? conservatives and labour councils instead of doing their job serving the people of Harlow, we the people have awakened to this global scam and we will not be silenced anymore. why are people blindly voting for idiots who cares nothing about their local community but seem to serve their own interests. I have a leak in my ceiling from a flat above I have notified the council 4 years now and nothing have been done, never behind on my rent, “Harlow first “ should be the policy for Harlow council. stop this stupid idea of honouring untested political psychopaths who have done nothing for Harlow. also how about fixing dangerous footpaths in Harlow they are everywhere

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