Letter to Editor: “I am the anti-jubilee campaigner”

Politics / Sat 4th Jun 2022 at 10:31am

DEAR Editor, I am contacting you in regards to the notes I have posted at properties that have displayed bunting for the jubilee.

I would first like to point out that asking a simple question can in no way be considered malicious, especially to the point that it would unnerve any rationally minded person. 

I have been constantly sickened by the ever increasing poverty in this country for a long time and am absolutely dumbfounded as to why anybody with any integrity would celebrate the greed of one family, at the expense of a country that is in severe finacial crisis – to the point that millions of people are depending on foodbanks.

I have never said that people should not enjoy their weekend, or hold social gatherings.  But it seems that those who are currently less affected are totally incapable of seeing the insensitivity of their actions, by celebrating those who hoard insane amounts of wealth whilst people (including children and the elderly) go without the necessities of life.

I’ve lived in Harlow my entire life and am very familiar with the majority of areas, and as far as I am aware, I have not posted any notes through residents doors in sheltered accommodations. Regardless, I posted wherever I saw celebratory bunting (that was easily accessible) and was in no way targeting any one group of people, be it old or young.

I am disappointed that you have used a headline that insinuates I have targeted the vulnerable. But am not surprised, as the media always tries to put spin on inconvenient truths that do not aline with the status quo.

Clearly, the question asked was rhetorical. Because surely anybody living in poverty, to the point that they are forced to rely on handouts, would not celebrate yet more public money being spent on those who clearly have more than enough.

I have no shame in raising awareness of the disgusting level of inequality in this country, that some seem to revel in.

I hope this has cleared up the misinterpretation of my actions and shed light on its true meaning and purpose.

Thank you.

“Joe Bloggs”

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16 Comments for Letter to Editor: “I am the anti-jubilee campaigner”:

2022-06-04 12:06:30

How pathetic, just leave people alone and let them do what they want. Is it a tragedy the use of foodbanks, yes it is. But there’s no need to drop things through people’s door for a completely unrelated event when you’ve no idea of individual circumstances. Who exactly gives you the right to judge people anyway? Many ways to tackle this but putting handwritten notes through doors and hiding behind an anonymous article is childish.

2022-06-04 12:47:30

Self righteous twat bore off, leave people alone to live as they please.

Vote for me
2022-06-04 13:08:52

If we didn't have the Royal family would we still have food banks? Probably! Does the Monarchy serve a purpose, other than providing celebrities, I don't know. Does it need to be trimmed down, definitely yes. When a member pays £12million hush money despite being innocent or the future king seemingly failed to respect his marriage vows then I do question its relevance. Personally I would turn Buckingham palace into a posh hotel to boost tourism.

2022-06-04 13:56:07

I have absolutely no time for anyone in the Royal family but I wouldn't dream of ruining it for someone that does, its each to their own in my book and no I'm not poor or rich, personally rather than spending money on a celebration I would rather donate to a foodbank.

Tony Durcan
2022-06-04 14:23:36

Lets give credit to the author of this letter.They have at least been honest ,not unlike many in power both at national and local level. Free speech cost nothing and is a gently reminder what is great about our country. No idea who you are but grateful that you have an opinion and many of the points you make are reasonable. Let not forget the neighbours behind the curtains who can’t join in as they have nothing but poverty.

2022-06-04 17:34:01

Tony, I don’t think anybody has a problem with fee speech. That’s absolutely a given. The problem is having a view and believing everyone else is wrong and then telling them they are wrong by putting letters through doors when they know absolutely nothing about them or their lives. So no, let’s not give credit. Who are they to judge people? They may believe they’re on the right side of the argument but that absolutely doesn’t give them the right to sneer at others, if anything that makes them worse than the very people they are targeting. If they were so honest why didn’t they give their name? Is it because they know they’re being divisive? Just mind your own business and if you’ve something to say, stand by it and say it in a way that listens to others that may disagree, not belittle them and think you’re right. That’s called debate. What this person is doing is forcing an opinion on others without caring what the response or opposition is as they just don’t want to hear it…that’s pathetic

2022-06-04 20:20:20

I am not even sure what an anti-jubilee campaigner is.. What does that even mean, it's not like you must celebrate it by law. The previous post by Lostinthemiddle is pretty spot on really.

2022-06-04 21:42:37

Has this campaigner got nothing better to do with their time?

2022-06-04 22:10:45

He sounds more like a 'champagner' .

2022-06-05 07:16:14

What a sad individual. You can celebrated the jubilee and donate to the food bank.

2022-06-05 07:48:17

I am surprised the police are not treating it as a hate crime. After all this person is picking on a minority group for Their beliefs

Dick Senormous
2022-06-05 09:23:05

The author has been less than honest unless their name is Joe Bloggs.that aside, why they feel the need to interrupt or antagonise someone because they may hold a different view. Self righteous moron.

2022-06-05 18:25:36

Why shouldn't people show their solidarity for our amazing queen and Country, you need to get out more you sad individual.

2022-06-05 23:42:17

The royal family are the biggest benefit claimants this country has. Yet they never have to visit the food bank. Irony isn’t it?

2022-06-06 09:06:46

Erin go bragh

2022-06-06 13:28:42

12 million quid springs to mind, I'm sure the royals cost more than the yearly benefit bill

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