Letter to Editor: Harlow councillor slams Jubilee food bank note

Politics / Mon 6th Jun 2022 am30 06:59am

SIR, I would like to reply to the letter from ‘Joe Bloggs’ and this person’s ridiculous attempt to justify what they have done.

Any rationally minded person should recognise that putting any anonymous note or letter is by its very purpose malicious.

I am also aware of the location that was targeted by this person, it is sheltered accommodation.

Any rationally minded person would recognise that putting an anonymous note or letter through the doors of a sheltered accommodation site would cause distress, anxiety and even fear to the elderly residents.

If Joe Bloggs has lived in Harlow all their life, they would know exactly where sheltered accommodation was in the town. Ignorance is not a defence.

I think the most galling part of this self-righteous persons attempt to justify their actions is that they haven’t even made any attempt to apologise to their victims, but of course why would they?

They will not and do not accept anyone else’s opinions or beliefs because they are the only people who are right and anyone who doesn’t agree with them is not entitled to say so!

The right to freedom of expression and speech are rights that I have always encouraged and supported and I have enjoyed many conversations and discussions over the years that have allowed a full and frank exchange of views, many times I have learnt new things as have the people I was conversing with.

Cllr Durcan in his comment claimed that this person was being honest. Wrong councillor, this person was being deceitful by not having the courage to identify themselves.

This has nothing to do with free speech councillor, this is imposing their belief or opinion on others with no intention to allow any response, effectively denying their victims their right to free speech by hiding behind anonymity.

I did take the opportunity to speak with the resident’s ward councillor who has visited to speak with those affected to provide them with reassurance.

Kind regards

Councillor Nick Churchill

Member Champion for Mental Health and Wellbeing

Harlow District Council

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4 Comments for Letter to Editor: Harlow councillor slams Jubilee food bank note:

2022-06-06 10:13:19

Well said

Peter Henegan
2022-06-06 11:55:43

Great smokescreen Cllr Churchill, criticising a note whilst making no reference to the point raised ie the necessity for food banks in, what, the 6th largest economy in the world.i suspect also that you have no grasp of the resilence of older people, writing as one myself. And No, i am not a raving leftie

2022-06-06 12:15:04

I could have put that letter to good use, I am running short of loo roll.

Nick Churchill
2022-06-06 18:48:32

quod erat demonstrandum

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