Labour councillor expresses concerns over climate change

Politics / Thu 21st Jul 2022 at 03:09pm

WE invited a number of political representatives to discuss the impact of climate change.

Our first response was from Bush Fair councillor, Kay Morrison (Lab)

Cllr Morrison said: “Last year I took part in a pre-COP26 event in Harlow Town Centre. I reminded those present that the seas were already rising, that the ice was already melting, that the planet was already burning.

At COP26 our government made grand, ambitious promises, signing up to a net-zero emissions strategy. It was a promising start.

That was then. Now we see that some of those jostling to become Prime Minister have signalled that such a strategy might mean taxing rich southerners ….. many of whom will vote in the leadership campaign. 

You see how tricky it is? To make it worse, the High Court has declared the government’s ‘strategy’ inadequate, giving ministers till March to show in detail exactly how zero emissions will be achieved.

At the moment, policy-makers seem intent on avoiding action, instead protecting the fossil fuel industry, animal farming, construction firms, car manufacturers and airline companies. 

This is the time for action. Right now. We need a whole shift in opinion, public and political. Tiny changes will not be enough now. We have to wake up to the damage we’ve already done and to our responsibility to our children and our children’s children who will not forgive us if we fail them. 

Recent temperatures in the UK alone are unprecedented. This is a climate emergency. Our beautiful planet really is on fire. 

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15 Comments for Labour councillor expresses concerns over climate change:

Daniel Long
2022-07-21 16:39:37

Biggest cause of climate change is what comes out of politicians mouths especially The mouth of The Labour London mayor Sadiq Khans.

2022-07-21 17:11:32

OK - then tell us what action you will take then...

2022-07-21 17:31:38

Tell it to Asia & USA.

2022-07-21 17:47:32

So that’s what the Bush Fair residents voted you in for then. Stick to local issues.

Daniel Long
2022-07-21 17:53:40

Well said David

gary roberts
2022-07-21 18:06:15

Isn't climate change a local issue? Yes. It is also an issue for the town, county, country and indeed the world. Perhaps you believe Bush Fair is somewhere that is protected from the changes in climate and if you do then ask your children because they will have to deal with more days like we had this week unless it is addressed seriously.

peter henegan
2022-07-21 18:59:35

Some pretty inane comments here by my mind. The last few days have shown how badly we have been affected by climate change. Of course, it may be natural but if it isn't and we do nothing (and if it is natural then these same actions may still benefit) then our children and grandchildren will suffer. Guess it doesn't help that our MP wants us all driving cars on more and more roads.

J Smithson
2022-07-21 19:30:36

Jeez I wonder why does ex ukips man Dan bring the Mayor Of London into the conversation when the article wasn't about him.

J Smithson
2022-07-21 19:30:36

Jeez I wonder why does ex ukips man Dan bring the Mayor Of London into the conversation when the article wasn't about him.

David Forman
2022-07-21 20:47:38

I got in my car on Tuesday lunchtime and the thermometer displayed 44 degrees. I know I live in Sumners and Kingsmoor, but I'm reasonably sure climate change is affecting Bush Fair too.

2022-07-22 05:36:17

Your a councillor not politician this is the whole issue with politics getting involved with council topics that should be focused purely on local council issues not damn Labour or any other party politics! its issues local to the area they represent thats it!

gary roberts
2022-07-22 07:47:17

Tomcat really? A ward councillor is not a politician? I suggest you get a dictionary from the Tye Green library.

James Leppard
2022-07-22 08:02:10

This Administration’s commitments regarding climate change were set out clearly on 25 March 2022. https://www.harlow.gov.uk/news/council-widens-its-climate-change-ambitions Perhaps Cllr Morrison might like to familiarise herself with this.

2022-07-22 14:34:34

Not a lot can be done about climate change because it is fundamentally linked to the human population and their consumption of the planets resources. The people that have fooled themselves into thinking all will be good if we stop using fossil fuels are in for a big shock , as fossil fuel use is just small part of the overconsumption problem. Still you gotta admire the person who worked out you can monetise the weather.

2022-07-24 17:28:11

Until you get the top 5 countries that produce the most co2 emissions by some distance to reduce their footprint not a lot is gonna change I'm affraid, China,USA,India,Russia & japan

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