Stewards Academy students organise Queen’s Jubilee celebrations

Education: Secondary / Thu 18th Aug 2022 am31 07:42am

STEWARDS Academy’s new Student Leadership Team organised a celebratory afternoon tea for our Year 7 and Year 8 students. Pupils were invited to take part in a quiz, enjoy the music of the Queen’s reign and indulge in some delicious victoria sponge and strawberries and cream! 

The Year 10 pupils had a fabulous time hosting the younger students and are already planning their next event!

Mr Dougherty, Subject Leader for History, led assemblies, to all years, showing them what life was like when the Queen first ascended the throne in 1952. Pupils were amazed by some of the facts and photos.

Pupils across the academy also had an opportunity to take part in a competition about the Queen and/ or their Platinum Jubilee celebrations. A number of amazing entries were received, and prizes awarded. 

Helen Ginger, Headteacher said: “What a pleasure it was to attend our Jubilee Afternoon Tea! As the pupils tucked into delicious cake, strawberries, and jelly, it took me back to the time that I celebrated the Silver Jubilee with friends at a street party in 1977. It was very important to us to celebrate this important event in history, build warm memories for our younger pupils, and engender and celebrate our British Values. A huge thank you to all the staff that made this happen!”

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