Harlow man escapes jail after drug driving whilst disqualified for same offence.

Crime / Fri 19th Aug 2022 am31 10:00am

A HARLOW man has escaped jail after committing a drug driving offence whilst already disqualified for a similar offence.

Michael Freshwater, aged 32, of The Downs, Harlow pleaded guilty at Chelmsford magistrates court to the following.

On March 8th, 2022 at Harlow drove a Skoda Octavia on Southern Way, when the proportion of a controlled drug, namely cocaine, in his blood, 101 micrograms of analyte per litre of blood, exceeded the specified limit.

Conviction of an offence while a community order made by Chelmsford Magistrates Court on March 30th, 2022 for the offences of driving whilst under the influence of drugs (November 26th, 2021) plus driving whilst disqualified (08/03/2022), possession of a class A drug (08/03/2022) was in force.

Freshwater received a twelve week prison sentence, suspended for twelve months.

Plus 200 hours of unpaid work in the next twelve months.

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6 Comments for Harlow man escapes jail after drug driving whilst disqualified for same offence.:

2022-08-19 16:56:47

Ridiculous, caught whilst already disqualified for same offence and only gets suspended sentence and free work-he will do it again, and who will he kill next time! This country is way too soft!!!!!

2022-08-19 17:56:57

That is absolutely ridiculous, any person who does such things should be band for life.

2022-08-19 20:36:40

Not condoning it at all, but a shop lifter of meat and cheese will get time inside. That hurts no one. But a drunk/drug driver has potential to kill somebody or someone. Where’s the justification in the justice?

2022-08-20 17:49:40

What stupid judge let this dangerous driver off? Far too soft. What happens when he kills someone?

Jo wills
2022-08-21 08:43:58

Totally agree mazzy , there all totally corrupt , no trust in them atall .

Catherine bilsland
2022-08-28 14:20:23

What good is the law if a judge can’t abide by it he could have killed someone thank goodness he didn’t and good luck to the so called work he had to do it’s crazy

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