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This Week by Your Harlow’s Roving Reporter, Tim the Turtle.

Back to School

AFTER all the chaos of the holidays with festivals here there and everywhere
it is time for a little bit of order to be restored with the return to school.

No doubt that first assignment in the academies of the future will still be
that old favourite, “What I did in the Summer Holidays.”

A first foreign holiday perhaps, a summer camp activity of note or a host of new skills acquired
at the skate park.

The Big Return as supported by the library get together will mean a bit more time on the hands of
some of the grown ups and with ACL opening its doors there is plenty for the adults to consider.

From Digital skills to Arts and Crafts there is something for everyone to have a go at, just like it
is for the students at Harlow College who enjoyed their own Enrichment Fair this week with choices
which included making a Satellite to Table Tennis.

Lee Hounslow held a suitably high tech event which was very well attended and included Find Your Active who have also been at the library with yoga and other exercise activities during Well Being Week.

As for me I have chosen to step back into the past, to the origins of Harlow as a Roman Town and take on a mosaic challenge.

A bit of TLC for a member of my family whilst glancing at my timeline.

Perhaps I will make it into the Harlow Past, Present and Future Exhibition with Demilola coming up later in the year at the
Gibberd Gallery?

What will the new term hold for our new Prime Minister, our new monarch and for you?

Tim the Turtle

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