St Mark’s students learn about road safety with The Riot Act

Education: Secondary / Thu 6th Oct 2022 at 12:38pm

YEAR 7 pupils enjoyed a very informative workshop on Road Safety by The Riot Act group, who work in partnership with Essex Highways road safety campaign. 

The Riot Act are a team of dynamic and experienced education providers who develop and deliver innovative and memorable learning experiences for all children across the country.  

The main focus of the workshop was to: 

  • Make pupils aware of the danger of distractions such as IPods, phones and friends.  
  • Highlight the dangers of thrill-seeking behaviour and help pupils find solutions and coping mechanisms for dealing with peer pressure.  
  • Explore the life-shattering and far-reaching physical and emotional consequences of road incidents.  
  • Promote passenger seatbelt use when travelling on the roads. 

 Twenty pupils who had volunteered to be Road safety ambassadors received a badge, a diary and a pen. 

The workshop ended with Question & Answer time, where pupils got the chance to ask questions and share their knowledge on road safety. 

They were all given a pack of seeds to share with family and friends to grow and spread the message of Road safety to create awareness. 

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