When will Labour select a candidate for Harlow to fight the next General Election?

Elections / Sat 22nd Oct 2022 am31 11:03am

QUITE a few people have asked us when Labour will be selecting a parliamentary candidate for Harlow to fight the next general election?

The short answer is that we don’t know.

Selection processes are going on all over the country and there is a definite step up in pace.

The Conservatives don’t have to call an election until January 2025.

Despite Labour having a twenty if not a thirty point lead, things can change and Labour are not being complacent.

Head Office is on an election footing.

The selection process seems to indicate how much control Sir Keir Starmer has over his party.

There is a long list and then a short list.

It appears that if you have ever been critical or don’t appear to be singing from the same political hymn sheet then you can forget it.

Former MP Emma Dent-Coad hasn’t made it on the long list for her former constituency of Westminster.

Some Corbynites have read the room and quit the party. Just three years ago, MP Laura Pidcock was Jeremy Corbyn’s right hand woman when he launched part of his election campaign at the Harlow Hotel. She quit the party on Thursday.

Constituencies such as Thurrock and Colchester are in the process of selecting and should have a candidate in the next few weeks.

We mention Colchester as Harlow Labour leader Chris Vince is hoping to stand there.

Some people have questioned this.

In simple terms. this is what you have to do. The money is on local candidates, Pam Fox or Lee Scordis to be selected in a seat that the Tories hold by close to 8,000 votes.

Harlow politicians have a record of showing ambition by vying or indeed being selected to be candidates.

Harlow Conservative Joel Charles stood in St Helens in 2019 and has battled for selection in a number of other constituencies such as Ipswich.

Harlow Council leader Russell Perrin stood in Cambridge in 2019.

YH has known many a politician who has found standing in challenging seats a vital experiece.

A Scottish Conservative once told us of their experience standing in a constituency in 1987 just after Maggie Thatcher had closed the coal mines. It was, a learning curve….

As for Harlow. We expect nominations to open in the New Year. Even in the present circumstances, it will be a tough nut to crack with Robert Halfon’s 14,000 majority and his personal appeal.

Chris Vince would be the obvious choice. He stood in Hertford and Stortford in 2019 and has stood as Police and Crime candidate twice.

There is no obvious other local candidate but that won’t stop other local candidates trying. James Griggs, Daniella Pritchard, Kay Morrison, Phil Waite (candidate in 2017)? Former Harlow Council leader Richard Howitt, now a councillor in Cambridge?

There could also be an outsider. Again, it would be good for your CV if you took on Robert Halfon, even if you didn’t win.

Hope this article helps.

When will there be a General Election. We think May 2024……so put your money on any date but…..

For reference, we recommend the Twitter account: https://twitter.com/tomorrowsmps

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2 Comments for When will Labour select a candidate for Harlow to fight the next General Election?:

J Smithson
2022-10-22 19:01:05

Lol I see the Corbinites are still living rent free in Your Harlows head

David Forman
2022-10-23 00:15:15

Chris Vince spent 10 months discussing a new business plan for HTS. He said he was happy with it on camera for YourHarlow. He failed to register any opposition to reduced terms and conditions for new subsidiaries. Cllr Vince lacks attention to detail. All front and no substance.

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