Letter to Editor: What price the housing repairs debacle in Harlow?

News / Sun 20th Nov 2022 at 07:38am

Dear Sir  

FOR months in the Council Chamber, we witnessed the Conservatives staunchly defend the contract for the work at Five Acres. Dismissing the legitimate concerns of leaseholders and insisting that that the Council were following due process. Presumably Cllr Simon Carter (the then Housing Portfolio Holder) was acting on advice when he defended the indefensible.  To their enormous credit the leaseholders eventually won their battle with the Council and the Council has ceased the work. It will however be interesting to know how much the work to date has cost!

Then there is the Aids and Adaptions budget (which enables the Council to make adaptions to tenants’ homes in the event of people becoming disabled through accident or ill health) this was previously £1,624,000 a year . It was reduced by the Conservatives this year to £750,000 And surprise, surprise the budget has now been fully spent. And we currently have over 100 cases (residents) who will have to wait until the next financial year to hear whether work assessed as necessary by an occupational therapist will finally be agreed.  

We also have the disgrace of repairs to roofs. Currently there are over 60 council properties which require reroofing and are temporarily “sheeted”, and Councillor Carter stated at a recent Council meeting that this could take up to four years.  

We also know that other “outstanding repairs” are counted in the thousands and that numbers are going up not down! 

So, Cllr Carter and the Five Acres scheme have gone but the other problems haven’t.  

So, I call upon the local Conservative Council administration to accept things have gone fundamentally wrong, to reappraise the advice they have been given and to come forward with a feasible plan which puts at its heart the needs of Council tenants and leaseholders – who after all pay for housing services.  

If they are not willing or unable to do this, then the next Harlow Council Labour administration will complete the task. 

Cllr Tony Edwards 

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6 Comments for Letter to Editor: What price the housing repairs debacle in Harlow?:

2022-11-20 12:06:09

What will they do about all the properties in Harlow with Mould problems especially in flats - just continue telling mums to leave all the windows open when they have to dry their washing indoors. Since that little boy died in London and the government have written to all the councils? Will the council have to sort the mould problems in their properties in Harlow.

2022-11-20 13:05:39

Not just housing debacle, the whole of Harlow debacle. Don't get me wrong, I have voted Torie all my voteing life, but now, I can't see WHAT the Tories have done for this town😠

2022-11-20 14:39:00

Once again even more of the tax payers money pissed down the drain and they have been given the go ahead to put council tax up next year. Why on earth should we constantly pay our hard earned money to these pillocks

David Forman
2022-11-20 16:06:02

I remember the last Labour administration that was the only council in Essex that failed to cut the grass during lockdown. When those muppet Labour councillors responsible for that gross mismanagement have departed the political scene Labour might just get my vote.

2022-11-20 20:54:01

Well if your only means is about the grass not getting cut, you're a lucky man. I'm a pensioner and my front bedroom has damp all over the ceiling. This is due to displaced roof tiles which I have been waiting for the council to fix for over a year.

Danny Long
2022-11-21 16:31:36

This is a bit rich coming from this Labour councillor, Tony Edwards. When I was a councillor between 2014 to 2018 and Labour were the administration party of Harlow, they were forever sweeping this problem under the carpet and I report so many issues relating to this problem on behalf of the residents in my ward Atleast this Tory administration party of Harlow are acting and doing something about this nasty issue. i know hit was a private landlord but the council where a young boy recently died due to mould, is a Labour administration council, so what does that say.

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