Addison House continues to be one of the worst surgeries in UK to see your GP

Health / Thu 26th Jan 2023 at 09:19am

ADDISON House Surgery is one of the worst surgeries in the whole of the country to get a face-to-face appointments with a GP.

NHS figures place it as fifth worst in the UK.

Latest NHS figures on GP appointments show 69 per cent of all appointments were held face-to-face in November.

Just three surgeries in Harlow are above average and four are below average.

Addison House sits at a woeful 23.98%

It may be of note that the Hamstel Road-based surgery had a lot more appointments at over 10,000 in a month and we also believe that these figures also include Barbara Castle Surgery in Sumners.

YH has contacted the surgery for comment.

In-person consultations nosedived during the pandemic, with the rate dropping as low as four in ten during the early days of the virus crisis as Britons were told to stay at home to limit the spread of the virus. 

Top GPs have stated the current balance of in-person and remote appointments is about right, and that patients shouldn’t get a face-to-face appointment if there is no clinical need for one.

But campaign groups disagree, warning that telephone or online calls are not appropriate for everyone and aren’t always the best way of diagnosing patients. 

Click below for the full article in the Daily Mail.



Harlow Surgeries

Ross Practice

Nuffield Surgery

Old Harlow Health Centre

Sydenham House

Lister House

Hamilton Practice

Addison House

MailOnline’s analysis excluded practices if the mode of appointment was unknown for more than 20 per cent of their consultations and if the GP service did not routinely offer regular face-to-face appointments, such as care home services. NHS Digital describes this data as ‘experimental’  meaning it may not capture the full picture and is more prone to reporting errors

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9 Comments for Addison House continues to be one of the worst surgeries in UK to see your GP:

2023-01-26 10:29:05

Addison House has always been under pressure, it has more patients than many surgeries and these headline figures using %s simply aren't good data. The figures need to take into account how many equivalent full time doctors are working at each surgery and the nature of the illnesses. Many consultations are far better online and not face to face: after all why travel in freezing weather to a surgery to wait in a room with a lot of potentially infectious people when you can send a photo or arrange tests or send blood pressure readings and get sorted? The actual number of patients seen can easily be calculated but until the number of full time equivalent doctors and other staff dealing with consultations is known the headlines are virtually fake news. We all know that it's the policies of austerity and mismanagement of the health services by government that's to blame and the Mail is simply trying to distract people from the failures of Conservative government. If all politicians were banned from using private healthcare and obliged to use the worst performing surgeries in their constituencies we might see radical improvements.

2023-01-27 06:21:25

When they merged with Barbara Castle big mistake. BBC si is much better first class service. You can’t see a doctor a bbc now so you can see they have created the problem. Revert back to how it was

2023-01-28 08:26:19

I am disgusted with the lack of service. In both Addison House and Barbara Castle. (They have merged) I have had to use a private doctor to get antibiotics before my cough becomes bronchitis. I thought I’d paid my national insurance for all these years for a doctors service. It’s a totally broken surgery.

2023-01-28 10:17:00

Similar to ML I had to go online and find a private GP to get antibiotics when I had bronchitis recently - I have no issue about the lack of face to face appts, I’d happily have had a remote appt, but for four days couldn’t even speak to receptionist to try and arrange as the answerphone either said there are too many callers in front of me and cut me off, or promised a callback that never came. I appreciate how busy the surgery is but it’s got to do better

Beryl Govey
2023-01-28 20:45:34

Disgraceful figures, shame on you Addison House.We as a family wrote a letter of complaint at the beginning of December about an issue we had which was addressed to the Practice Manager, it was hand delivered so we know it was recieved and as yet we still havnt recieved any acknowledgement or reply,as for a face to face appointment, forgotton what that is there!!

2023-01-28 21:10:10

I have been with this surgery last 3 years, could not see my GP yet,The receptionist very rude , never helpful, they doing nothing earning pound.

Dr(s). Crippen-Doom--Frankenstein-Octopus
2023-01-30 21:20:36

30th January 2023. Attended. Can confirm as above. Truly dire as ever was. "Good luck everyone! "

2023-02-10 16:15:16

Shocking. What are Paul Burstow (paul.bursto[email protected]) and Jane Halpin ([email protected]) doing about it?

Dr(s). Crippen-Doom--Frankenstein-Octopus
2023-08-24 16:05:58

24.08.2023: Still a dire experience with reception. Oh dear. Rude, clueless, and those hand gel dispensers are still empty too. Good luck everyone.

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