Update: Body of missing man found near to River Stort on Harlow border

Crime / Sat 4th Feb 2023 at 03:14pm


Statement from Herts Police: “We can confirm that the body of a man was found near Eastwick Road (A414) shortly after midday on Saturday (4 February).

Officers are linking this with the search for 62-year-old Christopher, from Puckeridge, who had been missing since 1 February. The death is not currently being treated as suspicious. 

“We ask that his family’s privacy be respected at this difficult time”.


HERTFORDSHIRE Police and the East of England Ambulance Service have been in attendance at an area near to the Harlow border.

At just after midday several emergency service vehicles parked in a lay-by close to the A414 dual carriageway near Eastwick.

A number of uniformed officers were guarding a sealed off area in the middle of a field closer to Fifth Avenue and near to one of the tributaries of the River Stort.

YH has contacted Herts Police and East of England Ambulance Service for more details.

More follows.

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10 Comments for Update: Body of missing man found near to River Stort on Harlow border:

2023-02-04 17:13:39

Murder or Phillip so stop wasting police’s time by asking tell for details

2023-02-04 19:28:38

Another heavy police presence around harlow today, wondering if this all connected to recent events, we drove past and they was in one hell of a hurry to get there.

2023-02-04 19:59:31

You don't see police around the town .then something happens then all of a sudden therse loads in one place.where do they come from.,?

2023-02-05 08:44:31

Me, your absolutely right, mind you if need one go to the BP garage by the M11 about 4am coz they mass in there for their free coffee, god forbid you need one don't call 999 just ring the garage 😉

2023-02-05 08:59:19

The people in Harlow moaning about policing numbers when they've been voting for it for 10 plus years because they wanted was Brexit more than anything.

2023-02-05 09:09:08

They don't concern themselves with crime anymore, they drive around in cars now and again looking for easy targets.... we know they still exist though, when US president flew into Stansted they were everywhere in cars and vans parked in every road.... its good to know they still protect the important people

2023-02-05 11:17:39

@Me, they come from all across the county to support the scene guarding, they could be from Thurrock, Loughton, Braintree, Chelmsford to support such a big investigation.

2023-02-05 15:31:04

I boggles my mind to see people angry at moaning at the police because there are “never any around”. Perhaps be angry at the people enforcing budget cuts, rather than those on the ground still trying to do their job!

2023-02-05 15:38:53

Well all I can say is sort the potholes out in Harlow it’s the worst I’ve ever seen in my life a lot of people could or have been killed going down these potholes. I don’t know what’s happening to Harlow. I’ve never seen Harlow fall apart bad as it is now

Me is a wanker
2023-02-05 17:35:16

Me is a walker sitting behind a keyboard