Government commitment to put fans at the heart of football backed by Robert Halfon

Football / Fri 24th Feb 2023 at 11:14am

Government plans to put fans at the heart of football have been backed by local MP, Robert Halfon. These important reforms to the sport’s governance will see fans given a greater say in the running of local teams, as well as the creation of a strong, independent regulator to oversee the top five tiers of men’s football.

Football fans and their clubs will be given greater protections under the most radical transformation of the game since the first club was formed more than 165 years ago. Through a strong focus on financial stability, strong business leadership and effective governance, the Government is implementing measures to prevent the repeat of financial failings seen at some of our beloved clubs.

Fans will also have a greater say in the strategic running of their clubs. The Regulator will require clubs to comply with the FA on their new rules for heritage which will give fans a veto over changes to the badge and home shirt colours in addition to the strong existing protections for club names. Clubs will have to seek the approval of the regulator for any sale or relocation of the stadium, with fan engagement a major part of that process.

There will also be new tests for owners and directors, ensuring stronger due diligence and a requirement for robust financial planning. The regulator will have the power to prevent English clubs from joining new competitions which do not meet the predetermined criteria, in consultation with the FA. This will stop any future attempts at closed shop breakaway competitions like the European Super League.

Welcoming the Government’s plan, Mr Halfon commented, “As a football fan myself, I know how big a role the sport plays in our local community. For too long, fans have been overlooked by club owners which has led to club closures and league cancellations.

“That’s why I am pleased to support the Government’s new plan to radically reform football in England, transforming the current system and taking action to improve club leadership and management. Fans will be given a stronger voice to influence the running of their local clubs for generations to come.”

Lucy Frazer, Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, said, “Our plans will end the boom and bust culture of football club finances and prevent the risk that club owners treat historic assets as expendable commodities. We want to see the incredible success of the domestic game at home and abroad continue.

“But for too long those responsible for running our national game have failed and our reforms will help strengthen the game. With a new independent regulator to check prospective owners, stop unwanted breakaway leagues and protect clubs’ heritage, we are now calling time on mismanagement which has left too many fans facing the loss of the club’s that they love”.

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5 Comments for Government commitment to put fans at the heart of football backed by Robert Halfon:

2023-02-24 12:26:28

Unfortunately the FA is a monopoly and money making machine for the top league club owners. Monopolies don't act in the public interest. Why else are many lower league clubs struggling and the grassroots to depend on scarce money from The National Lottery funnelled through The Football Foundation to survive? It's money that should go through Sport England to develop grassroots sports centres that can benefit all sports and not simply football. The situation is ridiculous, top clubs pay players, pay transfer fees and their investors sums in the hundreds of millions when as little as the wages of one premier league player would transform the game at any grassroots club: most of which run on the goodwill of volunteers. If the government were serious about the health of the nation at least transfer fees should be windfall taxed. Better still put local and grassroots and schools sports at the top of the priority list: there's never a shortage of players wanting to play for the top league clubs so no problems there. Harlow once had the biggest amateur and engaged youth sports scene (especially Football) in Europe: now gone, in it's place Harlow has one of the worst health profiles in England and obesity is a problem.

2023-02-24 13:15:25

Well that's going to feed the conspiracy theorists with the idea of keep people entertained and they won't ask questions of the system because they'll be too busy fighting over sports with this sort of odd government integration overseeing it!?

2023-02-24 13:26:37

Nostradamus makes some highly relevant comments in past, Harlow was a thriving hub for youth sports: football, rugby, cricket, athletics, swimming, cycling, hockey, etc, etc. At weekends the recreation grounds, sports centre and swimming pool were filled with activities. In view problems of obesity and drug abuse, surely reviving sports across the town would go towards alleviating a number of issues with healthy outcomes.

2023-02-25 09:48:11

Football is the distraction for the uneducated masses. Case in point the lockdown no protests about loss of jobs, health, government manipulation and lies which have caused untold damage (its not brexit or ukraine which has cause inflation). New football league people are protesting, keep it up government loves football it is the ultimate distraction of the masses keeps you all nice and compliant while they continue to loot your pockets and make your kids future look like a large open air prison

2023-02-27 22:15:20

All this talk about putting football fans first ---But we havent got a football Club Mr Halfon. We used to a team called Harlow Town Football Club . Gone but not forgotten! Not one scrap of information since the dodgy pitch only brings suspicion of wrong doing (Again) Does anyone know what is happening? Football Fans are being put first you know!

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