What is Up with Harlow Town FC: 4 Urgent News for Fans

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England is known for its passion for football. The country has local football clubs all around its perimeter, and Harlow Town FC (The Hawks) is one of them. The peak achievement of The Hawks was reaching the fourth round in FA Cup 1979-1980. Since then, Harlow players have been known only for their minor results. But what about nowadays? Are the Hawks moving somewhere?

Keep reading to find the four important news regarding The Hawks: history of their recent matches, roster changes, and more!

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Alfie Atrill Has Departed the Hawks

After leaving Cheshunt, Alfie Atrill joined Harlow Town FC in 2021, becoming a midfielder. Atrill participated in all seven matches during the last year but came off the bench in five. Being a young and ambitious player, Atrill wanted more playing practice and was unsatisfied with match regularity.

Authorities of Harlow Town FC have considered his intent and allowed him to depart with mutual consent. No contention was noticed, and Atrill leaves the team with 26 appearances in matches in total.

Terrell Egbri Joins the Hawks Again

We are glad to announce that an experienced winger who has played more than 50 games since his debut in 2017 joins The Hawks again for the 2022/23 season. Terrell already has some history in Harlow Town FC, as he performed under their name in 2019. Therefore, Terrell has already built chemistry with Hawks players and has a sense of their team play. So his implementation in the team roster should go smoothly, and he will reach a high performance quickly.

The Hawks Suffered a Loss in FA Cup

The Hawks have faced a hell of a difficult competition in the qualifying matches of the FA Cup. They were up against the Kings Langley team, which performed impeccably. Kings got control over the game, scoring a couple of early goals. From that point, Kings’ main task was to maintain dominance and keep the enemy off the ball. In fact, they did more than well on this.

Still, The Hawks were pretty good, just not good enough to grab that victory. They’ve created many swift attacks but couldn’t find the leveler to finish the goal off. One of the most prominent chances for the Hawks occurred at a free kick. The ball went right into the gates frame but got saved by the player’s head. What an unfortunate match for Harlow Town FC.

As a result, it was the tournament’s final game, as they were kicked out almost at its beginning.

Harlow Town FC Resigns from Several Competitions

In the closing months of 2022, Harlow Town FC was dealing with the newly laid 3G surface. The Hawks met some issues during the process and have been putting much effort into resolving them. Unfortunately, due to the mentioned problems, Harlow FC can find no possible options for their senior teams to perform. The club states that it will do anything in its power to fix the issue, but there is no quick fix to occur.

Due to the suggested problem, Harlow Town FC has decided to resign from The Pitching In Southern League, The Essex Senior Football Reserve League, and The Eastern Regional Women’s Football League.

What is the Future for Harlow?

Recent performances of The Hawks team tell us one thing: the team is in a good state. They’ve had a couple of games recently and won most of them. Remember the Harlow vs. Barton Rovers match? The game was highly anticipated, and the bookies were uncertain. But those little talks were not the handicap for Hawks to perform at their best. They got a victory with a striking 3-0 score.

We are convinced that in the time off, The Hawks will not leave their craft. Conversely, it is the best time for them to conduct intense, resultative trainings. We believe that when The Hawks are out to the competition again, we will see the best of them. It will be a great time to pull off some tricky bets, isn’t it?

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