Letter to Editor: Why are Harlow Labour silent on plans for 400 asylum seekers to move to the town?

News / Sun 12th Mar 2023 at 01:36pm

THE recent announcement by the Home Office to acquire a number of newly built,  luxury apartments at Wych Elm to accommodate around 400 illegal migrants has been greeted with stern opposition by Harlow’s MP, Robert Halfon and the Leader of Harlow’s Conservative Council, Russell Perrin. Such opposition and condemnation is likely to reflect the sentiments of the vast majority of decent Harlow residents. 

Yet amid this storm of controversy, the silence from Harlow Labour is deafening. Normally so quick to write and post on Your Harlow about almost every subject (that has little to do with Harlow), but on this completely unjust proposal, that offends the inherent British sense of fairness, whereby illegal migrants jump the queue for housing, Labour has apparently nothing to say. 

If this silence is not evidence of their latent complicity, dating back to when Blair opened the floodgates to uncontrolled migration, then why do they not stand shoulder to shoulder with our Council and MP in condemning this ill-thought out and highly damaging proposal.

They incessantly claim that they are ‘defending’ the interests of Harlow residents; talk is cheap. Only clear and determined action counts.

Cllr James Leppard

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9 Comments for Letter to Editor: Why are Harlow Labour silent on plans for 400 asylum seekers to move to the town?:

Rosanna Jackson
2023-03-12 15:25:01

Wow. This is a really poorly-written article. “Likely to reflect the sentiments of the vast majority of decent Harlow residents.” How do you know? Have you asked each one individually? What quantifies ‘decent’- those that agree with *your* position? Are those who disagree with you therefore not decent? It’s clear from your sneering that you have some serious contempt for Harlow residents and I’m shocked that as a Councillor, in the upcoming local elections, you would make your venom so public. Not a great look for the Conservative Party in Harlow. A pathetic attempt at journalism. Please do the constituency a favour and put down your pen.

Ken Swaby
2023-03-12 16:02:02

Tories trying to stoke up more culture war rubbish, colour me shocked! How about focusing on the horrific damage you’ve done over the last 13 years before trying to blame people with nothing!

Judy Travers
2023-03-12 17:16:06

Can believe the Gas Lighting here from Harlow Conservatives. This is your government that is in your words imposing this” Unjust proposal” on Harlow. Incidentally these people are refugees not illegal immigrants. Harlow has a proud history of welcoming refugees from other countries including boat people from Vietnam who have gone on to add great value to Harlow and it’s community. Please stop stoking up trouble and try to resolve the housing crisis that years of conservative government has caused.

2023-03-12 18:33:42

Oh dear. More culture wars being stoked. REFUGEE DOES NOT EQUAL ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT! All that your missing is the word invasion to really follow your party line! Surely you need to stop going back to before 2010 for your ammunition - you’ve been in power for almost 13 years! This is your govts situation to sort out because it was made by them. If you don’t like the decision taken by your govt it may be time to vote for a different party.

2023-03-12 18:52:13

Are you people serious? Since when we’re young Albanian men refugees? There is no war in Albania, no persecution! The country has applied to join the EU. They are not refugees. They are entering our country illegally and should be deported. What has Labour said to support this abuse of our town? So far, nothing!

2023-03-12 19:19:33

All parties need to oppose this as the Councillor states. This is about our town and our people. Look at the drugs and crime around Terminus House. It is a no go zone. This town was so much nicer in the 70’s. We don’t want another Terminus House. All sides should be opposing this. So sad. This must be stopped.

2023-03-12 20:58:45

This article shows that the only reason for the other article on the Home Office buying a number of "luxury" flats is purely to provoke a response from Labour, cause division, cause hate. Just a distraction from the Tories mess they made of the economy, cost of living, sleaze, cronyism, PartyGate, poor state of the NHS, food shortages etc. Perhaps these Tory councillors will finally explain why they supported a racist, misogynist, homophobic, lazy, incompetent, liar to be Prime Minister at the last GE? Perhaps RH can explain why he was so happy with the Liz Truss budget that trashed the economy? Yet on these questions, the silence from Harlow Conservatives is deafening.

2023-03-12 21:28:09

JD you are kidding. This is a disaster for Harlow. You and others are supporting migrants jumping the queue ahead of our own residents and your Labour administration delivered no new Council houses. This administration is standing up for Harlow. You should hold your head in shame. Why is Harlow Labour not condemning this?

2023-03-13 13:48:48

Who is dissolutioned by British politics, I certainly am.