Carly’s GoFundMe page goes global as it breaks £150,000 barrier (inc Gary Lineker)

Charity / Thu 13th Apr 2023 at 06:56am

JUST a few days ago, we reported how upset but defiant Harlow resident Carly Burd was after her allotment off Hobtoe Road had been vandalised.

Carly was filmed in tears when she discovered that salt had been thrown over the food she had planted.

Now Carly’s GoFundMe page has (as of 0800 hrs this morning) raised over £146,000!

Her story has been covered all over the world from Sky News to the New York Times.

There have been contributions all over the world including former England football star and TV pundit, Gary Lineker.

People have responded not only to Carly’s plight but also Carly’s charitable cause of one person just trying to feed thousands of people across Harlow.

It is a simple title ‘A Meal From Me with Love” but it shows a huge heart. One act of cruelty has now spawned hundreds of acts of


Well done Carly.

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4 Comments for Carly’s GoFundMe page goes global as it breaks £150,000 barrier (inc Gary Lineker):

Charles Vaughan-Jones
2023-04-13 07:30:45

Carly, so sorry to learn of the vandalism to your vegetable garden. Gypsum plaster apparently helps to neutralize salt on the earth without altering the Ph and may be worth researching into.

Clare Harrison McCartney
2023-04-13 14:21:16

What an amazing woman. Sometimes we have to go through hell to bring awareness to issues greater than ourselves. You are a true lightworker carley and should receive a pride of Britain award for your kindness in our community. Xx

Jennifer Steadman Bush Fair Green Party Candidate.
2023-04-13 15:11:34

What an absolutely incredible woman you are Carly!!

John Willett
2023-08-14 12:29:14

What has the money been spent on not on the allotment site a few onions and potatoes overrun with brambles this will not feed many

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