ACL Essex joins new programme Multiply in Essex

ACL Essex / Fri 14th Apr 2023 at 08:51am

ADULT education provider ACL Essex, part of Essex County Council (ECC), has joined Multiply in Essex, a new programme run by ECC to boost maths skills of Essex residents. Courses begin 17 April 2023. 

Multiply in Essex aims to show how maths applies to everyday life and will help residents, aged 19+, achieve maths qualifications. ACL Essex will put on a variety of courses in three key areas: Maths for Families & Communities, Maths for Employment, and Maths for Health & Wellbeing.

Within the Maths for Families & Communities area, ACL Essex’s “That’s not how we did it at school!” course will help parents link the mathematical methods they know to the way their children are being taught in school. Residents can also sign up to “Maths Games” course, where they will learn how to play maths games with their children and engage them in problem solving.

The learning provider’s courses will also support residents to upskill and gain maths qualifications to progress in their desired career, with Microsoft Excel skills, maths for small businesses and maths for school employees among the employment maths courses available. 

To help residents look after their mental health and wellbeing, ACL Essex will also show residents how to build their confidence in maths, convert units and measure out when cooking, plus how to strengthen their brain with their “Maths to Keep Your Mind Active” course.

Christian Norman, Vice Principal of Curriculum and Learning at ACL Essex, said: “I’m delighted to head up the Multiply programme at ACL Essex. Our courses aim to encourage parents to feel more confident supporting their children with maths school and homework, help residents manage their money effectively during the cost-of-living crisis and show how maths can boost your career.”

Lisa Jarentowski, ACL Essex Principal, added: “Everyone deserves to feel confident with maths and we’re excited to be part of Multiply in Essex. We have a range of help on offer for Essex residents, and there’s been a great uptake in our courses already, so why not head down to your local ACL Essex centre and see what support is on offer?”

Multiply in Essex is a £7.9million programme run by ECC and funded by the Department for Education (DfE). The programme has been set up to deliver free courses to Essex residents, aged 19 or over, to help improve their maths skills. The aim is to break down barriers to maths, show adults how maths can be applied to everyday life and make learning fun. The programme will support people in Essex to achieve maths qualifications up to NVQ2 (GCSE at grade 4-9 or A*-C). 

To find out more about ACL Essex’s Multiply in Essex offer, visit www.aclessex.com/multiply

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