Over the border: Weston Homes Buy £33.5m 10.36-acre Thornwood site for 62 New Home Garden Suburb development

Lifestyle / Wed 26th Apr 2023 at 08:18am

LEADING housebuilder Weston Homes has exchanged contracts to aquire a 10.36 acre site in the village of Thornwood in Epping with plans to build Thornwood Park, a new £33.5 million (GDV) high quality residential development providing up to 62 new family homes complete with gardens, landscaping, community orchard, parking and circa 4.7 acres of public open space in the form of a pocket park.   

The deal to purchase the Thornwood village site, located off High Road, is subject to planning which has been granted (Resolution to Grant Outline Planning Permission) and allows for the demolition of existing buildings on the site followed by a new development of up to 62 new Homes (inclusive of 40% onsite affordable housing). 

It is envisaged that the new scheme will consist of two, three, four and five bedroom family houses with gardens and landscaping, designed around winding streets and crescents. The orchard and pocket park will give Thornwood Park a leafy and green ‘garden suburb’ ambience and provide the new address with an abundance of green open space for relaxation and leisure. The site is currently occupied by redundant residential property, outbuildings and a clay pigeon shoot facility. 

The purchase of the 10.36 site in Epping is the first of a series of site acquisitions currently in negotiations which form part of Weston Homes plans, announced in November 2022, to invest up to £500 million in strategic land acquisitions over the coming five years, in order to further expand the company’s existing £2.13 billion portfolio of pipeline developments across London and the South East, which will deliver over 7,500 new homes.

Weston Homes is continuing to look for new sites within outer London and the South East in locations within a 15 minutes walk to a railway station. Weston Homes is interested in greenfield land sites, brownfield sites and country houses, corporate headquarters or institutional buildings which could be converted into new residential or mixed use addresses. 

Bob Weston, Chairman and Manging Director of Weston Homes said: “The acquisition of the Thornwood village site in Epping will enable Weston Homes to deliver a new residential scheme of family houses perfect for first time buyers, young couples and families. This new development in the London commuter region is part of our ongoing major growth and expansion. The business has a highly diverse range of developments across London and the South East, including traditional housing and major landmark mixed use schemes.”

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5 Comments for Over the border: Weston Homes Buy £33.5m 10.36-acre Thornwood site for 62 New Home Garden Suburb development:

Edward Vine
2023-04-26 09:00:06

Plot sizes for each house on average looking quite small. 10.38 - 4.7 acres = 5.68 acres for 62 homes. Works out at 0.091612903 acres per plot. Looking like planning regulations are taking us back to Victorian times when builders crammed as many dwellings in as possible. The park is already green field so it comes down to 62 homes on 5.68 acres, another development eating up the countryside for people getting out of London. Just to cover costs that's £540,322 per property. Is this a strategy that's going to solve the housing problems of most of the population?

2023-04-26 10:29:15

More beautiful green spaces destroyed.Builders have always been cramming as many houses as possible onto these sites, that is nothing new and i think victorian homes were bigger better and certainly built to last, not like todays ugly builds. All the destroying of beautiful green spaces and the habitats of our beautiful wildlife is truly heartbreaking and these developers dont care at all, its all about money and greed. Vile humans.

2023-04-26 16:25:42

This development will be no different from all the other dreadful new builds. Gilden Way is a prime example of using sub-standard house building companies (Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey) - squeezing dwellings together and providing minimal space for recreation. What people do not need are tiny dwellings, with postage stamp sized gardens and no parking! People cannot breathe in the south east because everywhere is covered in concrete! We are living cheek-by-jowl, no wonder so many neighbourhood disputes arise! Why is this development so far away from a railway station? Buses are infrequent and so yet again, a car is needed. It is the same narrative up and down the land.

mike neal
2023-04-27 10:20:36

We all need a place to live and our tiny island is all we have so builders have to get as many properties in as possible so if you are not happy here move to a larger country where space is not a premium

Kim Oconnor
2023-04-30 09:25:16

Mike Neil, most can not afford to move. It's not really the right answer. If they keep taking theses lands for development, we just want have any country side to leave future generations. This government is not interested in building for the people in need of housing, and this should be done first and foremost, not thousands and thousands of unaffordable housing estates on our boarders. The Gilston project s for example we were promised %43 per cent affordable housing, now its %23 per cent. The council tax will go to Epping and Herts Council s. No infrastructure till all housing is built, putting more pressure on our hospital s all our services. You mentioned we are a small town, we will have at least 40,000 more cars clogging up our town, and they want us to all cycle with new cycle tracks. I'm a life long cyclists, and one of the nice things about living here is, that you don't have to go far in any direction to be out in country side, this will no longer be the case, who wants to cycle round new housing estate, I would say that is very low in my estimation. So people won't be cycling more , it's these councils that don't have any idea what people want or need in this town, after all it's us that pay them. There all geared up for regeneration, while the rest of Harlow falls apart. No maintenance on any thing, housing, road repairs, nothing this list goes on and on. The environment must come first .

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