Tessuti store in The Water Gardens set to close

Business / Thu 18th May 2023 at 06:13am

A DESIGNER clothing store in Harlow Town Centre will shut its doors soon, it has been confirmed.

Tessuti in The Water Gardens has a number of signs on the window stating “All Stock Must Go” and “Store Closing, 30% off”.

Known for stocking luxury brands such as Fred Perry, Polo Ralph Lauren, Levis and Moncler, the original Tessuti was founded in 1985 by David Light.

With outlets in most major shopping centres across the UK, the brand was acquired by JD Sports in 2016 and further taken over by Frasers Group PLC earlier this year.

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7 Comments for Tessuti store in The Water Gardens set to close:

Shock horror
2023-05-18 06:19:33

Well there’s no surprise that it would only last 5 minuets in Harlow! What a waste of money!

Luke Burton
2023-05-18 07:08:57

Did they do any market research? This is Harlow, not Bishop's Stortford.

2023-05-18 07:59:47

How much is this a factor of the cost of living increase and how much is driven by the fact that the Town Centre is not an appealing destination and hasn’t been for many years? Many people are shopping on Edinburgh Way and in neighbouring towns that have much more attractive town centres. Roll on the regeneration programme. It is sorely needed to upgrade and equip the town centre with more smaller independent shops and better leisure options.

2023-05-18 08:11:53

Harlow was a great town back in the day, no empty shops,it was spotless and just a wonderful town,it should never have been allowed to get into the state that it is now. Everyone thinking they know best and started demolishing this and that and building far to many houses and now it seems closing our pubs. It never should have been allowed to get to the stage that it is. It seems that the garden tiger pub is no longer a pub but a hmo. Disgraceful.

Darren Franklin
2023-05-18 12:24:56

With the prices they were charging, I am not surprised they will be gone. Extortionate !!

2023-05-18 13:00:18

If you think back to the old days, when Harlow was first built, we were all catered for as far as shops were concerned. There was something for everyone. Most families who moved to Harlow in the 1950s came because there was work on offer and a Council house too. There were hardly any families on benefits back then. Fast forward 60 years and society has changed greatly, more families claiming benefits of all kinds, shopping habits have changed too. Mail order has always been around, the next step up from that was the internet, so you cannot blame the internet too much for a change in people’s shopping habits. A shop like the one above was more than likely going to fail in a town like Harlow where many just do not have that kind of spending money for a designer shop. They would have been better off setting up in Epping or Bishop’s Stortford. Sadly, Harlow has always been seen as the poor relation! But, it would great if its image could be polished up a bit more and we had a shopping centre of which we could all be proud of once again.

David morton
2023-05-18 23:17:38

Probably be another jewellers or coffee shop coz we desperately need another!!!!

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