Harlow Council issue statement over Zelenskyy Avenue

Crime / Mon 24th Jul 2023 at 11:31am

HARLOW Council has issued a statement following the vandalism to the the Zelenskyy Avenue signs in Harlow.

A Harlow Council spokesperson said: “The signs have been cleaned this morning by our maintenance company’s graffiti removal team.

“It is both sad and disappointing that someone has decided to vandalise public property and has tried to deface a symbol of support for Ukraine and Ukrainians who are living in our town.

“As a town, we continue to stand with Ukraine and its people.”

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23 Comments for Harlow Council issue statement over Zelenskyy Avenue:

2023-07-24 11:38:17

You don't speak for me or for many others.

Just saying
2023-07-24 13:16:39

I’m just amazed how Harlow council can get something fixed/cleaned immediately when THEY want it done. Shame the same can’t be said for the speed of their maintenance service when regarding other issues in the town!

So Doffthen
2023-07-24 13:24:55

RayMo. Suggest you go and cosy up to Putin in Russia then, if Harlow isn't to your taste.

2023-07-24 14:04:09

This is pretty disgusting. But nothing more than I'd expect from a town that harbours people like the commenter RayMo. I stand with Ukraine, and the Ukranians here.

2023-07-24 14:24:34

As we have seen, those who support murder and violence live in our city. They clearly showed that they hate justice and humanity, they ready to fight for their terorist state and support killing kids, woman’s, destroying schools, hospitals, and cities just because they can. I think in that case should be involve police as well because that peuple is dangerous for community. Just look what they did in Ukraine and think what they can do if they will have power in here. That not only putin war but russians too. Russian Nazis have no place here. Thank you Harlow cancel and all community to stand with Ukraine!

kelly Stringer
2023-07-24 15:45:29

totally agree with the second comment down in this page

2023-07-24 16:20:12

It’s painful to know people like RayMo exist, I’m petrified to bring life into this world because of people like this. I stand with Ukraine, and you RayMo, need to get a life

Drusilla Drew
2023-07-24 16:59:26

It's nothing about standing up for another country or another country's leader, it would be better received if they honoured local people who have worked hard for our community & town, I'm sure, if the council had consulted the residents of Harlow the list would be endless.

Richard Adams
2023-07-24 17:05:17

As a long term resident of the town I am proud that Harlow Council is supporting Ukraine and its brave people. Personally I would have preferred if the name of Allende Avenue had remained but I would not dream of vandalising the signs the Council have put up. Ter is nothing clever or brave in carrying out this stupid act of vandalism.

2023-07-24 18:00:31

RayMo is entitled to to have an opinion and a voice like everyone else. Comments saying that he needs to get a life are ridiculous just because his views are not the same as some others on here.

2023-07-24 18:29:55

I would have thought that money be better spent on the number of street/road signs around the town that are broken or missing the lettering.

Dave Young
2023-07-24 18:34:01

It’s poor form to put up a monument to, or name a road after, someone, other than royalty, who is still alive - Wait until they are dead and you can be sure that they haven’t done any grim things - If you have to do something, how about honouring the poor city of Mariupol. Also, it's a bit puerile to try and extinguish history by getting rid of Allende - It just says that we don’t really mean this, we are fickle people and the name and our support is only temporary - Much like you’d sponsor a roundabout or a Football Stadium - There are 3 other Avenues; Second Avenue, Third Avenue and Forth Avenue that they could have pinned the name to. Better still, why not rename your Council Chamber ‘ The Zelenskyy Chamber’ - It shows you care and it would have been much cheaper. More thought required!!!!

2023-07-24 20:29:13

This was surely done by leftist groups pissed off by the renaming of the road, and the erasing of the name of their Latin-American communist idol Allende. But I don't like Zelensky either. Why the road is not named after someone important for Harlow? Like Frederick Gibberd or Charles Kao...

2023-07-24 23:48:00

I would rather harlow council were quick to put their efforts into fixing the potholes in their roads rather than the renaming of a road after someone who not many care about and then using taxpayers money to clean up the defacing of the signs. One knobheads great idea backfired and money wasted that could be put to better use.

Graham Dell
2023-07-25 06:24:18

Imagine having an opinion that not everyone agrees with and being called a poo-tin supporter. Absurd. Nobody can know what he believes when he didn't make any statement for or against. Insanity.

Will G
2023-07-25 06:38:20

Fifth Avenue was just fine. All these road naming, town twinning, building naming fads are just costly and, frankly, of no interest to most. Get a grip and spend our money more usefully.

2023-07-25 07:44:25

Absolute disgrace, I live opposite one and love the new name than allende and shows disprespet to Ukrainians and the fact the council are putting up lovely new signs , getting ready of the tatty old ones! I’m fed up with seeing paint covering the name and the culprits need putting on several weeks of community service to clean up Harlow in high viz jackets stating community service so all can see these losers!!!!

2023-07-25 07:45:30

Sorry for the spelling on Previous

2023-07-25 07:45:48

Sorry for the spelling on Previous

Vladimir the Great, not the poo-tin one
2023-07-25 15:16:44

Graham Dell, Cp, RayMo... and all other Harlow Idiots who also do not speak for all residents of the town, Yes, very much soo... you are entitled to an opinion, however incorrect it may be... and people are allowed to call you out on them, just like we did to the nazi sympathizer in the UK in the 1940s... you crack on living in your delusions, Down with the Russian state!!

2023-07-25 16:51:43

Thankyou for allowing me to express an opinion but in this moment I am unable to do so, I think it's too early. Therefore I shall reserve judgement, for the time being.

2023-07-25 20:37:57

Vladimir,i cant be bothered to put the rest of the silly name down,Who do you think that you are calling myself a Harlow idiot? I would say that you are referencing to yourself you Harlow Idiot.Where did i say that i speak for residents of the town you fool?yes i am entitled to my own opinion and i dont need your approval,incorrect? No not me but i could say that about you,thats my opinion and you are entitled to yours,so you crack on with your delusions and we will agree to disagree.

Graham Dell
2023-07-26 05:54:33

Hey Vladimir, I am Ukranian. So... pull your head out from where the sun doesn't reach. Because the fact that you're calling someone a Nazi without ANY reason to even assume such a thing is downright wrong. But its fine, anyone who doesn't share your view is a Nazi. Got it. You're one of those types. It's cool, the world understands your shoe size is larger than your IQ when you make remarks like the ones you had. The fact that this site has many - MANY - articles about many other things happening in and around Harlow, which get ZERO comments. But it's absurd that one article about the naming of a road gets almost 30 comments is shocking. Sad a good portion here are riled up more about a street name than they are about say, I don't know - political issues in the town etc.

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