Harlow Council’s “Restoring Pride” campaign continues across town

Communities / Fri 4th Aug 2023 at 08:45am

WORKING with its maintenance company HTS, Harlow Council is changing its working practices to improve how the town’s beautiful green spaces are managed.

By working smarter in teams of three, carrying out the grass cutting and strimming at the same time and cutting the grass more often, the council and HTS are making grass cutting more effective and efficient and keeping the town looking better for longer – and it’s already making a positive difference around the town.

With green spaces making up around a third of the town, these improvements are all part of the council’s priority to restore pride in our town.

Today (3 August), Councillor Nicky Purse, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, paid a visit to Fountain Farm where a crew were hard at work on the surrounding green spaces to give thanks for their efforts. This was the team that led a pilot of these new ways of working recently which proved very successful and popular with residents. Now this new way of working is being rolled out across the whole town.

As well as restoring pride in Harlow’s green spaces, the council will be looking at the best way to encourage biodiversity, specifying areas in the town which will be biodiversity hotspots and maintained differently, in due course.

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9 Comments for Harlow Council’s “Restoring Pride” campaign continues across town:

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-04 09:19:45

😂 now restore pride in our river stort valley, by not building on it. So hypocritical, you all are...

matt moore
2023-08-04 14:01:36

try walking on the path on cycle track to staple tye thats overgrown hasnt been trimed in ages loads of the paths around the town are like it

Alderman Durcan
2023-08-04 16:57:11

Just driven by the old Lister house site and it’s a rubbish dump. 2 years of Tory control and not a new brick laid. Risden woods still remains blocked by Tory ordered council barricades. So let cheer that they have managed to cut the grass,sorry isn’t that the job anyway.. Sadly just another Tory photo opportunity.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-08-04 18:55:16

There is no sign of any improvement around the town, grass and shrubs get cut, but then left to long and things go back to how they were looking before work was done. As many of our Councillors are not seen in their Ward from one year to the next, I suggest readers take a walk with a camera over the weekend and take pictures of the mess this town has become and send them to their Councillor.

2023-08-05 13:56:17

Saw 2 workers speeding through their work at bushfair. They even stopped because they thought my grandson was scared of the noise. They gave a friendly wave and continued working. A job well done in my opinion. Too much whinging on these posts it drives me insane.

2023-08-05 14:10:49

Crisps! Want t a lot more than a lawn mower to restore pride in this town!. Really don't know what makes harlow council tick,

2023-08-05 17:04:58

Karen if you did the walk i did yesterday you would whinge for sure. You are going by your happy experience which is rather naive.

Lesley Day
2023-08-07 12:49:03

Our grass in communal garden nearlyup to our knees done the back but not front lattonhall close

Not my King
2023-08-14 20:20:32

Those flytipped bags reported 17/07/23 are still there 14/08/23. Why? How much longer? (Good luck with Civic Centre staff)

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