Harlow families dog at centre of dramatic 48 hour search on Mount Snowdon

Communities / Sat 5th Aug 2023 at 11:19am

A HARLOW family’s dog was subject of a frantic 48-hour search after she went missing on Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Amber, a young female, went missing on Llanberis Path above Clogwyn Station on Thursday afternoon, August 3rd.

Owner Davina Smith, 47, her husband Kevin, 54 and son Joshua, 12, then began a frantic search in lashing rain and poor visibility.

By Thursday night, the distraught family were advised by mountain rescue teas (MRT) to return to their car before nightfall.

Pleas for help were shared widely across social media and a specialist canine drone team began searching Yr Wyddfa the next morning. 

Llanberis MRT wrote: “Amber (was) wearing a pink dog harness, any help reuniting Amber with her owners would be much appreciated.”

The dog’s owners spent the night in their car before restarting their search on Yr Wyddfa. One concern was that Amber may have become snagged on her harness.

Pleas for help have been shared widely across social media and a specialist canine drone team began searching Yr Wyddfa this morning. Llanberis MRT wrote: “Amber (was) wearing a pink dog harness, any help

Drones and volunteers combed the mountain in the hope of finding the much-loved pet as stormy weather closed in.

Davina explained how it had happened. She said: “Amber was kept on the lead on yesterday’s three-hour ascent in cloudy and rainy conditions.

“There was just a small section of the descent where it was steep and narrow….the rain and wind were lashing into us.

“We released her for our safety as she was pulling and we were losing our footing. We lost sight of her in seconds as it was so foggy.”

She continued: “Maybe something spooked her. Maybe she chased a bird or a sheep. We called and called and the wind was carrying our voices away.

“We stayed looking for two hours and were so cold and exhausted. My 12-year-old son was there crying and screaming.

“Mountain rescue insisted we came down and followed our descent at checkpoints till we were down. We are exhausted.

After mountain rescue teams convinced the family to make their way down the mountain after an exhaustive search, the family alerted the police and returned to their holiday cottage in Criccieth which was a 45-minute drive away.

They made social media appeals and the family laid out some of their clothes on the ground in the car park at the base of Snowden in the hope that Amber would smell them.

By Friday there were numerous sightings of Amber and then the Smith family got the call from Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team to say their dog had been found.

Speaking to The Times, a very relieved Davina added: ‘They said she was coming down in a helicopter.

‘I don’t think I ever want to go up a mountain again.’

The Smith family (including Amber) were set to return to Harlow at the weekend. As they are all keen runners, may be the parkrun in Harlow Town Park may be the summit of Amber’s future walks!

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4 Comments for Harlow families dog at centre of dramatic 48 hour search on Mount Snowdon:

2023-08-05 12:23:22

Well done to the MRT’s They are pretty awesome Glad Amber found safe n well albeit probably freezing & hungry

Matthew Gillman
2023-08-05 13:27:53

This story shows that God answers prayer!

2023-08-06 09:10:08

Aw!!, I been on top of Snowdon walked up to the top years ago. Its very steep &, it does get foggy, I'm so glad his been found. It was a lovely story to read like watching a lassie film. Hope he was ok & a safe place. Glad the family reunited with their family pet. What a happy ending and thankfully for the rescue team. ☺️👍❤️

2023-08-06 12:02:06

Awww such a happy ending to a story that could have turned out so different. Very happy that the family found their beloved dog safe and well,it must have been unbearable to have to come down from the mountain without their pet. So glad they are all back together again.

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