Leader of Harlow Council joins police and community safety team on patrol in The Stow

Communities / Sat 5th Aug 2023 at 06:29am

THE Leader of Harlow Council, Councillor Dan Swords, joined Police and Community Safety staff on high visibility patrols of the The Stow as part of a project targeting antisocial behaviour hotspot areas. 

The Stow is one of eleven Essex ASB hotspot areas to get high-visibility patrols thanks to £1.1m of extra government funding.

For the next 9 months high visibility patrols of The Stow are taking place involving Police and Harlow Council staff. 

The eleven hotspots have been identified using the last five years of recorded anti-social behaviour incidents, feedback from the public and from partners in Community Safety Partnerships.

Each area is tightly defined and will benefit from extra police visibility patrols, council and partner patrols and robust enforcement of anti-social behaviour as well as engagement with local businesses and communities.  

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, Roger Hirst, said:

“It is unacceptable that people have to suffer from anti-social behaviour in their communities. By tackling these issues early, we can stamp out this behaviour and make it very clear this is not acceptable and that there will be consequences.

“The proactive work being carried out in Harlow off the back of the funding will help identify and target offenders, reduce the risk of incidents and help provide reassurance to businesses in the Stow Shopping Centre.”

Councillor Dan Swords, the Leader of Harlow Council, who joined officers on patrol last Sunday (30 July), has welcomed the funding. He has vowed that the council will work with the police to stamp down on antisocial behaviour. Councillor Swords said: 

“Antisocial behaviour is a real blight on our communities and can devastate lives. That’s why I welcome the funding boost from the government and the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner which will help residents and businesses who have suffered with issues in The Stow for far too long. 

“Tackling antisocial behaviour is one of our priorities to improve council services and restore pride in Harlow and we will work together with the police to make residents and businesses feel safer. Although ASB reported offences in the town have fallen by more than a third in the last 12 months there is still more work to do, and we will tackle this issue head on. 

“I was delighted to join council staff and police community support officers for a shift on the frontline to patrol The Stow on a Sunday evening. I know the presence and uniformed visibility was very much welcomed in the community. We spoke to local shopkeepers, and I saw for myself some of the issues first hand. We will continue to support patrols over the next 9 months as part of the hotspot project and tackle ASB across the town.” 

Residents can report any form of anti-social behaviour to Essex Police www.essex.police.uk or via 101 or the council www.harlow.gov.uk/safety-and-crime/report-antisocial-behaviour

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42 Comments for Leader of Harlow Council joins police and community safety team on patrol in The Stow:

Bruce Downey
2023-08-05 06:52:42

Well done Dman, getting out and about in trouble spots..👍

gary roberts
2023-08-05 07:07:53

One police officer and one PCSO for an area such as the Stow unless of course Cllr. Swords will be available every Sunday with only citizen arrest powers. Did he learn anything apart from, apparently, a welcome from the community. If Cllr. Swords really is serious about resident' safety issues then he should start pushing for a return to neighbourhood policing that reduced criminal behaviour, increased resident confidence and safety, and addressed reoffending in local communities. Will he do that?

Guy Flegman
2023-08-05 08:07:04

I like the picture of them all going to the donut shop.

2023-08-05 10:07:05

I met a couple of them yesterday and I was very impressed.

2023-08-05 10:25:45

Yeah great ,why only the stow, and now the shit moves somewhere else

Alderman Durcan
2023-08-05 10:51:35

Another excellent photo opportunity.shame there was no one around the Stow at the time. Loving the dressing up…

James Leppard
2023-08-05 11:17:51

Alderman Durcan, as always criticising the positive after his decade of non-achievement and failure.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-08-05 11:41:42

You can tell an election is on it's way. This is the only explanation for Councillors who keep taking photo opportunities wherever they can. Every day Council officers are directly involved in community safety as part of their job, Councillors like Dan Swords are mixing up their roles as Councillors with that of Council officers. The first picture shows just how Dan is lapping it up in his role as council leader, reminiscence of Boris.

2023-08-05 11:54:37

Looks like 5am on a Sunday morning max crime time and whose that scruff with his shirt hanging out?

2023-08-05 12:00:06

Has Mr Swords been given the key to the Johnson/Sunak dressing up box?

Concerned resident
2023-08-05 12:39:45

One part of Harlow, we need patrols all over this place, we always see a bobby on the beat when I was younger. This now a lawless society.

James Leppard
2023-08-05 12:56:57

Nicholas Taylor, what election are you referring to? As you well know, under the current system we have unnecessary and expensive elections every year each May. You are one who supports this system so what are you complaining about?

2023-08-05 13:39:40

I love the comment from Guy Flegman.I did laugh,brilliant.Has anyone seen the photos of the stow back in the day? Full of men,women and children,pushbikes and cars could drive through the stow and you would never know it was the same place. Images of the stow today either have no one at all in the pics or maybe a few people. Google it and see the difference.No matter what the councillors and anyone else does in Harlow it just gets worse and will never ever be as good as it was. The images say it all.

Nicholas taylor
2023-08-05 14:00:17

James, next May. I am not complaining about having regular elections of course, I was just making the point that some Conservative Councillors are now taking/creating as many opportunities as they can to appear in the press in the hope that they get re-elected next year. From the comments on this article and others on yourharlow, I think more and more residents are getting wise to the antics of the Conservative Party.

James Leppard
2023-08-05 15:19:45

Nicholas Taylor, I think that if you look back at postings on YH, you might discover thst the most prolific writer (of matters over which Harlow Council has little or no influence and are usually hot air) is Cllr Chris Vince, the leader of the Labour opposition. Surely you will not condemn a Council Leader who actually informs residents regarding Council actions and initiatives.

David Forman
2023-08-05 15:42:27

It's a shame Councillor Swords did not adopt good standards of attire by tucking his shirt into his trousers. Most citizens would not expect police officers to walk around with their shirts hanging out. So Dan Swords should accept the old adage "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". In future, Cllr Swords, don't undermine a PCSO patrol by looking like an ill-disciplined teenager!

Nogin the nog
2023-08-05 16:00:40

Well said John m

David Forman
2023-08-05 16:16:07

Councillor Dan Swords could have greatly improved the professional image of the PCSO patrol by tucking his shirt in. Also, Hi-Viz vests are available in extra large sizes to improve ones visibility and image.

David Forman
2023-08-05 16:24:33

A reminder from the Health & Safety Executive for Essex Police when they supply high visibility (HV) clothing to volunteers and visitors: "HV clothing should be comfortable and fit the wearer properly. It should cause the minimum of restriction in the wearers movement." See https://www.hse.gov.uk/workplacetransport/factsheets/clothing.htm

2023-08-05 18:14:05

What's Mr Bobby up to

James Leppard
2023-08-05 18:21:59

Nicholas Taylor, from the responses on the doorstep, I am convinced that the vast majority judge by outcomes and tangible results. As you have pointed out on the past, most do not access or read YH.

2023-08-05 18:39:40

Not surprised police stopped this dubious looking teenager in the Stow 😉

Alderman Durcan
2023-08-05 18:50:15

James am not sure a photo of the leader being walked to the excellent bakery shop at stow will make much difference. It is what it is ,a futile photo opportunity gone wrong. We all want safety in the community ,just like we want fully funded education and health provision,sadly your government and your MP don’t have the same aspirations. Start owing the responsibilities before you attempt to celebrate solving the problem your government actually caused.

2023-08-05 19:09:58

Why don't a vigilante group be formed and just take out the trash?? I'd be well up for giving them a beating, only needs someone anonymous to present names and or addresses but know ones prepared to say!!

2023-08-05 19:12:11

The idiots that ride around with hoodies and their faces covered on electric bikes, someone must know where they live????

2023-08-05 20:34:25

All the usual sundry assortment of pseudo Commies/ Momentum cronies, works and other losers. They would rather the town stay run down in the state that Labour left it than give credit or at least acknowledge this Council’s attempts to improve things. Frankly, all these detractors are as irrelevant as they are useless. Well done, Dan Swords. Most Harlow residents do not read YH but they support your actions after years of decline.

2023-08-05 21:25:41

In reply to Bens immature comment,i can talk from experience considering Harlow is my hometown,the town where i was born in pah in the 60s. Harlow was always a lovely spacious,clean town with a fraction of the crime there is today. Also we could walk on the pavement,yes pedestrians could walk on the pavements without cars and vans blocking our way,also we could cross the roads safely without having to go into the middle of the road to see if any car/ vans is coming along,just because selfish individuals insist on parking outside there homes or right on a junction etc. It is obviously going to get worse and worse. More and more homes being built,brings more and more people and yet more and more csrs and vans. We will have no space left to even walk in the end.

Jamie W
2023-08-06 06:59:34

Did they have a vest that would fit?

2023-08-06 09:53:34

Tory pr event , tories should give us back the youth clubs and play schemes they sold off in the 80s

2023-08-06 09:59:27

22.000 pcsos and 55.000 police cuts under Theresa May during 2010s , Over half police station and magistrate courts sold off as well don't help , Suggest need a government that closes the tax loop holes and excessive profits to help are communities invest in are youth

2023-08-06 12:10:07

Also Ben,there are many of us who do not support any of the actions that Dan swords and his lot are doing. Its a recipe for disaster.

2023-08-06 15:13:06

And Cp, there are probably many more of us who are not vociferous on YH who fully support Cllr Swords efforts to regenerate the town. That is what we voted for!

2023-08-06 15:40:23

Ben,we all have different views and opinions. Yes you have already mentioned that you support Dan Swords actions,as for me well i am just going to sit back and laugh.

2023-08-06 17:18:49

Cp, you are entitled to do what you wish. Fact is that if you want the town centre to continuing looking like a bad night in Kabul, Baghdad or some other good forsaken dump, just keep voting Labour. They let the town centre fall into ruin and were incapable of seeking innovative ways to regenerate. Rank amateurs and incompetents!

Mark Gough
2023-08-06 17:49:16

Firstly, let's actually applaud the initiative and actual community policing. The issue, is as Gary said - why is it only now, and why only the Stow. The fault here is unnecessary, overpaid incompetent PCC who has spent every minute since his Election called Community Policing outdated and old hat. Now suddenly he gets a few extra quid and chooses eleven areas accoss the County. What the heck has he been spending our Council Tax on and does he really expect people who don't live in these eleven areas to be anything other than annoyed!!! The invantile comments about Dan Swords' shirt are pathetic - do you not know it's trendy to wear your shirt out of your trousers! Time you Lefties got "Down with the Kids!" 😎 Mark Gough - Reform UK

2023-08-06 19:43:17

Oh come on please people! Yes Harlow was a nice place to live, back.in the day, but what happend? The dregs of London were moved out to our pleasant town. I'm not talking about the 1950's to the 1980's, but since. Housing lists became non-existent - no second/third generation homes for law abiding, working, tax paying Harlow individuals. Illegal immigrants, boat people & low life are put up in hotels then housed in homes meant for our future generation(s). Am I pleased our respective children moved out of Harlow & made lives for their families elsewhere in the UK. Oh yes some of you "do gooders" would disagree but I have lives in Harlow since 1953 & seen the decline of the town. We even had shops & a great market then, oh and social/youth clubs. Now??

2023-08-06 21:04:51

Jonlin is basically right. Trouble is that the truth hurts, but it is still the truth.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-08-06 22:25:42

The truth is that it is not the fault of the Council, the Labour Party or Conservative Party that the town centre is in a mess. It is the fault of all the land owners who for two decades or more have failed to maintain/modernise the buildings they own. This problem continues and I am afraid that despite the huge sum made available to Harlow Council, the future of the town centre still largely remains in the hands of others. That is why so many sites remain derelict and will continue to do so. It is interesting to note that hardly anyone seems to be rushing to move into the new flat block at Wych Elm, perhaps the rents being charged are so high there is simply no market for such homes?

2023-08-07 04:46:34

Why don't you all give the guy a chance, he's acted for me on several occasions in the past and been fantastic, don't shoot the messenger 🙄

2023-08-07 11:04:49

Having extra police on patrol and the leader of the council giving law & order some of his time is nothing but positive. Keep it up.

2023-08-07 14:05:05

Well said David, Dan swords is passionate about the town and acts on reports of antisocial behavior. He is doing a difficult job. Carry on Dan and thanks.

Nicholas Taylor
2023-08-07 18:43:42

David, Phil and supporter, I think like many you are mixing up the role of a Councillor and the paid staff who are employed by the Council who go about their job day in day out, dealing with dozens if not hundreds of issues each day. Running along to a Councillor should not give anyone priority over anyone else. Councillors of a working age will usually have their own jobs, for instance in the past the head of the Housing Committee worked in the ticket office at Harlow Town Railway Station. Dan Swords however does not have a job as such, working as he does in our MP's office, more or less straight from college. It is well worth pointing out again that many Councillors are not seen in their Ward from one year to the next and in Cllr LeMay's case he has only attended one meeting briefly since last December.

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