Chris Vince selected as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harlow 

News / Fri 11th Aug 2023 at 05:55pm

CHRIS Vince was yesterday [Thursday 10th August] selected to stand as Labour’s Parliament candidate for Harlow. Chris is the Leader of the Labour group and Leader of the Opposition on Harlow Council, where he has always worked hard for the people of Harlow in the Council Chamber and in Little Parndon and Hare Street where he is a councillor. 

Chris worked as a secondary school maths teacher for 15 years and, more recently, worked for a homelessness charity in Harlow. He now works for a charity that supports Young Carers across Essex.

A proud member of the Harlow community, Chris has enjoyed giving back over the years, volunteering for a number of charities across the town. He is currently a trustee of Razed Roof, an inclusive theatre company.  

Speaking after his selection, Chris Vince, said; 

“I am absolutely delighted to have been selected as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harlow.  

“Harlow is my home and I want the best for everyone who lives here – an NHS that is there for people when they need it, decent homes, good quality jobs, thriving schools.

“For too long we have been let down and overlooked by our Tory MP and a shambolic Tory government in Westminster. People are struggling with the cost of living crisis and they need a Member of Parliament who will stand up for them. 

“I am a proud member of our community and I have a track record of delivering for residents. I’d like to thank the Labour Party members in Harlow for putting their trust in me, and I really can’t wait to show the people of Harlow our offer of a better future for everyone.” 

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15 Comments for Chris Vince selected as Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Harlow :

2023-08-11 18:45:19

No luck in Colchester then

Peter Henegan
2023-08-11 22:19:40

Congratulations Chris, I am pleased that we have a local candidate. Now, of course, you have to present Labour's case with specifics rather than just criticise the current regime. In fact, the way that the existing govt lurches from one crisis to another suggests not too much criticism is needed-they will do that aspect for you

2023-08-11 23:09:25

Well done Chris!

2023-08-12 04:44:03

Labour have selected a winner. I know Chris to be hard working, honest and caring. He's for my vote.

gary roberts
2023-08-12 06:26:01

Do you play the man or the ball? In this case the ball and that as yet to be inflated let alone bounced. The Labour party under Starmer has no vision or policy agenda worthy of the name unless you just say "we cant change anything" because the Conservatives have destroyed everything. So why vote for Labour when they will basically follow the Tories policies. Attlee and the 1945 government had no money but decided radical change was needed. In six years that is what they did. The current lot are just so scared of their own shadow nothing will change and Mr. Vince might be a very nice man but without a radical policy agenda he remains just that sadly.

Mark Lavender
2023-08-12 08:12:09

If I am right, the last GE had two candidates on the ballot. Democracy may well be the biggest loser on the night, such is the wide(!) range of views on show. Leave free will at the door.

peter linden
2023-08-12 08:24:26

Harlow and basically the whole of britain is in a terrible state, god knows how the town and country is going to repair itself after the tory austerity and the cost of living crisis..no government ever will inherit such a mess. Good luck to the labour man.. Work hard look after the towns interested, above all listen to the public

2023-08-12 08:52:41

Just give it your best shot good luck👍

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-12 09:17:22

Well done... I'll use a line from Peter, listen to the public... this is at the top of the list from green party... And let's face it, you carnt do no worse then this lot.

Mark Lavender
2023-08-12 13:37:12

In a referendum on climate change - which is what the GE will be - it sounds like the Greens have vacated the field. No pun intended.

Clare Harrison (McCartney )
2023-08-12 15:46:15

Well done Chris Vince, very well deserved! Chris you have supported many of my charity events I’ve done in Harlow and you were great when I joined Amnesty and I went to your Amnesty meetings . You have always been kind and pleasant and you stuck to it and hung in there and helped the community, so well done and well deserved. I’m sure you will be a great leader. All the best Clare

Kim Oconnor
2023-08-12 18:42:11

Mark Lavender... you can wish people well.. But I will never be a labour or conservative voter.... No ones leaving any camp..

2023-08-13 00:52:07

Chris Vince knocked on my door some months ago, introduced himself and asked if I had any concerns re council! Unbelievable! A real nice genuine guy. Well done Chris you've got my vote.

Guy Flegman
2023-08-13 17:24:36

It’s the same every election “vote for me and I will make all your dreams come true” and we fall for it everytime

2023-08-14 09:55:31

You can't trust any of them, there all in it for themselves, do not believe anything they say time for big change, this lot will have all your freedoms that our forefathers fought for, be warned people

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