Heat health alert given as temperatures set to soar

General / Tue 5th Sep 2023 at 06:41am

A HEAT-health alert has been issued for most parts of England as temperatures could reach 32C (89.6F) midweek reports the BBC.

It means that the elderly and those with pre-existing health conditions should take extra care.

The UK Health Security Agency’s yellow warning is in place across seven regions until 21:00 BST on Sunday.

The hot conditions will be also be felt in Wales, while parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland could see “unseasonably high temperatures”.


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4 Comments for Heat health alert given as temperatures set to soar:

Calum David Potter
2023-09-05 07:26:24

Oh here we go again... Your harlow making something out to be dangerous, it's going to be hot so what your harlow? Please explain why you've always got to make things out to be bad?

2023-09-05 09:45:33

We should disband the health security agency nothing but fear mongering and forcing people to comply with insane lockdowns / restrictions and forcing them to take a increasingly dodgy looking vax. Now with the climate scam

Calum David Potter
2023-09-05 11:11:40

Still waiting for a response Your Harlow? Or are you just ignoring my question like you do every summer? .. Did you get that last word.. SUMMER

2023-09-05 12:01:54

Calum: Your Harlow hasn't decided that the heat is dangerous, the UK Health Security Agency has - and the text makes it clear that a yellow warning is mainly directed at the elderly and those with conditions that might make them more vulnerable. Your Harlow is just making sure that warning gets to people who might need it. But even if you weren't yelling at the wrong people, it's daft to expect a reply from Your Harlow this year if you didn't get one last year, so if you're fine with the heat you may as well just go out and enjoy it.

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