Extra patrols in place to combat crime in The Stow

Crime / Fri 8th Sep 2023 at 06:59am

EXTRA patrols to combat anti-social behaviour (ASB) are underway around The Stow in Harlow.

Officers from Harlow’s Community Policing Team are working with Harlow Council’s community safety officers on Operation Dial and together they will complete more than 2,000 hours of patrols in the next eight months.

The Stow is a residential area with a shopping precinct in the centre and a large playing field. The local community have reported instances of street drinking and drug use.

The Stow is one of 11 hotspot areas across the county that will benefit from a share of a £1.1m investment by Essex’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner to combat ASB.

The funding is provided by central government as part of their Anti-Social Behaviour Strategy and is designed to deliver high visibility patrols, public engagement, targeted youth outreach and early intervention.

Anti-social behaviour in Harlow has fallen by 33.5% in the 12 months to the end of July this year with 519 fewer incidents recorded. Across Essex, ASB has fallen by more than 60% in six years.

Harlow Community Policing Team already have one well-established ASB operation running in the city centre with Operation Shopper having seen more than 100 illegally ridden e-scooters seized.

Sergeant Martin Doig of Harlow Community Policing Team said his team are committed to tackling ASB in the town.

“We know from listening to the community what an important issue anti-social behaviour is. We have identified times when there have been incidents of ASB and during those peak hours we will increase officer numbers in the area.

“Local residents will see dedicated patrols from both our team and the council’s community safety officers who we work alongside as part of the Community Safety Partnership. We hope that by being visible, we can provide some reassurance.

“We have a very proactive team, we want to drive down ASB and we will take every opportunity for enforcement action. I’ve done a number of patrols myself and we’ve had very positive feedback. Local people have been really happy to see officers on the streets and we want to engage with them as much as possible.

“If people witness anti-social behaviour, they should call 101 or report it online to the police or Harlow Council. We are here to help to the community and deal with any problems they report to us.”

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4 Comments for Extra patrols in place to combat crime in The Stow:

It's not just the responsibility of the Police
2023-09-08 08:02:47

Myself and I know of others that have contacted Robert Halfon regarding the ASB problems in Harlow to deal with the balaclava clad morons and anti social motorbike riders across the town that like to intimidate people and cause alarm and distress across the town. Also reports to Harlow Council and a request for both parties to liase with Essex Police to tackle the situation. No one has received a response. It's not just the Stow that require these patrols but the smaller shopping hatches and play areas where drug deals openly take place and where youths congregate making people's lives a living hell. Long gone are the days where Essex Police were able to execute their ethos of being pro active rather than reactive and part of that blame lays at the feet of the government and because of their cutbacks, meaning it does not allow our Police forces to do their job to protect the public. We all know this. If any of these individuals responsible are under age, then fine the parents. If they live in social housing put sanctions on them. As many of them know exactly what their kids are doing yet don't give a s..t and even think it's funny and encourage them. They won't be so happy with their little darlings if they have a large fine land on their mat or have the threat of being evicted from their council house will they!!

2023-09-08 10:53:38

It would be nice if the council and the police could look into the antisocial activities both in the wood at Rectory Wood and the cycle path that runs between the hospital and Sainsbury's, things have become far more of a problem since the new block of flats have opened.

2023-09-08 21:42:48

There is not a single area of Harlow that does not have an antisocial behaviour problem. And yet the Stow always seems to get the extra patrols from the police station, how many food outlets are there in the Stow?

Luke Burton
2023-09-09 16:50:07

Need armed police to patrol the town.

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