Latton Priory: No guarantee of any healthcare provision for the thousands due to live on Harlow’s border

News / Sun 1st Oct 2023 at 05:05pm

OVER the next few years, up to 1100 homes and possibly up to 5,000 people may be moving to a new housing development on the border of Harlow called Latton Priory.

This area is west of London Road at Hastingwood, south of Berecroft and east of Rye Hill Road.

It is at “Design Code” stage before it goes in front of the Epping Forest District Council planning committee.

The plans are sophisticated and very attractive. They are all part of the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town (HGGT) plan for tens of thousands of homes on Harlow’s border.

The designs go into specifics on a vast range of subjects from houses, streets, car barns, schools, traveler sites, landscape, biodiversity etc.

However, the plans have alway been somewhat vague on the subject of health provision.

That seems a bit strange and a bit disconcerting to us.

The danger is that there could be an extra 5,000 people added to the nearest surgeries.

The nearest surgeries are the Hamilton and Ross Practice in Bush Fair, Lister House in Staple Tye and The Limes in Epping.

In early versions of the plans, there was reference to health provision.

The document stated:

The Local Plan policy identifies that the Latton Priory development should include the provision of appropriate community and health facilities. Engagement is ongoing with the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB), the body responsible for planning for healthcare.

Space will be allowed for within the local centre which could potentially accommodate a primary care health centre, dentist or pharmacy services if required to be delivered on site.

If there is a requirement to adapt/ extend/improve existing healthcare provisions to help serve the new development and ensure that residents have access to healthcare services, financial contributions will be negotiated and agreed as part of a future planning application“.

That didn’t seem very reassuring.

Last week, we read the latest Latton Priory Design Code. Epping and Harlow residents are set to be consulted.

There now does not appear to be any reference to health provision.

When the planning application for Gilston came before the East Herts planning committee, there didn’t seem to be a great relationship between the NHS and the planners. See article below.

We asked a number of organisations why there is no longer any reference to health provision.

A spokesperson for HGGT commented: “Our five council partners are all committed to community and social infrastructure across the proposed Harlow & Gilston neighbourhoods and a health centre for Latton Priory remains under discussion with the local Integrated Care Partnership who advise on such matters.

“The endorsed Strategic Masterplanning Framework for Latton Priory does reference health provision for the area and this will be further defined once Epping Forest District Council receive a future planning application.

“The Gilston area of the Garden Town, which received an agreement for approval by East Herts Council earlier this year, includes 3,515m2 of health care floorspace.”

We also asked the Harlow councillor Mike Hardware. He is the portfolio holder for economic development as well as an Essex County Councillor.

Cllr Hardware said: “A design code is just that: it provides a high level strategy for design and placemaking covering land use, nature, movement, public spaces, built form, identity and resources. It is there for the developers to assist in designing the development when they come forward with their planning applications. It is a material planning consideration when the council is determining the application. As such, it will not go into detail of specific facilities, such as healthcare.

As you are aware, this application will be determined by Epping Forest Council and not Harlow. Epping is progressing discussions with the land promoters, who are liaising with the relevant agencies such as the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), now the Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board (ICB), in relation to healthcare provision. 

We have not been involved in these discussions, as we are not the planning authority, but are made aware of progress regularly. I have asked for an update but the last information I had was that the CCG did not require a new health centre on Latton Priory but they would, of course, require financial contributions through the S106 to be used in the provision of healthcare.

“The ICB is reviewing its requirements at Latton Priory and I don’t think any decision has been made as yet. I will let you know what update I get”.

We did ask the snappily titled NHS Hertfordshire and West Essex Integrated Care Board. They have yet to get back to us with a statement.

Perhaps this is a wake up call to the future of health provision in the United Kingdom in the twenty first century.

We know the members of the Harlow Alliance Party have followed this with interest and concern.

We will follow this with interest.

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18 Comments for Latton Priory: No guarantee of any healthcare provision for the thousands due to live on Harlow’s border:

Nicholas Taylor
2023-10-01 17:51:54

The Harlow Alliance Party certainly have been taking a keen interest in this and other developments proposed around Harlow. As this article says, if there is not a health provision on site then anyone needing such services will have to travel into Harlow or Epping. The proposed sustainable transport corridor (bus service by any other name) will not take passengers directly to either Staple Tye or Bush Fair so unless you feel well enough to use one of the electric bikes the developers will apparently be giving every purchaser of a home on the site, using a car is the only option. A very good example of how Harlow Council has little if any say in the matter.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-01 18:45:44

Harlow council must be the only ones that did not see this coming.

Julie Taylor
2023-10-01 19:32:15

I'm a bit baffled. On the one hand Michael Hardware is saying this is a design code and therefore a high level strategy for design and placemaking covering land use, nature, movement, public spaces, built form, identity and resources. And yet, the plans are also described as sophisticated and very attractive. On the other hand the designs go into specifics on a vast range of subjects from houses, streets, car barns, schools, traveler sites, landscape, biodiversity etc. But not healthcare. Which is it? If it can cover all the above then where's the healthcare? CCG have stated that did not require a new health centre on Latton Priory. Presumably because the residents will use the already overloaded GP surgeries of Harlow as well as all the other facilities on offer from Harlow albeit without contributing a penny to Harlow via Council Tax. It's pretty clear they have no intention of incorporating the most important element. What could possibly be more important to the residents than healthcare? This appears to me to be a case of profit before people. HGGT strikes again!

2023-10-01 20:03:04

It seems hggt wants to get involved when it comes to opportunity cross boundaries, but doesn't want anything to do with ensuring Harlow has a fair say if the development closer to Harlow than Epping is only going in front of Epping forest council where it will potentially result in a reduced level of service for health provisions of Harlow people. How is harloe council looking at this where this development will hinder Harlow residents access to public services? Isn't planning there to protect people, their access and enjoyment? Why could everybody see what was happening and tried to say something but were ignored and left bemused when the council go all guns blazing

2023-10-01 21:40:07

As with the HGGT at Gilston, the whole idea is madness, sheer madness.

2023-10-02 01:22:53

I remember Boris Johnson boasting about building 40 new hospitals back before the pandemic. And Harlow was supposed to get one of the first batch. That was years and years ago. Plus several years of the promised £350,000,000 per week to the NHS. So where's the new hospital? It must be built by now if Boris was taking credit for it in 2019.

2023-10-02 05:53:26

Mr Hardware, “ We have not been involved in these discussions, as we are not the planning authority, but are made aware of progress regularly.” If you were really serving Harlow ,you and the Harlow Council WOULD BE MAKING IT YOUR BUSINESS! This lame passive ‘not our problem ‘ attitude is failing the town. Sorry sorry state of affairs. Shame on you!

Guy Flegman
2023-10-02 09:49:12

The lunatics took over the asylum many years ago.

Peter Henegan
2023-10-02 11:53:53

I get very puzzled by our country's approach to planning and development. In Harlow, we have an empty multi storey health centre building adjacent at Sydenham House. We have Osler house doing nothing. We have various bomb sites sorry development sites in the town, the Stow, the Square, a lot of the town centre, the old Odeon, the old GSK site . I may have missed a few. Why do we allow these things to happen. If the developers won't or can't develop the sites, why can't the council formerly acquire the sites. So, onto the topic, Julie Taylor says it all. Either the plans are detailed or they are not, did Sir Fred plan Harlow like this? And why do can't our councillors say what they really must be thinking.

2023-10-02 14:51:36

So once again developers are going to make money without actually adding to the support infrastructure of an area overloading an already stretched facility ..crazy.

2023-10-02 16:38:29

Attractive ?? To who???

2023-10-02 16:40:30

As this is an epping development they should be barred from any health services in Harlow. Epping get the money we get all the disruption. The local health services need to ensure their boundaries exclude this development.

2023-10-02 19:45:03

The first picture shows just how much we have been lied too and how Harlow council are impotent when it comes to standing up for the people of Harlow. On the plan last week it mentioned more space for travellers. The picture at the top of this page, shows as was suspected, there will be no extra space and the new development will be within inches of the traveller site boundary. There will be no surgery, no dentist, no pharmacy and doubtless no schools of any kind either. Rye Hill road will become a rat run. It is a secondary small country road and cannot take 1,100 plus homes worth of traffic without widening to a safe width all the way down which no developer or council will do. There is no benefit to Harlow whatsover and given this is a sign of things to come with examples of council in name only, I would suggest the entire council step down from their roles. A council that can't stand up for it's people, is of no use to the people at all.

Michael Neale
2023-10-02 20:32:20

If there's no infrastructure then they shouldn't be allowed to build ever more housing sorry and it's not only healthcare is it ? What bout new sewage and resovours etc

Michael Neale
2023-10-02 20:33:06

If there's no infrastructure then they shouldn't be allowed to build ever more housing sorry and it's not only healthcare is it ? What about new sewage and resovours etc

2023-10-03 06:36:45

Here's an idea (just a thought) how about putting the infrastructure in first, ie a health centre, shops and businesses, children's play parks cycle tracks etc once this is in place then house building can start and be modeled around where these are. I'm not a builder or planner by any means, but that would make sense to me!

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-03 09:00:09

J, simply answer is, it's profit before needs. . Everything that people have said on comments are correct. HARLOW COUNCIL HAVE SOLD US DOWN THE RIVER. And just for the record did not stand up to save our river stort valley..In consultation they all ready said that all housing estates will be built first, before any infrastructure.... so who are Harlow council trying to kid....None of this destruction benifts Harlow, and Harlow council knew this.... All Harlow residents get is destruction and disruption... And I'll remind Harlow council, that theses lands are Marsh lands, never ment to be built on, it's a recipe for disaster.. a destruction on a scale Harlow people have never seen before.. So don't start crying now Harlow council, you all sighed and sealed this...And knew full well , that builds would be first,and infrastructure second.. Don't try and pull wool over our eyes.

2023-10-03 12:46:23

The get money for houses nit healthcare

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