Upgrade planned for Harlow walking and cycling route

General / Wed 11th Oct 2023 at 07:55am

WORKS will see new surfacing, improved signage and lighting installed as well as crossing points upgraded.A well-used walking and cycling route connecting Harlow town centre with businesses on Elizabeth Way (The Pinnacles) is set for a major upgrade.Part of a successful funding bid which has seen Essex County Council (ECC) secure over £5 million in funding for walking and cycling schemes across the county, the route is one of a number being progressed in the town.

An existing off-road route runs east/west from Elizabeth Way to the north of Harlow town centre at Netteswell Orchard, however, the current facilities are in poor condition and do not comply with the latest design standards.The proposals for the route, which are set to see construction start next Spring, include new surfacing, improved signage and lighting, and upgraded crossing points.

Councillor Lee Scott, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Highways Maintenance and Sustainable Transport, said: “Within our towns we see a lot of very short journeys being made by car, which impacts congestion, air quality and our local economy.“We want to therefore make it easier to walk and cycle for those people who wish to. This means looking at those routes where investment is needed, identifying gaps in the network and tackling some of the barriers to people feeling confident to use them.“

The improvements being made on this particular route will greatly improve safety and visibility, make it more accessible and easier to walk and cycle.”Forming part of the council’s Safer, Greener, Healthier campaign, the route will connect to the planned Sustainable Transport Corridor along Velizy Avenue, and ultimately to the future Harlow Gilston Garden Town walking and cycling network.

To find out more about the plans for the route, join members of the project team who will be running a drop-in event open to members of the public on Friday 13 October at the Harvey Centre (Discover Harlow hub, ground floor, next to The Works), from 1pm-7pm.For any questions about the project, email [email protected] or visit our websitehttps://www.essexhighways.org/harlow-walking-and-cycling.
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10 Comments for Upgrade planned for Harlow walking and cycling route:

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-11 08:11:31

Would that be the same Harlow garden town, that's being left with no facilities and infrastructure... You may needs to get your priority s in order, instead of building 7 new unaffordable housing estates, the facilities and infrastructure need to built first... After all we all know how truthful HGGT are, not.

Kim Oconnor
2023-10-11 08:23:15

As a life long cyclists, I've never wanted to cycle round concrete monstrosity s, I think most cyclists would rather move away from the noise and pollution. Like cycling this beautiful river stort valley, peaceful, graceful, which will be destroyed by the hands of this greedy government, and councils.

Bruce Downey
2023-10-11 11:06:47

Also, If you’re a overweight cyclist it’s not just about the weight, it’s about surface area.. ko 🚳

2023-10-11 12:12:21

What about the shocking paving slabs in the whitewaites area,about 10 slabs that an old man hasfallen over on already andi havereported a numberof times. These paving slabs have been as bad as they are for a number of years,yet this country spends millions helping all the asylum seekers. These paving slabs should have been sorted years ago,they are outside peoples homes and what a state they are in.

Dave Young
2023-10-11 20:32:03

Let me get this right - I am paying tax at an ever increasing rate, not to fix everything that is broken in this country, but so that this government can give handouts to Essex County Council, so that they can fund project teams who will be running ‘drop in’ events at a ‘Discover Harlow hub’ - and what’s left of my money will be spent on signposts on cycle tracks so that people feel more confident to use them!!! - You need to have the confidence to be using the cycle track to see the signs - You couldn’t make this stuff up. This ‘String of Pearls’ that may or may not be built around Harlow just seems like a vehicle for spending taxpayers hard earned money - When are the developers going to start paying themselves for these crazy ideas???

old harlow vigilante
2023-10-12 07:24:32

fix the street lights first to see where we are going essex county council are a waste of time take our taxes nothing in return

2023-10-12 14:38:18

Don't improve the Cycle Track along Elizabeth Way cost a fortune to install, yet all I see at the weekend are middle-aged men in Lyra (Dad Bods) using the road instead.

Peter Henegan
2023-10-13 18:41:56

I visited the presentation this afternoon. The 2 guys there were helpful. However It was disappointing that the only plan on show was for a stretch of cycle track from Hamstel road to the Pinnacles. The govt is spending £1million to improve this. I don't really understand this decision. Fill in the holes, improve the lights, done! In a few years time the whole area will change, the hospital will move, houses will be built, the cycle track will be impacted by construction. I asked the guys to note 3 improvements I feel should be made: 1.put in a crossing on the Old London Road/Link road to A414. The existing cycle track was interrupted but no provision for pedestrians/cyclist was put in place. I note that Old London road will be closed from there to Mark Hall rounabout. 2.Extend the cycle track southbound along the old London road from New Hall (by Tesco field) to the Potters Arms cycle track. That will complete a decent stretch. 3. Create a cycle track along Tilwicks Road and Howard Way to create a North/South cycle track. Do it on one of the footpaths-have one for pedestrians and one for cyclists. This would more or less complete the cycle track network, new build areas accepted

2023-10-14 09:04:29

Refurb and maintain the existing tracks, clean them of debris frequently, create new ones , stop self entitled people walking on them instead of the pavements provided, put frequent signs / marking on them to delineate the cycle track from the pavement for pedestrians , shared routes need frequent signage, then we cyclists might get to use them more.

Mark Lavender
2023-10-14 11:14:57

You'll need to fix the drainage on the road by the church where Sections 2 and 3 meet on Route 9. Without talking to the owners, the dip outside their homes fills up regularly and it doesn't need much rain. Is this run-off from the pond a recent thing?

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