Are the police winning or losing the battle against theft by shoplifting in Harlow?

Crime / Thu 26th Oct 2023 at 04:32pm

Editorial: IN SHORT, we don’t know. According to police statistics, there are two reported shopliftings every day in Harlow.

The key word here is clearly “reported”.

That could mean that there are indeed, very few incidents of shoplifting going on.

Alternatively, it may be a vote of no confidence in the police. There may be many many shops and shop owners who are not confident that the police will turn up and investigate.

So they just suck it up.

We wouldn’t be submitting this news article to the British Crime Survey as we have too many testimonies that are not fully formed. That’s why this is an editorial piece, inviting reasoned debate.

We get the impression from store managers in the town centre and elsewhere that they would like to see more of a response from the police.

There are also staff at major shopping outlets that think the police won’t attend unless the amount (price) stolen is “substantial”.

We have had a look at the police figures via their website. It look like the number of reported incidents of shoplifting in Harlow is actually going down.

Compare November 2022 (820) with July 2023 (759).

The solve rate is pretty well stuck between 24,1% in Jan 2022 and 38.2% in Feb 2023.

YH now gets a constant stream of press releases from Essex Police’s press team (former journalists and PR folk) who have now ramped up the rhetoric

It is now a constant deluge of specialist detectives, quick-thinking constables etc etc. Many say, quite right. Be proud of what you do. However, with that, may come increased expectation and demands. It is a difficult one to call.

We gave Essex Police an opportunity to respond.

An Essex Police spokesperson: “In the last year we’ve solved 2,400 shoplifting cases, 500 more than last year;

In Harlow, more than 200 shoplifting cases were solved, while we’re also untilising Criminal Behaviour Orders to tackle repeat offenders.

“In Harlow there’s been a drop in shoplifting offences, with 38 fewer reported (down 4.6%)

“We’ve done this by focussing on core, repeat offenders and core locations;

In the last month we’ve made more than 100 shoplifting arrests across the county, including eight in Harlow;

“Every report of shoplifting is investigated, either by the officers or our Resolution centre and we’re following reasonable lines of enquiry.

“Attendance at incidents relies on a number of factors including whether a suspect is still on scene but we are aiming to attend more incidents”.

Table of Theft by Shoplifting

July 202375921728.6
June 202372720127.6
May 202366519629.5
April 202368422532.9
March 202371827237.9
Feb 202374828638.2
Jan 202376727736.1
Dec 202279226833.8
Nov 202282026031.7
Oct 202282124730.1
Sept 202281023328.8
Aug 202279423529.6
July 2022795 24030.2
June 202276521327.8
May 202269917525.0
April 202265915824.0
March 202261214022.9
Feb 202258013122.6
Jan 202253212824.1
Dec 202151813425.9
Nov 202151014428.2
Oct 202153515428.8
Sept 202152014628.1


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4 Comments for Are the police winning or losing the battle against theft by shoplifting in Harlow?:

2023-10-26 20:08:35

harlow police are losing the battle with all crime in harlow

2023-10-26 21:28:47

Nailed it on one "Recorded Crime" confidence in the police to A, actually respond and B actually do something about it, is at historical lows, I know from experience, even reporting offences on crimestoppers is pointless, what the public want is highly visible policing with zero tolerance to crime and a effective court system that isn't pandering to "Woke" and is prepared to issue proper sentences that actually act as a deterrent, Sadly both Labour and Conservatives have failed miserably on this issue

2023-10-27 06:27:21

"Are the police winning or losing the battle against theft by shoplifting in Harlow?" The headline reads like it's the police who are doing the shoplifting. Time to call the punctuation police.

2023-10-29 00:26:07

The police are probably doing the shoplifting, just like they are doing the grooming and raping. Oh but I mustn’t say that. It’s against the law. More bob’s on the streets please. And please attend calls to burglary, hate, sexual crimes and DV to EVERY CALL.

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