Two Harlow thugs jailed after serious assault that left victim with lasting injuries

Crime / Sun 29th Oct 2023 at 03:18pm

TWO Harlow men have been jailed following an extensive investigation into a serious and unprovoked assault which left a man suffering lasting injuries.

Alfie Speed and Aaron Millest were found guilty of GBH by a jury in September, following a five-day trial.

The pair, both 19, were responsible for seriously injuring a man, aged in his 20s, in Harlow in January 2021.

Officers were initially called to the Quarry Springs area of the town by colleagues in the ambulance service shortly before 6pm on Thursday 28 January after a man had been found seriously injured.

Enquiries found the assault had taken place behind the Purple Emperor pub, in Burgoyne Hatch, 30 minutes prior to the man being found.

They now know the victim was approached by the men in a wooden area behind the pub before being punched to the ground by Millest.

The victim was then kicked to his head and stamped on while he was on the ground.

After the assault, the victim managed to travel to Quarry Springs, where he collapsed and was found.

He was taken to hospital in a life-threatening condition. Thanks to medical treatment, he has been able to recover, but continues to live with the lasting impact of the incident physically and emotionally.

As a result of quick work, both Speed and Millest were identified as being involved were subsequently arrested.

They were charged with Section 18 GBH with intent and Section 20 GBH without intent.

Both were found not guilty of section 18 but were found guilty of section 20.

Appearing at the same court on Friday 27 October, the pair received immediate prison sentences.

Speed was also sentenced for drug supply offences. He was jailed for three and a half years.

Millest was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment.

‘Victim left to deal with lifelong consequences’

Detective Inspector Lydia George, who led the investigation, said:

“This assault has left the victim dealing with the lifelong physical and emotional aftermath of two men’s violent and mindless actions.

“Both Speed and Millest waited for their victim, before punching and kicking him while he lay defenceless on the ground.

“Our investigation which followed was extensive, involving the piecing together of information and CCTV to prove the pair’s involvement.

“No sentence will give the victim his life back. It is only through excellent medical care he has been able to recover to some degree.

“While he continues to deal with the trauma of this attack, we hope the work of many at Essex Police in securing this conviction gives him a degree of solace.

“I would praise him for the patience and fortitude he has shown throughout this lengthy and difficult process.”

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22 Comments for Two Harlow thugs jailed after serious assault that left victim with lasting injuries:

2023-10-29 16:24:59

Those sentences are pretty lenient - should have been 20 years at least

2023-10-29 17:14:38

Years of under investment in prison service by Tory government means lenient sentences because jails are full.

2023-10-29 18:21:50

Sorry but they both chose to stamp on his head and kick his head ...so they intended to cause serious harm..how the how can they be found not guilty to GBH with intent...absolutely disgusting sentencing

Nogin the nog
2023-10-29 18:23:49

For what thay did the sentences no where near long enough the victim has not had justice

2023-10-29 20:04:52

Absolute Joke! They definitely intended to hurt the victim! What kind of message does those pathetic sentences send!!! They need proper punishments!

2023-10-29 20:27:37

Wow shocking!!!! Does that mean they walk free now because of time served? This country is an unbelievable. For what they did to that young man and what he had to go through, work so hard to get where he is now and lasting affects for the rest of his life. That’s no reassurance for the young man atall. sentence is diabolical. Just goes to show you can commit these horrific crimes and get away with ridiculous sentence. Plus one of the also stabbed someone . Just wow!!!

Dean Clarke
2023-10-30 09:03:45

The party of law and order let down yet another victim.

2023-10-30 10:11:18

Who is this judges to give such a disgusting sentence should have got at least 15 years the poor guy that was beaten so badly will never be the same again..

2023-10-30 10:43:26

The justice system in this country has become more inadequate. They obviously went there on purpose so of course, it was intent. These sentences were far too lenient and people who feel intimidated or afraid to go out because of the rise in violence in this town, will feel more threatened and less confident ,knowing if something bad happens to them or if one of your family member is unfortunate in being attacked, its not as if they can be sure of any justice. It must be so frustrating for the police also, Trying to get the justice these people deserve and all the work put into getting these people to the courts, only to find them more or less getting away with it. They need to open more prisons and keep them longer as a deterrant. Short custodial sentences for serious crimes, are not going to make them feel dubious about doing it again and the victim will live in fear knowing the perpetrators will be be out quicker than he can recover.

Helen Daisley
2023-10-30 12:56:17

This sentence is disgusting this young man's life is completely changed forever and that's all they get. No justice at all. Absolutely disgusting

2023-10-30 12:56:57

This sentence is disgusting this young man's life is completely changed forever and that's all they get. No justice at all

2023-10-30 13:42:54

Millest is a thug and a bully, unfortunately the apple don't fall far from the tree, its in the genes.

2023-10-30 17:06:39

Absolutely disgusting, a small sentence for the life long damage done to the young man and his family. No justice clearly, disappointing for the young man and family and for anyone else who ends up in such a situation. Millest in his own right is a thug, as is Speed. That does not mean the parents condone the actions, the blame remains with these two idiots. Keep the focus on the ones who committed this hideous act of violence, Millest and Speed! Let's hope they have a hell of a time in jail.

The Wise One
2023-10-30 17:47:18

All of you please return to your day jobs… unfortunately you never made it into a job of law and I can see why… clueless! You are not professionals, you are average lower class people with basic jobs so please stop giving your uninformed opinions. Thank you and keep dreaming maybe your kids will make it to law school and then can teach you how the process works because it’s never one sided. Go bully someone your own age :)

2023-10-30 19:15:04

The wise one..😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Elle Wilson
2023-10-31 07:04:41

The Unwise One - I actually happen to be a solicitor and as part of my job, it's important to recognise failures in the application of law. And in this instance, given their history and the fact that these crimes warranted a harsher punishment, I can understand the perspective the comment section here is forecasting. These two individuals were not charged accordingly to their crimes, and instead were shown a slap on the wrist. I suspect the main reason they were essentially let off is due to the current state of the UK prison network. It's flooded and cannot house anymore inmates. These two, should have faced a more severe punishment - the fact that GBH with intent was later dropped shows us that those who charged these two were not interested in chasing a longer trial. For your "knowledge" I ask, how long have you been working a solicitor? Because you seem quick to judge those you see yourself above, but how about someone like me? Someone who has been working as a solicitor for almost 33 years with a very successful career?

Vic Tory
2023-10-31 16:04:21

I guess the wise one is in some way related to these pair. You better keep the solicitor on speed dial it won't be long before Bevis and butthead will be looking for another victim on their own to jump allover. Let's hope they get some of their own medicine in prison, I'm sure they will find out what it's like to be a victim.

2023-10-31 23:07:48

The wise one..,never heard such a crap comment. You said everyone is bully, are you not?? Calling people lower class and basic jobs!!! if this incident happened to one of your family members you wouldn’t be writing your ridiculous comment. That young man has had his life changed in a big way and will suffer for the rest of his life or have you not realised that. As for Aaron did he not get stabbed himself. Then went out and stabbed someone and then did this to the young man. Obversely your coming across as your condoning his actions. I’d say your not so wise!

2023-11-01 21:11:32

Aggressive behaviour dosent hide the fact youre in a same sex relationship, being gay is nothing to be ashamed of . Everyone knows anyway, it's too late to try and prove anything by beating innocent people up.

2023-11-01 21:22:48

Wise one, you wouldn't comment that way unless you knew the perpetrators, you are foolish to make comments in this way. It's criminal offence to obet a criminal. A foolish manoeuvre I would suggest you stop before they take you down with them .

Devils Advocate
2023-11-02 08:29:38

Ellie Wilson - they were found not guilty of section 18, so I assume the intent charges did go to trail as I'd imagine you can't be found guilty / not guilty of a dropped charge?.... That said - intent or not - the victim still suffered the same assault and will live with it for life. With GBH if the motivation is spurred by alcohol, drugs or even stupidity, theses are all within the realm of control of each individual and therefore a choice. The sentence should be tougher (but not 20 years tougher)

Unso wise one
2023-11-02 22:05:39

The Wise One! Whilst the Mental Capacity Act advocates the acceptance of "unwise decisions' that doesnt make it okay or safe. A bit like you being not okay! Delusional comes to mind, I think it is reasonable to assume that you are in a romantic relationship with one of these low life wana be gangsters. This shows that you are desperate, gullible with low self confidence and like to try and fix broken people. I am sure you've now invested in keelex, sad and upset that you have to wait a little bit longer for his/her return. All of which sounds like a you problem? Stating class levels and viewing yourself with high importance will not change the reality. So pull yourself out of their potentially interfered with rotten smelling arse holes (dropping the soap or environmental gender changes in the cell) and see the what you refuse to accept. As it stands unso wise one... you have no class and right now, no millest or speed. Once you are done with your lonely pitty party, there is a real victim who did not get justice and that is who matters above your two pence contribution! You egg.

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