Essex Police: In the event of a breakdown or collision on a fast road, “Go Left”

Crime / Thu 21st Dec 2023 at 08:28am

IN the event of a breakdown or collision on a fast road, “Go Left”: that’s the advice of road safety experts.

Over the weekend, we responded to a car breakdown on A13, Stanford-le-Hope. Before we could get there, a collision took place when a van ploughed into the back of the car.

Sergeant Will Willsher, Roads Policing officer, said: “Thankfully, the driver of the car was completely unharmed because he got out of his car and waited for assistance in a safe place, and called 999 to warn other motorists.

“The images show the impact of the collision, but this could have been worse if the driver had remained in the car.

“If your vehicle breaks down on a major road – known as fast roads – “Go Left.” That means once you know your car is in trouble, take action to ensure you and your passengers’ safety.”

Ahead of one of the busiest weekends for people travelling as part of their Christmas plans, we’d offer this advice.

• In the case of your warning light activating, don’t ignore it. 

• Leave at the next exit or pull into a layby or emergency refuge area if you can.

• If possible, switch on your hazard warning lights.

• If it is safe to do so, exit your car on the side away from the traffic. 

• Stand behind the safety barrier, well back and “upstream” of where your car is, so should anyone hit it, you aren’t hit by the car or debris from it.

• Don’t try to place a warning triangle behind your car or attempt any repairs, as passing traffic poses a risk.

• Call for assistance as quickly as possible.

If you or a passenger has a disability, or vulnerable through age or travelling alone, and cannot follow the above advice, please:

• Stay in your vehicle.

• Keep your seatbelt on and turn on your hazard warning lights.

• Call 999 immediately.

• Tell the operator if you have a disability or a vulnerable motorist so we can assist you. 

• If you’re unable to use the roadside phones contact National Highways via text on 0738 028 3600 for roadside assistance.

• In addition, British Sign Language users can use the Home – SignLive service.

• Always carry any medication you need.

For more information, visit Breakdowns – National Highways

To get further advice, or to print out advice from Essex Police’s Road Policing Unit, visit: Road Policing FAQs – Motorway Safety (saferessexroads.org)

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