Otterly’ adorable Christmas tale written by Domestic Abuse Survivors promotes theme of kindness  

Charity / Tue 26th Dec 2023 at 10:28am

SURVIVORS at Safer Places domestic abuse services, based in Essex and Hertfordshire, have banded together to write a children’s Christmas tale promoting a central message of kindness.  

“Autumn the Otter and the Tale of Showing Kindness” is a story about how Autumn the Otter, with help of his friend Felix the Fox, learns that there’s more to Christmas than receiving lots of presents and food!  

Once the story is complete, it will be read out to the children currently in the safe accommodation by staff donning a Christmassy array of costumes.  

Lauren Taylor-Coulman, Service Manager and organiser of the annual Christmas story, said: “Our Safer Places story has been one of our favourite Christmas traditions for some years; it was created to spread some Christmas magic over our safe accommodation sites. 

“It gives the children and young people a chance to use their imagination and be involved in something special.”  

Safer Places staff have been organising the festive tradition every year, with last year’s story being “Porridge the Unicorn and the Tale of the Lost Horn”.  

Janet Dalrymple, Chief Executive of Safer Places, said: “Moving into safe accommodation and healing from domestic abuse can be scary and overwhelming for both children and parents – it’s a new environment, with new people, in a new area, and at a very tricky time. 

“Although Christmas can be hard for those who have had to come into refuge it can also be a very magical time. 

“I want to thank everyone who has donated towards giving our families the Christmas they deserve, and our wonderful staff who will be working tirelessly throughout Christmas to ensure every survivor in our care feels safe, valued, secure and loved.” 

Safer Places are now seeking to further the Christmas fun and team up with a local publisher to have the book published in a fundraising effort.  

If you would like to donate to help support the work that Safer Places does, please visit 

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