Shoplifter receives suspended sentence following series of thefts

Crime / Sat 27th Jan 2024 at 11:24am

A THIEF was arrested, charged and sentenced by a court less than 24 hours after he targeted a garage shop for the 11th time. 

An Essex Police spokesperson said: We linked 28-year-old Liam Kinggett to repeated thefts from a BP garage, in Pegrams Road, Harlow, between 20 December last year and Friday 19 January. 

Each theft was captured on CCTV, which was reviewed by our officers. 

We also took a statement from the store manager which identified Kinggett and detailed the items stolen. 

On each of the 11 occasions, he stole meat products, chocolates, alcohol or – on the final occasion – dog food. 

In total, he stole items worth £1,593.

On Friday 19 January, after his final theft, he was arrested by our officers, making no comment in police interview. 

But, as a result of the strong evidence gathered against him, he admitted all 11 charges of theft.

Appearing at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Saturday 20 January, Kinggett, of Keefield, Harlow, was sentenced to 13 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 12 months. 

This suspended sentence order came with conditions attached, including 30 rehabilitation activity days and a £200 compensation order. 

Officer in the case PC Jade Cooper, of Harlow Local Policing Team, said: “It is vital we protect businesses from the actions of repeat offenders like Kinggett. 

“Tackling shop theft is a priority for us in Harlow as we know, to the victims, this is not low-level offending. 

“It has an impact which is reflected not just in the financial loss, but in the personal cost employees face in dealing with the stress of this type of offending. 

“We will always act to apprehend offenders like Kinggett and put them before the courts. 

“It is crucial victims feel confident in reporting these matters to us, as they will be taken seriously.”

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14 Comments for Shoplifter receives suspended sentence following series of thefts:

2024-01-27 13:01:04

That'll learn the young whippersnapper.

2024-01-27 13:50:39

You have to laugh,all waffle waffle,same old. Clearly the judge doe not take theft seriously. Lol. A suspended sentence. That will stop the thief then. Lol

Luke Burton
2024-01-27 14:30:16

Nonsense. They will reoffend again immediately. They're an adult - stick them in prison for life then they can never steal again.

2024-01-27 15:34:47

Police will always apprehend they tell us. So why did he get away with it 18 previous times.

2024-01-27 17:18:43

Stole nearly £1600 worth of stuff and got slapped with a whooping £200 fine, hahaha. I’m sure he is laughing at that, what a result for him, and not a single day in the slammer! The only person who done well here, was the thief.

2024-01-27 17:46:39

And his dog, apparently.

2024-01-27 18:58:22

Both the Tories and Liebour can talk all they want about being tough on crime, however as this article shows the judiciary are not fit for purpose in the UK, as a relative of mine a serving police officer says what is the point in him doing his job without the backup of the court system.

Tim Shaw
2024-01-27 22:32:12

Exactly Pedro, must be so frustrating for police to arrest the same people time and time again to see them walk free with no consequences. The courts are an absolute joke with the criminals laughing all the way to the bank, sorry BP. He’ll be right back at it as why not, he made a hefty profit.

2024-01-28 08:33:06

Pedro is right. We can have many more police, but if the courts let everyone off with pathetic sentences and they are released early, criminals face no deterrent. We need a referendum to restore the death penalty for a number crimes and introduce Singapore style punishments. See their crime stats versus ours!

Iain Lindsay
2024-01-28 08:58:41

Well said Lynda. Our Liberal supine elite have created a Draconian society where criminals have no fear of the law and become brazen in their disregard for it. It will require Draconian measures to restore civility, with the reintroduction of Corporal and Capital punishment. Forget about rehabilitation, if you engage in crime you should be punished.

2024-01-28 17:44:24

Iain - Will they be Singapore Style Draconian measures?

2024-01-28 22:17:21

Iain - Having seen how the state will lie over things like covid (huge over reaction) and war (45 minutes anyone), how organisations owned by the state e.g. the post office will lie and destroy peoples lives to protect a system. You cannot be serious about the death penalty the state, police, courts etc just cannot be trusted with that level of responsibility. I agree something needs to be done about crime, there are several aspects to address it. First is end the war on drugs, we learned in prohibition in the 20's you cannot stop people, it costs hundreds of millions for no real benefit. Second is make prison much stricter and punishment. Third is give people some hope for a good future there is nothing for many people to aim for to keep themselves empolyed etc.

Phal Kowostkjzin
2024-01-29 06:58:17

Adam, covid denialist. I've lost family and friends to it. So definitely not an over reaction. If you have no idea what you're talking about, best to keep your words to yourself, eh?

2024-01-29 11:25:53

Too right, gotta protect those big businesses. Haven't they suffered enough with their massive profits? Some of their CEO's can't even afford one mega-yacht!

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