Harlow teenager banned from the Harvey Centre for two years

Crime / Wed 21st Feb 2024 at 02:21pm

A TEENAGER from Harlow has been banned from the Harvey Centre for two years for persistent anti-social behaviour.

Logan Howe, 18, of Spring Hills, Harlow was given a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) at Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court on Friday last week (16 February).

The order bans him from entering the Harvey Centre, any of the adjoining buildings, or the carpark for two years.

He’d been charged with using threatening, abusive, or insulting words or behaviour to cause harassment, alarm, or distress and failing to comply with a community protection notice – offences to which he had pled guilty.

Lowe had been banned from the Harvey Centre by the centre itself when security found him inside it on 2 January this year.

When he was approached by security staff he become abusive

He had also previously given a Community Protection Notice (CPN) in July last year, due to previous anti-social behaviour, which made him subject to conditions including not entering Harlow town centre, only to attend with an appropriate adult, only to attend for medical appointments or transport, and only to attend for work experience.
Lowe’s presence in the shopping centre on 2 January breached the conditions of his CPN.

PC Phillippa Stephens said: “Members of the public visiting the Harvey Centre, and staff working there, should be able to go about their day-to-day lives without being impacted by someone else’s anti-social behaviour.

“Logan Howe’s actions are not acceptable and he now faces a possible prison sentence should he breach his CBO.

“Anti-social behaviour has fallen by a third in Harlow in the last year – that works out as nearly 480 fewer incidents – and we’re determined to keep it falling.
“It blights the lives of our hard-working communities and we will not stand for it.

“If there is anti-social behaviour where you live or work, we need you to tell us about it. Only by reporting issues can we address them.

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11 Comments for Harlow teenager banned from the Harvey Centre for two years:

2024-02-21 14:40:50

Anti social behaviour has fallen by a third in the last year??? Sorry but I don't believe that for a second. It can ONLY be explained by people not reporting incidents due to what appears to be a total lack of action by the police to act when reported.

2024-02-21 15:55:26

18 but still a baby.

Mr Grumpy
2024-02-21 15:57:25

Alas CBOs and ASBOs do not create magic force fields that physically stop such people. If they didn't care about their behaviour pre CBO, why would they care now? Like most places, this town has become a joke where bad behaviour is seen by their peers as a "badge of honour" :(

2024-02-21 16:04:35

That will really mess him up, how will he get to the job centre now

2024-02-21 17:34:34

You didn't have 'anti social behaviour' years ago. You had people who played up, got a hiding or a spell in Borstal or DC and didn't do it again. Now you're not allowed to do that it goes on for years with the same people doing it and getting no comeuppance.

2024-02-21 19:12:02

Did,nt he even get an ankle tag

2024-02-22 10:48:40

There was a time when if someone played up they'd get a quick smack for it. It may have seemed harsh to some but if that prevents them from ruining their lives and messing with other peoples lives then it's definitely worth it. If you let youths do whatever they want, they'll gladly throw away their lives and ruin others. If a bully picks on you, doing nothing means they keep doing it. Deck them and they'll stop. All youths and troublemakers must know the boundaries that they must not cross.

2024-02-22 11:51:07

Let me guess its not his fault and the system has let him down...

2024-02-22 16:20:01

Apples never fall far from the tree

2024-02-25 11:44:42

Warning this article could contain a bit of sarcasm. ignoring Court Orders foul language and abusive ? Poor boy give him another chance and another chance. If that s no good give him a telling off. Get the social system to spend tax payers money on helping him out. If that doesnt work give him a job in the Justice Department as he already knows the ropes,

2024-03-01 18:27:38

Penny - yep, that's exactly what the problem is for a lot of these people. They get wrapped in cotton wool when they should be allowed to fall flat on their face. You can offer people chance after chance of rehabilitation, but the reality is they will never change until they take proper stock of the situation they're in and decide for themselves that they want to change their lives. Until then they'll just continue with their nuisance behaviour.

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