Harlow police’s unmarked car unit continue to fight crime in town

Crime / Sat 24th Feb 2024 at 03:17pm

ANOTHER 29 arrests were made across Essex yesterday (Thursday 22 February) by officers targeting violent crime and anti-social behaviour.

Among these were four made by our Operational Support Group in the Harlow area. The OSG detected and arrested one suspect close to the town who was wanted for a public order offence of rioting involving offensive weapons.

Another car in Harlow, believed to be connected to drug activity, was stopped by officers and the driver was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

A third driver was arrested on suspicion of drink driving after officers found a car stopped on a roundabout in Elizabeth Way.

And a fourth car was seen by officers being driven erratically before the driver tried to abandon the car in Chapel Fields. He was arrested after failing to provide a roadside breath sample.

As well as the day’s arrests, our officers, PCSOs and special constables have been in our communities.

We attended seven community events yesterday, deployed to three more identified hotspots, patrolled with 10 of our partner agencies and councillors, and attended a public meeting.

Officers from across the Operation Policing Command stopped 276 vehicles and seized 21 for being uninsured, and issued another 41 traffic offence reports.

Superintendent Phil Stinger said: “We work hard to make sure dangerous individuals, like those arrested yesterday, can’t harm the public. 

“We’re able to find and detain these suspects thanks to the law-abiding majority supporting our work, whether that’s through sharing what they’ve seen in our communities or following the rules of the road.”

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2 Comments for Harlow police’s unmarked car unit continue to fight crime in town:

2024-02-24 17:30:52

Nice to see some police action...the drug runners and other crime ... job shy virmin have now arrived in felmongers, but not for long!

2024-02-24 19:51:46

Need to be out and about in hookfield where the old garages used to be by the cycle path drug dealers sitting on walls and smoking and dealing in full view of everyone as they know that nothing will happen to them

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