Speed enforcement team catch over 140 speeding motorists in and around Harlow

Crime / Thu 21st Mar 2024 at 07:57am

LAST week, the police enforcement team conducted speed checks across the west of the county as part of Operation Vision Zero, highlighting road safety issues and targeting drivers who were breaking the law by speeding.

Over three days, week commencing 11 March, the Speed Enforcement officers focussed on reducing road collisions in Harlow, Epping Forest and Brentwood.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “A total of 141 speeding tickets were handed out to motorists who were driving over the speed limits – our officers recorded 70 drivers were recorded breaking the speed limit in Harlow, over 50 in Epping Forest and over 20 in Brentwood. The highest speed recorded by officers was 75mph on a 40mph road. 

We continue to work hard with all our partners to keep everyone in Essex safe, and we carry out proactive policing patrols and community engagement to tackle concerns about anti-social driving, identify those involved and educate drivers about the effects poor and dangerous driving can have on the wider community.

As part of the policing activities, our officers linked in with Community Speedwatch volunteers in Epping Forest and Brentwood, providing a high visibility presence at the roadside to highlight to the public that road-related crime won’t be tolerated and show we will take all necessary action to tackle offenders and to remove any risk to other road users.

The volunteers make a valuable contribution to identifying speeding motorists and are trained in the use of Trucam, a camera designed to record speed. They also represent their community and their road-related concerns whilst supporting Vision Zero, our aspiration for no road deaths by 2040 or sooner.

Road safety is a force priority in which we continue to work with the Safer Essex Roads Partnership to make roads in Essex safe for everyone, to improve road safety across the county and reduce the number of fatalities on our roads. 

We’re asking the public to support Vision Zero and take the Vision Zero Pledge which outlines actions all road users can take to ensure there is a collective responsibility for safety.

For further information and to take the Pledge, visit: Join the movement and sign the Essex Vision Zero pledge – SERP (saferessexroads.org)  

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2024-03-21 08:19:35

Rather than address the resultant, why not address the causation? There are a distinct lack of clear signs, many between Harlow and Epping are barely visible if at all facing the right way or chewed up by the tree cutting. Perhaps an audit of road signs would help. If the signs are bright and tidy then the hope would be that it shows care and attention. Just perhaps having a bit more pride in the town will change the mentality. Issuing fines albeit correct because of a break of rules does two things, it hacks off the driver and the priority of money making as it does nothing to address spedding, and secondly it demonstrates a one way relationship between civilian and governing body, and then blames the citizen.

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