Harlow Council create new residential parking spaces

News / Fri 22nd Mar 2024 at 10:11am

Harlow Council has been working to remove unused and under occupied garages and hardstandings in council estates to create more parking spaces and alleviate congestion.

Through the council’s open parking programme, which is part of its priority to restore pride in Harlow, 118 new residential open parking spaces have been developed across Harlow so far, with a potential 700 further spaces planned in the coming months.

The programme is being funded by an £1.2 million investment with phase 1 of the programme just completed.

Work began on the programme at the end of last year with 88 new parking spaces created from hardstandings in Shawbridge, Church End, Red Willow and Brenthall Towers.

The new spaces in Brenthall Towers will accompany the conversion of Potter Street neighbourhood office, which will see an additional 38 parking spaces, 3 electric vehicle charging points and 2 disability bays. 

At the beginning of this year, 30 new parking spaces were created from garages in Wharley Hook and Glebelands.

As part of the programme, tenants renting one of the demolished garages or hardstandings will be given the opportunity to transfer to another available space.

The council is currently working to create a further 93 new spaces. This includes 30 in The Readings, 12 in Hollyfield, 7 in Cooks Spinney and 12 in Quarry Spring, all created through demolishing garage blocks, and another 32 in Guilfords from former hardstandings.

The council also has further plans in Rundells, Rushes Mead, Joyners Field, Tilbury Mead, to create additional parking.

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6 Comments for Harlow Council create new residential parking spaces:

Robin L.
2024-03-22 11:17:58

Are some EV charging points being put in @ all locations?? If it's the future of driving, it could be sorted now rather than an after thought!!

2024-03-22 11:36:31

I have to laugh,Harlow council demolished about 30/ 40 garages at Arkwrights and made hardstandings for residents cars which was great,but that did not last for any longer than a year or 2 because now they are building 8 houses there so all the residents who used the hardstandings are now obviously parking back on the road and because there is far to many cars they are also parking on thr pavements and on the bends at the end of the jynctions and also the new builds will no doubt bring even more cars into an already overloaded street.When we read about more car parking spaces planned,what that means is the little green spaces we have left in Harlow will all soon be turned into concrete.R.I.P HARLOW NEW TOWN.NOT A TOWN I WANT TO LIVE IN ANYMORE!!!!!!!

linda dalby
2024-03-22 11:36:44

purford green could definitely do with some parking spaces

2024-03-22 11:50:11

What about longley there is no where to park what with people having drop Kerbs makes it worse for other people to park , why can’t they open the square by 120 up wards then people would be able to park do come on council take a drive round if a evening then you might think again. !

think better
2024-03-22 11:52:53

"12 in Quarry Spring"... been waiting 2 weeks now to be advised when the work will start, and just getting ignored... and nothing about it on their planning website to check myself, but they can brag online about them? Of course, because there is an election in a few months, all just empty words... We desperately need these spaces, only this morning the service road was blocked again, one inconsiderate person parking stopped over 48 premises having their rubbish collected again, not to mention the risk it causes if an ambulance or fire engine needed to attend, one person putting over 150 residents lives in danger...

2024-03-22 14:55:09

Waste of time in church end no further parking spaces have been made. Posts removed and lines put in. Now means owner of yellow porshe and white BMW can park their precious cars over 2 bays rather than parking in one because of the posts!

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