Works to transform Terminus Street set to begin in April

General / Sat 23rd Mar 2024 at 07:30am

WORKS to make way for the rebuild of Harlow’s bus station and the transformation of Terminus Street in the town centre are set to start in April.

Harlow Council has entered into contract with Morgan Sindall to start demolition works in the coming weeks in preparation of the multi-million-pound regeneration of Harlow Bus Station to create a first-class Sustainable Transport Hub and improvements to Terminus Street.

Funded by Government as part of Harlow’s £23.7m Towns Fund programme, Harlow’s Sustainable Transport Hub and Interchange will see the existing bus station transformed and replaced with a new bright and welcoming space, providing public transport for Harlow’s residents, visitors and employees; and connecting with the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town sustainable transport corridor.

With the appointment of Morgan Sindall, a significant milestone has been reached and demolition of the existing bus station waiting room, toilets and Terminus House bridge will begin in April.

From 5 April 2023, the bus station toilets will close, along with the Terminus House bridge. Access to Terminus House, the car park and Mecca bingo will now be via north and south of Terminus Street as there will no longer be central access through the bus interchange. There will be more accessible and disabled bays on the ground floor of Terminus House and visitors and tenants can still access Terminus House via their dedicated lifts. Although the Changing Places toilet will close, visitors can use the brand-new changing places facilities within the Harvey Centre.

Councillor Michael Hardware, cabinet portfolio holder for economic development, said: “We are now moving quickly into the delivery phase of rebuilding our town centre with another major regeneration project underway in the coming weeks. The transformation of the Bus Station and Terminus Street will make a huge difference to this side of the town centre and will complement improvements to Broad Walk and our plans for Market Square. This is all about putting the heart back into Harlow’s town centre.”

Demolition will mark the start of an 18 months’ construction programme and more detailed information on the timeline of works and temporary bus station during construction will be available shortly. You can also find out more about the works at the Discover Harlow hub (every Thursday 10.30am-2pm) or by emailing the council’s Regeneration team at [email protected]

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19 Comments for Works to transform Terminus Street set to begin in April:

Edna Symes
2024-03-23 08:07:46

Well why build new bus station when they cut bus to Romford & we do not get a bus down passed wicks to lidi I'm in Althamgrove &bus to Loughton?

William Warner
2024-03-23 08:17:41

1st the play house and bye 172 private flat and new bus station all they want to tax up how about the sick and the oil people of Harlow they need help bus don't tune up 2 hours service on Sunday if some time 4 hous service but Harlow cil get money to waste come 2 of may

2024-03-23 08:50:05

Now before the disruption begins with the building works on Terminus Street obviously our already poor bus service will be affected by the works, are there changes planned for how people will be able to catch their buses? Will the bus station within Terminus Street still be in use while the works are being carried out? ( could be very noisy, dirty, dusty possibly even dangerous ) or will temporary bus stops be set up? Will passengers have to use already existing bus stops that are scattered around the town centre for their journeys resulting in more walking for everyone, just asking as there isn’t any signage or any information regarding what’s going to be happening regarding any rearrangements of bus timetables how and where you will catch you normal bus, people do need to have/know this information in advance not just see what happens on the day or has this even been addressed/ considered during the planning process of said works???? Bearing in mind NOT EVERYONE CAN ACCESS INFORMATION ONLINE, or indeed dose anybody connected to this phase of planned works to our town centre really care or give a damn about our bus users was it not Margaret Thatcher that said “ People that use buses are nothing but social failures “ which is a typical Tory Statement if it truly be know of how they see the general population of this country I mean I’m just asking and absolutely no offence meant.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-23 08:56:35

There's an awful lot of knocking down, but NOTHING, actually going up... I can think of more important things, all this money from government can be better placed. Our services are broken.

Guy Flegman
2024-03-23 08:56:35

Why do we rebuild the bus station and the road from the town centre to the train station every 25 years or so. Last rime it was done it was to add bus lanes wider footpaths and a cycle way, which as far as I can tell is what they are replacing it with, and it’s a similar story with the bus station. What did they get so wrong last time, and how can the council reassure us that they are not just repeating past mistakes again? It is also worth noting that Harlow is still referred to as a new town as it is not 100 years old yet, so it begs the question why so much of the town needs rebuilding, while other more established towns in the country are still living with buildings and infrastructure that is over 100 years old? I am sure this money could be put to better use for the town. For example turning the major roads around the town into dual carriageways as outlined in the original town plan.

2024-03-23 09:13:13

One the few jobs for which no qualifications are required is a politician. Right from the heart of government down. The COVID enquiry reveals that the cabinet lacked scientific expertise and clearly our local Councillors lack sufficient knowledge about town planning so are wasting billions. The "sustainable corridors" simply don't tackle the issues, the decades of run down of the town centre, moving PAH out of Harlow and so much more means there's probably little point in yet again rebuilding the bus station, apart from a waste of money there's very little need or incentive to visit the bombsite like town centre ever.

Lynn Curtis
2024-03-23 09:58:19

I for one am grateful for any improvements in our town. Hopefully you will also work with the bus companies that run the bus service’s as we all know that having a state of the art building but a poor to sometimes no bus service is disappointing. I have sat in the very cold bus station waiting for an Epping bus or the number 5 bus 🤬 for them to be appearing on the screen but never turn up. So thank you for this project but please also improve the service at the same time.

2024-03-23 10:14:29

KO- Ain’t bothered she drives everywhere in her car .. makes out she rides a bike on her repeat comments on here 🥱 it’s not all about the weight it’s also the surface area which makes it impossible to ride a bike..her motto do as I say, not as I do. I welcome the good news , to build a spanking new bus station. for residents and visitors alike.

Mr Derek Clark
2024-03-23 10:33:42

Well done Harlow Councillors, looks like half the town centre is finally being rebuilt to make it a much better place to visit for the people of Harlow, something that Labour allowed to run into ruin for to many years.

Kim Oconnor
2024-03-23 11:13:21


View from Afar
2024-03-23 12:22:47

Do you mean the work will start 5th April 2024 or did it start in 2023 and no one noticed?

2024-03-23 12:57:13

This desperately needs doing, the bus terminus is absolutely awful. Although tbf that is mainly due to neglect and all the dodgy shops along his stretch attracting large groups of young men ajd kids who hang around and ride ebikes and escooters at speed up and down the area. It's poorly lit, or I should say , not lit and has attracted antisocial behaviour and blatant drug dealing for years. But I also agree that the bus services need to be improved. Buses look like they're falling apart, are filthy and unreliable. For a town that keeps spouting on about reducing private car use (which we know will never happen) public transport is woeful

2024-03-23 13:01:51

I'm also interested to hear how passengers will access buses while this work is completed, and will it be better than the handful of gravel that's been used to fill work completed where the Stow bus stops. This town is an embarrassment. The shops also need to be either closed down or turned into decent cafes, newsagent or convenience type shops that can be used by passengers waiting for buses. Don't get me started on that overpriced furnishing shop in the old BHF site that I believe closed when it was in Edinburgh way, or one very similar

Pete Bowman
2024-03-23 19:37:27

I'm sure the intermediate access for the bingo is highly important, but what will be the cycle route from the south to north of the town centre be during these works? Is that not at least worth a mention? The cycle path in front of Terminus House connects the Second Avenue cycle path with the Fifth Avenue cycle path towards the station. It's interesting that so many improvements are to improve cycle access but during the two years of works there will be no access at all.

2024-03-23 21:16:40

Pete cycle through Broad walk, everyone else does 😆. That's a good point though, hopefully they've planned for it otherwise it's the long way round past the old square and down past the Harvey centre etc

David Forman
2024-03-24 05:36:05

Demolition is a start. What date will actual construction of new facilities start? We have enough derelict sites in town.

2024-03-25 06:45:10

Personally I have never gone to Terminus Street bus station, or ever got on a bus as an adult. I always drive , it's the safest way to travel around this town.

Martin Sharp
2024-04-03 13:23:44

Total waste of money..build a decent town first then worry about the buses. Bye the way kick Arriva out and get LRT to do the buses that’s a good starting point

Martin Sharp
2024-04-04 12:25:43


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